Party Girl

“North Korea, it’s South Korea. You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine.”

I think I love Melanie.

Melanie’s introduction has brought a welcome spice to the nonstop sugary sweetness that is Stax. After seeing Stephanie being Max’s endlessly supportive appendage, it’s nice to see some believable conflict being introduced. Stephanie, understandably, doesn’t trust Melanie’s motives and thinks she’ll just use Max and hurt him. And Max, understandably, has a vested interest in getting to know his sister and believing she has some redeeming qualities.

I love that they are playing all this with a light touch, with comedy and humor, so we can see how either Max or Stephanie (or both of them) could be right. And I think Molly Burnett is handling the comedy very well, surprisingly so for Days newcomer. She brings more to her lines than is on the page. I love how she is playing her reaction to having a brother. She’s seems to be seeing it as a little madcap adventure, and is obviously not taking it seriously. It’s a great contrast to how seriously Max is taking it. But that contrast is not coming across in an annoying, heavyhanded way, where she is Bad because she doesn’t immediately fall into fraternal love with her long, lost brother. (And having her do so, of course, would be Horrible Introduction Scenario #2.)

The light touch they are using here also shows how important the writing is, in introducing a “bad girl” character we can like. I think, for example, of how Shelley Hennig’s introduction as Stephanie was handled, how she was suddenly a wild child with a bad attitude with no explanation for why that was so. The show didn’t give us any reason to watch Stephanie, nothing to offset the hostility. Stephanie was introduced into a more serious storyline, so comedy wouldn’t have worked, but they needed to do something. We needed to see that her attitude and sex-kitten act with Jeremy was largely a defense mechanism. As it was, there was no reason to invest in the character, and I know lot of people were turned off.

But for Melanie, the comedy and the snark is working perfectly. I can’t wait to see her with Nick. I am very curious how Nick is going to handle his second bad girl. Will he be eager to play her knight in shining armor? Or will his experience with Chelsea make him distrustful and cautious?

I also look forward to seeing her interact with Chelsea. I have a scene in my mind where Melanie calls Chelsea out (in some snarky way, of course) on still being possessive of Nick even after she kicked him to the curb. That might be wishful thinking on my part. But even if it’s not about Nick, I think being around Melanie could bring Chelsea’s bitchy side out again, which would be a good thing.


11 thoughts on “Party Girl

  1. I know what you mean. I’m so curious as to see how Melanie and Nick interact. At this point, I see it going either of two ways…Nick is just as trustful as he always is (a new George to her) or he immediately sees through her charade, at this stage possibly realizing that she left Stax to rot in jail making it a more love/hate thing.

    I also can’t wait to see Chelsea interacting with her though that may be a long time coming. Taking Nick out of the equation, I don’t see Chelsea liking Melanie, she’ll be on Stephanie’s side and since Melanie is so much like Chelsea (at least used to be), she’s just going to not care for her one bit. Hee, can’t wait.

    And you know what’s driving me crazy? I have no spoilers whatsoever on Melanie. All I have is the Olympic stuff. UGH……I’m going insane!

  2. Sit down, maryp, I actually watched the last 2 eps. . .

    DB and SH should always do this capering kind of stuff. DB’s expressions are great in these situations, and MBurnett seems to bring that out in him.

  3. I love Melanie. I liked her from day one, but the jail scenes clinched it. “But I’m gonna miss you most of all, Scarecrow.” Too funny. And I love what she’s doing for Stephanie and Max, too.

    Comedy is Darin’s forte. They should use it to the hilt.

  4. ITA, Paula. The jail scenes were wonderful and the storyline gives DB and SH a chance to play something light and fun which, IMO, they do very well. I love the instantaneous conflict between Melanie and Stephanie and the line that Max is trying to walk there. I think this has the potential to just be all kinds of fun with some nice moments thrown in here and there as well.

  5. I agree with everyone, the introduction of Melanie has me delighted and wanting more. I’m not even bored by Stax for once. She works wonders, this girl! I love her insta-dislike of Stephanie and I’m looking forward to her finding out about the family relation and snarking on it. You know she has to!

    I agree, she and Chelsea are going to hate one another and with Nick hopefully thrown into the equation, it should be really interesting. I also hope she sees Chan together and assumes he’s her father or makes some comment about the “old guy”. I will love her til the end of time if she snarks on the uncle/niece thing and old man Dan.

  6. I haven’t liked her self centeredness at all, but I would love it to no end if everything nolebucgrl said comes about. Hell, I might even love her as much as you know who if she does all that!!!!

  7. I’m really enjoying Melanie, which is funny because, Max and Stephanie? Still loathe. But that’s fine. It’s hardly fair to hold one’s relatives against one.

    I’m also holding out hope that she’ll make Chelsea’s bitch come out. Can you imagine the scenes between Melanie and the Chelsea of two years ago?

  8. lascuba, I am so hoping to see bitchy Chelsea again. I thought she was great during the Ford Decker storyline, mostly redeemed but still strong and active. Being a bitch for a good cause, hee.

    Some snark about the uncle/niece thing would be so funny, though I’m not holding my breath for that one!

  9. This story always had so much promise, even if they did take the most boring and ridiculous route to get there, but once they got there it’s been so much fun. I like that Melanie is a bad girl, and superficial, but far from stupid. And as you said maryp, the combination of comedy and believable tension for Steph/Max is exactly what was needed there too.

    I’m looking forward to both Nick and Trent getting into the mix.

  10. I love STAX!!! they are the reason I watch the show, don’t know how you couldn’t like them, super chemistry

    Melanie on the other hand is a moron, can’t stand her

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