Best Friends

I love Steve and Bo.

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The character of “Patch” was originally introduced as a problem for Bo and Hope. The backstory, when it emerged, was complicated (this being Days), but basically Bo and Steve used to be best friends, until they fought over a woman (and an espionage plot). A fight ensued, Bo pulled a knife, Steve lost his eye. The woman, who Steve loved, ran away.

Steve wanted revenge, and he was willing to use Hope to do it. Later, he was willing to stalk and scare Kayla, just because she was Bo’s sister.

(And someday soon—she says gleefully—I will round out my collection of DVDs with the early Steve era, and I will be able to comment more extensively on that time period.)

Small wonder that Bo was a mite concerned when Kayla began hanging around with Steve. He remained steadfastly against their relationship, and his suspicions, and constant warnings to both of them, were a believable, natural barrier in S&K’s early relationship.

Still, flickers remained of that long-ago friendship. When Britta came back to town after being threatened by Victor, Steve sought Bo’s help in getting Victor to leave Britta alone. They used these flickers to deepen Kayla’s understanding of Steve, like when Steve risked his life to save Bo when they worked together at Victor’s warehouse. You can watch it here.

I think the show probably planned on a long term reconciliation for the two of them, which unfortunately was cut short when Peter Reckell and Kristian Alphonso left the show. By the time Bo came back, Steve was fully rehabilitated and it was too late. (But the Steve and Jack relationship was like Bo and Steve times ten, so I can’t complain too much.)

This time around, their relationship is more straightforward. But whether they’re breaking into Victor’s house, putting the smackdown on Ford, or confiding their secrets in each other—like Bo did yesterday, or Steve did when he was first having his BSC flashbacks—I love watching them play off of each other. Long live Days’ scruffy guys.

And hee, I apologize for my maudlin entry last night. I thought about taking it down, but I do feel that way sometimes. I’ll let it stay. It does open up the question of What Makes Us Watch—things that have nothing to do with the quality of the show itself. On TWoP, Nolebucgrl called it a “battle of wills” between her and Dena Higley, and that’s as good an explanation as any. Last night, Dena was winning. Today, maybe not.


5 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Awww, I think we can win the war, even if we lose battles along the way. Thankfully we do get those little scenes like you described with Bo and Steve that suck us back in and make us remember. I will give Dena one thing, she can write friendships pretty decently when she does take the time to do so. Nicole/Ava being my prime example of a new and successful friendship she managed to pen. And I enjoy the Hope/Kayla/Bo/Steve interaction when we get them. We just don’t get enough of it. Hopefully when it comes out what Bo did, Steve will be at his side helping him deal with it.

  2. Dena does have a few things she does well, and you’re right that showcasing friendships is one of them. I’ve been having trouble getting on board with the latest “Bo conceals evidence for a family member” plot, since he did it for Chelsea not that long ago. But having Bo and Steve interact was certainly a nice bonus.

  3. I love Bo and Steve together and I agree with nolebucgrl about wanting Steve at Bo’s side when this whole hiding evidence blows up. Higley sure likes to repeat history but make it look like it is not a repeat. See grandma!sex and mother!sex and now Bo hides/destroys evidence yet again. Bleh – can’t she come up with something original?

  4. Bo and Steve together for a beer! This is part of the story that actually is characteristic of both of them…only it doesn’t happen enough. When will Dena see the light??? I want all of my favorites written as we know them.

  5. mosaicplum, I know, Ava = Marina, nuJohn = pawn, Bo stealing evidence for Phillip = Bo stealing evidence for Chelsea, etc etc. Dena is the queen of recycling—she’s so green!. But somehow she manages to lose whatever core of the original story that made it good soap (if it was).

    As to when Dena will see the light … we’ll see if there’s any truth to these rumors flying around about her quitting!

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