The message boards have been buzzing about an item on a gossip site, that says that Days producer Ed Scott has been rewriting the show for “weeks and weeks.” There is more to the rumor, but you can read the rest here.

(Spoiler-free types be warned, there are some storyline spoilers also in that column. For myself, I can hardly bring myself to care about being spoiled anymore.)

I think Higley is covering her ass. I am not inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt, given the way she scabbed for Days during the writers’ strike, but weaseled herself out of being penalized for it. I think this item is clearly slanted to make her look better. In any case, the writing of the last few weeks has certainly been an incoherent mess (S&K fallout scenes aside), but before that it was an only slightly less incoherent mess.

I am worried that this type of infighting makes it more likely that NBC will pull the plug. I hope Days can sort itself out and get in a headwriter that Ed Scott can work with. I hate to sound callous, but if all this results in Higley’s departure, I would have hope for the show again. (Not a lot of hope, but a little.)

Honestly, I think Days’ problems have been years in the making, and the lion’s share of the blame lies at the feet of one man: Ken Corday.

ETA: I see my fellow blogger Tripp has also posted about this, saying nearly the same thing I did. Here’s her take.


9 thoughts on “Gossip

  1. I’m with you, I think this is much ado about a whole lot of nothing and so one sided it’s ridiculous. I honestly don’t care how long ES has been penning the show if indeed he has been, that just shows how bad her stuff must have been! They need to get a new writer and keep Corday out of everything. I agree that he is the problem.

  2. I’m going to sound like a certain infamous poster right now. I’m rather sick of reading about this story which I think is a non story. Can I just spell out what I want?

    1. More Nick.
    2. More Steve and Kayla
    3. Strong women to be represented
    4. Chan to end ideally in a humiliating way for Chelsea.

  3. Anyway, we could all interfere enough with Ken Corday to get him to quit? Sorry for the snark but none of this would be going on if it wasn’t for KC. Let’s put an “F” between his intials and call him done!

  4. I really need to know what kind of hold Corday has over the writers, actors, and the soap press that no one–except Francis Reid and the man who played Lawrence Alamain–has ever called him out on his crap. The state of the show is always someone else’s fault, which is funny considering that Kenny owns the show and has been the one constant ptb for well over a decade. Even Tom Casiello, who I have tons of respect for and has absolutely nothing to lose at this point, has defended him in the past, saying what a great guy he is and how he didn’t get involved with the writing. Really, Tom? I mean…really? My guess is that Kenny-boy has a set of incriminating photos of every single person who has ever worked on the show. That, or he’s actually just a puppet EP and everyone but the audience knows this. I’m leaning towards the former.

  5. You’re right, somehow Corday manages to float through every controversy without any shit sticking to him at all. It is very strange.

    All I can say is, who has been the constant presence since 1992? That’s when the show started having problems. I know there have been bright spots in there but I think that has been in spite of KC, not because of him.

  6. Well, Nolebucgrl, if Ed Scott has been writing and we’ve been seeing his stuff he’s no improvement over Dena, since everything pretty much sucks right now. I wouldn’t blame Scott a bit for wanting to fix the suckathon the show has become, but if we’re seeing anything he’s done he ain’t moving in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. If his stuff hasn’t aired then fine.

    I like Tripp’s idea. I know it’s all subjective, so nobody argue with me 🙂 but here’s what I want:

    1. Break up Phorgan, now. Put Morgan with someone else or write her off, I don’t care which.
    2. Break up Lucloe, now, as a romantic couple. I think there’s good story for Phloe if written well. A lot of people think that ship sailed; I, not having watched the first go-round, don’t feel that way. I also have really gotten to like NB, she amuses me and I like her with JKJ. They have chem and lots of potential good story.
    3. Break up EJami, now, permanently, for good, no turning back.
    4. Break up Stax, now. They bore me senseless.
    5. Break up Chan, now. They are my second choice after Phorgan as “most likely to make me commit suicide.”

    Noticing a pattern? For a couples show I don’t like a single couple. Except for:

    6. Put EJole together, in a REAL falling in love story. I accept if not like that EJ can’t fall out of obsess. . . I mean, love with Sami right away, but let’s give it a try.

    And now, Mr. Corday, you shall do my bidding! * evil laugh *

  7. Depends who you believe, Paxton, but a lot of what I’ve heard is that Ed Scott’s stuff either has not aired or is just starting to air. If, of course, any of it true. I don’t know how much worse he could be at this point.

  8. Paxton, I’m ready for EJole, but like you I need a real falling in love story. I’m already disappointed that they slept together already. And I don’t think his obsession for Sami should go away overnight. It wouldn’t be believable if it did.

    nolebucgrl, I hope you’re right, because I’ve enjoyed the last couple episodes — much to my surprise.

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