Chick, sigh

It’s amazing how Chelsea can go from borderline unwatchable to must-see soap simply by who she is sharing scenes with. The Chick scenes today were a bittersweet reminder of how much I loved this couple.

In fact, the scenes were almost better than just a reminder. It was very gratifying to see Chelsea pressing for answers and Nick being the one hanging back. I loved Chelsea’s curiosity, mixed with a spark of something—jealousy, possessiveness, or perhaps just a dislike of not knowing exactly what Nick is up to.

Chelsea seems like the kind of person who would feel possessive of Nick even if she didn’t want him anymore, so I don’t read this to mean she wants him back. But I love that just seeing Nick looking at another girl’s video blog was enough to draw out that spark. I particularly loved Rachel Melvin’s parting look as she walked away.

Something we Chick fans have been saying since—well, since Lonely Splicer days—is that we want to see Chelsea chasing Nick. Today was a little, bitty taste of that, and naturally it left me salivating for more. I know that a Melanie/Nick/Chelsea triangle is likely too much to hope for (though if it happened I think I would expire from shock and happiness), but I would also love it if they would just use the Chick history going forward. When Melanie shows up in the flesh, whatever Chelsea felt today should be multiplied a hundredfold. I can picture a scene where Chelsea tries to warn Melanie away from Nick because she thinks Melanie is using him, or a scene where Chelsea gets chewed out by Daniel again and then afterwards sees Nick being sweet to Melanie. Even if Chick is never together again, it would still be great soap.

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6 thoughts on “Chick, sigh

  1. I agree, they were fun to watch today. I’m pretty much over the concept of Chick until Chelsea has paid a lot more for her treatment of Nick, but it’s nice to see her jealousy/irritation at being left out. I have felt that her relationship with Daniel should have her out in the cold when it comes to her group of friends and I’d like to see it play out even more, her more isolated from Stephanie and Morgan and Max also.

    I do think she will be greatly bothered by Melanie’s presence in Nick’s life and I look forward to that. Time for Chelsea to suffer!

  2. Absolutely. Today’s scenes is very much like the wonderful scenes we had right before her surgery where all the chicktastic juiciness was there to soak up.

    It felt very much like they were setting up a possible Chelsea mixed in with Nick and Melanie later, but how could we possibly dare to get our hopes up again with this show.

    But my favorite part (other than Chelsea virtually disappearing after she leaves Nick putting the emphasis on Nick for a change) is that parting look she had for Nick. It reminded me of the last time they spoke where she admitted to Hope she had hurt Nick and we saw him in the background but the camera made sure to focus on him watching her, I guess to remind us he still cared (course he had just admitted it). At the minimum, Chelsea should care.

    Which brings up a side thing with this Melanie story since they are gearing up her bad girl behavior, maybe Nick’s friends are going to be protective of Nick this time instead of indifference.

  3. I’ll take anything to get Nick on my screen again. I LUV him. I’ll even take him getting involved with Melanie, who right now appears to be an immature, shallow bitch.

  4. I have hopes for Melanie. It seems like they are layering in the pathos already, with her references to her forgotten birthday and never meeting the right guy.

    I would love it if everybody warned Melanie away from Nick. Nothing I like more than a love story when everyone else is against it.

    Love the idea of a crisis for Chelsea, after things go sour with Daniel. If they do, that is. (Oh, please, please!).

  5. I know. The birthday comment was fine but I felt the “meeting the right guy” was a bit too on the nose but subtly was never Days strong suite.

    I think Stephanie should be concerned about Nick, especially given Melanie’s indifference about George, and it can certainly make up for how Nick’s feelings never took much space up in Stephanie’s consideration.

    I think though we are all in agreement on Chelsea suffering! Hee.

  6. Yeah, subtlety is not Days strong suit. I thought the actress did well with the lines, though, not making them too maudlin. And I really liked her scenes yesterday. I liked the little conflict between her and Stephanie, and Stephanie and Max. I’m intrigued!

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