Nasty Dan

Can I say that I hate the current version of Chelsea, the giggly fool?

When she’s with Daniel, she looks and acts like she’s about 15. Creepy.

However, despite my antipathy toward all things Chan, I don’t dislike Shawn Christian at all. In fact, I rather like him. And I honestly think he has chemistry with every female he’s interacted with on the show (except Rachel Melvin). So I wasn’t particularly surprised to see a spark between him and Lauren Koslow yesterday (7/22). I was surprised, though, to find myself intrigued by the scene itself. For a minute—when he called the situation “perfectly twisted,” smiled, and said if he was a good man, he wouldn’t be in it at all—Daniel really seemed to be a guy who was so screwed up he could try to forget about someone by sleeping with her grandmother, date the granddaughter after all, then turn around and flirt with the grandmother again, and maybe get off on the whole thing.

Then he said he would die before he let anything happen to Chelsea, and I was back to being disgusted, but not in the good way.

Oh, and after he hooked up with Chelsea I thought my fantasy of pairing Daniel with Billie was a nonstarter. But, hey, apparently anything goes.

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14 thoughts on “Nasty Dan

  1. It’s amazing isn’t it how much “Date” overshadows Chan in maturity and chemistry? I’m not sure Date is possible anymore than Chan after we’ve had crossing 3 generations, but if they are going for one…they need to go for Date.

  2. Yes, this storyline has done absolutely no favors for RM. I had finally started liking her after insta-hate when Chelsea first appeared on screen, but it all got thrown under the bus for the insta-pairing. They have no chemistry, at least on his side and he sparks SO much more with Kate that it angers me all the more that they keep pushing Chan. I’m hoping Higley has the guts to go forward with Date. Kate is the only character that makes me remotely interested in the Doc. And for me, a big time Kate hater as recently as a year ago, to say that is a big deal, believe me.

    I definitely think the only way for Daniel to not be dead to me is to get him the heck away from Chelsea. They are pretty intolerable for me at this point.

  3. OMG – what are they trying to do with RM’s hair? She normally looks about 14 or 15 but this makes her look like a 10 year old trying to play dress up in mommy’s clothes and makeup.

  4. Hey, it’s my fellow Chan haters! I figured I’d be preaching to the choir with you guys. 🙂

    I told myself I’d give Chan a chance and I haven’t fast forwarded them at all (well, only a little), but I can’t take it anymore! I find RM more painful to watch in their scenes than SC, all that gushing and giggling. And that makes me sad.

  5. I agree with you on SC having had chemistry with all the women except the one they actually paired him with. It’s ridiculous. There were so many ways to go with this character even by just taking half a step to the left and putting him in a triangle with Kate and Lexie – with the added benefit of giving them both something interesting to do – but no, they had to screw up about 14 different things at once.

    And I also agree with you on not being able to take Chelsea and Daniel any more. I tried to give them a chance too and not fast forward too much, but now, no way. FF, FF, FF.

  6. I thought he had chemistry with Lexie, too, Zara. I didn’t want her to have another affair, but I thought an intimate friendship that Abe suspected was an affair (because of her history) would have been good. Adding Kate into the mix would have made it even more interesting.

    And Nolebucgrl, I have always disliked Kate, too, so it’s saying something for me also that I like her with Daniel. But not in a triangle with her granddaughter.

  7. He had great chemistry with Lexie. But I admit after seeing him opposite Kate, they really strike the fire together.

    I’m still holding out hope that even Dena isn’t dumb enough to think adding grannysex is an obstacle a woman would be willing to overlook after she’s been through mommysex a year earlier. I mean….c’mon..he and Kate are HOT together. Why would we want him with Chelsea?

  8. I hate to say this in this room, but I don’t find Chan unwatchable. *g* RM and SC are both competent actors, and while I’m not sure what the characters see in each other, they are selling me that they see something. (Kind of like Tamara Braun and Jawn.)

    The writing makes them completely unrootable, though. HS walked a fine line between redeeming Chelsea and getting rid of her interesting edges, and Dena doesn’t even realize that there is a line. Chelsea stays behind to do the dishes instead of running after the object of her hero worship? Not in a million years.

    I can only hope that with Bo’s disapproval simmering and his contact with Kate through the Victor and Philip stories, he’ll be the one to find out about Date sex and drop the bomb.

  9. Hee, it’s okay, lska.

    I agree about Chelsea. Hogan’s Chelsea was one of his best characters. He, however, had the same problem with Sami that Higley has with Chelsea—he took away her edge.

    Now Higley has watered down Chelsea, but she’s doing a great job on Nicole (… so far). Sigh.

  10. i really disagree with you guys i think daniel and chelsea have a great chemistry, also i think rachel melvin is looking more mature now than before to make sure go on you tube and look the older episode

  11. There’s something about the phrase “in a triangle with her granddaughter” that is more than usually disturbing; for some reason it gives me the shivers more than “grannysex.”

  12. *TOTAL* Chan hater here…I haven’t watched Days in weeks b/c Chan has killed the show for me and Nick has been non-existant. He was the only reason I kept watching after Jason Cook left, and since Jason popped up on GH, I made the switch to watching that (after leaving GH for Days 15 years ago…I only have patience for one soap at a time!) Ironically, Jason Cook is playing an asshole, but I am now shipping Maxie/Spinelli, the dork and beauty de jour. Anyone missing Chick should check them out. It is definitely a different dynamic, but very watchable!
    Sorry to tout a different soap on your site! I really enjoy your opinions (b/c I usually concur) and have been keeping up with Days via recaps. I may be a fool, but I still have hopes for a Chick reunion. *sigh*

  13. I sympathize with you about being driven away by Chan. That hasn’t happened to me (yet), but it’s painful for me to watch one of my favorite characters act like she is right now. I’m glad GH is working out better for you.

    I wonder if there has ever been another grandmother/granddaughter love triangle. This being Days, it seems like it should have happened sometime before, but I can’t think of one.

  14. You know Maxxie, I just want to come in here and warn you, I don’t watch GH but looked into Spinelli and Maxie…very cute. But I do think that they are putting them away to push her towards Matt (JC) and try to use the shelle romance.

    Oh, and I find it hilarious (Mary, you’ll love this) that Maxie and Matt’s meet cute was very similar to Chan’s except done much better (he stepped and broke her PDA and she got pissed). I have a feeling that not only are they trying to capture what was in the chemistry of original shelle but recreate Chan in a way that would attract viewers instead of repel them.

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