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Just call me a Days masochist. They keep beating me up, and I keep coming back for more. This is me on six months of Higley:

And this is me after one week of mystery writer:

I really liked the Ejami conversation on Thursday. My feeling is that the show is NOT pursuing this pairing any longer, but I love that EJ’s feelings for Sami haven’t just disappeared overnight. James Scott made me melt with his spark of vulnerability when he blamed Lucas for all their problems. I also loved when he pointed out that Sami is not herself around Lucas. She’s constantly trying to prove she’s worthy of Lucas’s love, when if anything it should be the other way around. And I don’t want to get carried away, but dare I hope that this “break” for Lumi might be permanent?

I’m still not back on board with Phorgan, but I admit I liked the mushy Phorgan prom-girl fantasy. Y’all can laugh and point fingers if you want to, but I thought it was a nice callback to 80’s Days. Behold the cheese. (Ironically, I found these fantasies borderline lame when I was prom-girl age myself, even when they featured couples I liked.)

Paul’s back! Looking scruffy and hot, and best of all—in a plot twist that was a) a surprise and b) actually made sense! When was the last time that happened?

And, finally, Hope was amazing today (8/1). She was smart and suspicious, took the initiative to find out the truth, was worried and dismayed, and yet understood why Bo might have done it. I loved the way she confronted him calmly with no bullshit, and Bo told her the truth—no FancyJudgmentalFace, no pointless secret-keeping. And even better, there are hints that Bo may start exploring his Kiriakis side—which I imagine Hope can’t help but have mixed feelings about. Finally, a real story, with some internal tension, for Bo and Hope. This puts the pancreatic operation to shame.

Now if we could just get her to each a sammich or two.

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10 thoughts on “More Soapy Goodness

  1. I’ve been watching the full eps for about a week now, and while I’m not entirely spoiler free, I don’t read Prevuze or the day ahead detailed spoilers anymore. And I’ve been amazed by how much I’ve actually enjoyed the show this week. If this is, as you say, “Mystery Writer’s” work, then to heck with the WGA rules! Give the man/woman his/her guild card and let him/her keep writing! It may not be the 80’s again, but it’s a lot better than the mess we had just a couple of weeks ago.

    I’m where you are on Phorgan–not fully back on board, but better than where I was a couple of weeks ago. And I agree with you about EJami, and about the realism of how they’re handling the end of the romantic possibilities.

    Heck, I even enjoyed Stephanie and Max in France, the first time I’ve really enjoyed them since their dance at the Cheatin’ Heart.

  2. I also enjoyed Stephanie and Max, Paula. They’ve been trying to give Stax the angstful storylines (the rape, angryMax), and that doesn’t really work. But let them run around and have adventures, and they can be very cute.

    You didn’t miss anything, Paxton. Honestly, I don’t know anything. It was just that we heard Ed Scott and some “diva” were writing the show instead of Higley, but up until now the show seemed pretty much the same as it did when Higley was writing. But, this week there was a definite change—at least I thought so. Plus there was a rumor floating around that Ed Scott’s stuff was just starting to air. So, I made an intuitive leap. This is probably how internet “facts” get started, huh?

  3. I agree with you mp about how the writing felt different this week. I don’t think it was Higley or at least not all hers. I was actually excited to watch this week. If not for the Chan crap, this would have been a great weak for me. I liked the Phorgan prom fantasy (it was mushy cute) and Stax didn’t annoy me as bad either. Way to go mystery writer.

  4. Just had to weigh in and agree with everything you said MP. The show was downright enjoyable for the entire week just about. Sure there were a few things I still hated, but overall I was into it and enjoyed most storylines.

    For the first time in ages, Stax was fun, in part because they weren’t angsting all over the place and in part because of the cute French day players everywhere.

    I loved both the EJole and EJami scenes, and while I don’t yet believe that they’re done with EJami, I do think they’re changing the tone. And no, I don’t know any spoilers or anything, I just have a feeling they don’t know when to stop with EJamicus. I also enjoyed the Lumi scenes with Lucas telling her he needed a break. That was long overdue and handled well (Maggie’s nagging aside).

    Loved that Paul! was back, I am very fond of him and want him around. Why can’t be the hot man of a certain age and Daniel leave town? Still, maybe my dream of Morgan and Daddy at dinner running into Chan and the ridiculousness of it all will play out.

    I could keep rambling but I’ll stop gushing for the moment. I, too, don’t know that we are getting “new” writer now but I know that whoever wrote this week seems to have their stuff together better than previous weeks. We’ll see!

  5. I loved this week too. Best week for months IMO. I even watched Chan (thanks to LK’s presence). And Nick! He’s back!

    And Paul! I’m so excited he’s back.

  6. I liked the Phorgan phantasy too! I think the music was the big problem — it could have been less adolescent. But it was classic soap, and they do have chem.

    I also enjoyed the Stax interactions for the first time in ages, but that was somewhat undercut for me by Max’s chemistry with the reporter. She brought out a distinctly sexual vibe with him that I just don’t see with Stephanie/SH. It makes me hope they get a shake up soon.

    But it was a pretty decent week, with more of the interconnected feeling that I’ve been getting for a few weeks now. The Melanie actress is also surprisingly appealing so far, so that’s another good thing. The only real tragedy was what wardrobe did to LK and TB.

  7. Ha! I love the idea of Paul and Morgan running into Chelsea and Daniel. The girls could be chatting and Paul could make a joke about the generation gap, something that makes it clear he thinks Daniel is Chelsea’s father. That would be awesome.

    I am cautiously optimistic about Melanie. I’m not sure why they went the video blog route again—oh, yes, I do, what am I saying? Days can’t seem to stop ripping themselves off. But I liked the touch of having her blathering about parties and then dropping that slight reference to people forgetting her birthday.

    I can’t stand the way they dress LB and TB! They both look like refugees from 80’s rock videos.

  8. I have to agree, MP. This was a pretty good week (having finally caught up on it. Floved EJole, rediscovered a little Phorgan love, enjoyed Bo and Hope together and separately quite a bit. Liked the Sami/EJ conversation and I agree that it felt like a goodbye to EJami, but we’ll see.

    And I much prefer Stax when the let them be fun and flirty and bantering. It’s what drew me to them the first time and it’s nice to see that back. Hopefully they will keep them that way. Also loved seeing Nick involved and the way they are bringing EJ and Nicole into that side of the story as well.

    Like Paula said, I don’t care who’s writing, give them a card and let them play it out because so far, so good.

  9. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!
    Loved Nick and Chick and also Max and Steph (go figure!?) I don’t know who’s writing it but they need to stay!!

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