Hey Micky

I thought the Nick/Melanie scenes were adorable.

Too often when a couple is being tested, the actors go out of their way to banter all over the place, and it ends up feeling fake. With these two, it felt natural and unforced. I loved how Blake Berris was holding back a little and wasn’t trying to match her slightly zany energy. He had a certain bemused reserve that was appropriate for Nick confronted with someone like Melanie.

Even when Nick was trying to fool her, he wasn’t nervous and overeager. Instead he sat back and slowly reeled her in. It was a marked contrast to the Nick we saw when he met Chelsea, when he was so smitten and eager to please. I don’t think he ever recovered from that initial imbalance of power. It’s very, very nice to have this relationship start out with Nick putting one over on Melanie, especially when she thought that’s what she was doing to him. I love the double-double cross! I imagine that Melanie isn’t used to being fooled, so the fact that Nick was able to do so will grab her attention.

The show took the trouble, too, to give Melanie a hint of softness (which they didn’t do for Chelsea when she and Nick first met). Yesterday she defended him to her friend and said she thought he was cute, and today she had that great look of self-consciousness when Nick pointed out that there was more to this situation than Melanie was letting on.

I can’t wait to see more.


8 thoughts on “Hey Micky

  1. Yes, I naturally agree with all of it.

    As Paxton pointed out on a MB, I think what helps Melanie over the early Chelsea is her sense of humor and she just doesn’t take herself too seriously. The old Chelsea was so selfish she felt her actions were justified in some ways. Melanie might be a con artist but she is under no allusion that what she’s doing is right and people should love her for it.

    And yes, I loved how she defended Nick to her friend. It’s interesting since Nick showing Melanie he was onto her right away is probably the best way he can earn her respect.

    Meanwhile I do love that Nick is still obviously fascinated with Melanie but isn’t letting it cloud his judgement. He saw through her tricks to con him and yesterday’s show had him curious to why she would leave Stax in jail. To Nick, it’s beyond his capacity to understand how anyone could do that…he’s always gone out of his way to help people in trouble, regardless if they are related to him or not. It’s something he can’t fanthom and it will be interesting to see their relationship grow.

  2. I am also really enjoying this storyline — which means it will probably be eliminated. I started watching again when Nick and Chelsea were almost over so I didn’t really see that story, but I loved Nick at first sight. He was so unlike a soap hero (not a walking Ken doll) I was sure he would never have a story. I also love Melanie. Here’s hoping they handle this right.

    I really need a storyline I can commit to. I love Steve and Kayla, but I’m not sure they’re going to get a good story line. I never liked Sami as a character (or as an actress) so it’s hard to get into any story involving her. I like Nicole, but she seems a little old for EJ. I would love to see him in a story I could really commit to. Right now, my interest in him is rather aesthetic. I appreciate him, but I mostly know him as Steve’s torturer so it’s hard to care. I have hopes for Chelsea, but not with Dan.

    I would love to love Stephanie, but I don’t. She’s kind of appealing with Steve and Kayla(proving again that he elevates the acting of anyone he works with) but much less interesting with Max. And that bow has got to go. If you must stick a giant bow at the back of an actress’ neck, for God’s sake, put her hair up. It’s driving me crazy watching her fuss with her hair trying to keep it out of the bow. She probably didn’t pick that bow, but back in the old days, MBE managed to rise above some of the most horrible wardrobe ever worn by a soap actress.

  3. Hey MP, on the liking Mick train as well! I think thus far they’re handling them sell. I loved that Nick saw through Melanie even before he got the call from Stephanie. And I liked that she did actually seem to find him cute and nice and wasn’t lying about that to her friend. She wasn’t going to let that stop her from trying to take advantage of him either. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  4. I’m not a Stax fan, but I must admit they are much more tolerable in fake France. Can we leave them there? I’ll take Nick anyway I can get him! I love me some geeky nerd boy! ITA about Stephanie being much better with Steve & Kayla. She has good onscreen chemistry with them. I am still undecided on Melanie. I think she is a selfish bitch, but those are usually the type of characters I end up liking in the end.

  5. I also really want a storyline I can sink my teeth into, Flaco, but I’ve been waiting for two years and I haven’t gotten one yet. I’ve seen promise, lots of promise, but nothing that was sustained for an entire storyline.

    I am dropping a postcard in the mail today about how much I liked the Melanie and Nick scenes!

    I like Stephanie a lot, with Steve and Kayla and even with Max, if she is given the right kind of material to work with. When Max was the angsty one and she was the blindly supportive girlfriend I was bored stiff, but I have liked them in fake-France (hee!).

  6. I am also liking Stephanie and Max better since they got off that endless train ride. I’m just having a little difficulty reconciling the character as currently presented with her past. I can buy her as a sorority girl, but does she seem even remotely like a girl who chose to race cars? (I know, I know — I’ve got to give up this idea that characters should have consistency. This is a soap opera.) I think that was one of the strengths of the Kayla and Steve storyline. It was so character based that I was totally annoyed — and stopped watching for awhile — during the Marina thing. Who could believe that Steve could have a marriage he neglected to mention?

    And though I’m very hopeful about Nick and Melanie, I’m not sure it can become the kind of compelling storyline that makes you frantic to watch and makes you yelp with anguish at each new development. It’s got humor. Can it have enough angst?

    That was one thing about Jack and Jennifer that I really liked — it could be funny but it could also really touch your heart.

  7. My viewership has dwindled to “occasional” because, well, you know why, I’ve complained about it loudly and longly enough. But I did catch some of Nick and Melanie the other day and thought they were just lovely together. To my eye they have far more chemistry than Chick ever did, but I was never a Chick fan so my opinion on that is probably irrelevant. If I were happy with the other storylines I’d be delighted to watch Nick and Melanie, but they’re not going to be getting me to tune in by themselves. Not their fault, and I’m glad for Nick fans that he finally seems to be getting a semblance of a storyline again and that he has a potential love interest who is already more appreciative of him than Chelsea was in the first six months she knew him. Ok, I might have the details wrong; like I said, not a Chick fan.

    Incidentally, I don’t see Nicole–one of the few remaining reasons to watch–as too old for EJ at all. Now Kate was too old for EJ, but Nicole, not in my opinion.

  8. Paxton, sorry to hear you’re starting to tune out, though I understand why—given the state of the show in general, plus how you feel about Phorgan.

    They have definitely given Melanie more complex feelings, even in such a short time, toward Nick than Chelsea had for a long time.
    I am glad they are going to comedic route so far.

    I agree about Jack and Jennifer, Flaco, that they were able to combine angst and humor. (Though I thought they weren’t quite as good at the angst as some couples.) Sometimes the humor just got silly, but they did the romantic comedy vibe very well.

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