Fourth Fizzle

I love family gatherings on holidays when there isn’t much plot. I love seeing Doug and Julie. I love it when the show uses history to connect with something going on currently. And I accept that sometimes, the longer term characters will be used to prop younger characters on the show.

So the show really had to work hard to piss me off as much as they did last week, with their uninspired, sparsely attended 4th of July barbecue at Bo and Hope’s house.

First of all, more green talk. Yawn, but OK, we get to see Doug and Julie and Bo and Hope. Then they moved on to Chan talk … then more Chan … then repeated parallels between Bo and Hope’s great falling in love story, and Chelsea going on her second date with Daniel. Then, hey, why not? Let’s say it is just like Julie and Doug’s love story too. It was bad enough that Shelle were continually pimped as the new Bope, but Chan? Chan? Then topped off with Chelsea and Daniel making out while everyone else looked on. Horrible.

Even if I were a huge Chan fan, it’s disappointing when the show uses its history so perfunctorily. Someone is trotted out to say “This same thing happened to me once!” and then trotted off again. I found the conversation between Sami and John much more organic and meaningful, because it touched on Sami and John’s troubled past, and connected it with how both characters feel about OldJohn. The mention of Victor’s past as a villain and a drugrunner was also perfect, because it parallels Phillip flirting with the dark side of the family business, and Victor’s mixed feelings about it.

Kristian Alphonso and Peter Reckell did their best, but whatever dialogue wasn’t exclusively devoted to Chan was horribly non-witty banter about recipes and—cringe—Bradyburgers. (Though “Deveraux burgers,” from the JER era, is even worse. No way do the Deverauxs have their own burger recipe!)

There was one good line, when Julie said that maybe getting hurt wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to Chelsea. That felt genuine. And, I agree.

Chelsea + Laura Ashley = Twu Wuv


10 thoughts on “Fourth Fizzle

  1. hee. I told you to “take heart” there is a great spoiler out there! I do think it has to mark the doom of Chan and with what I saw of this past week, yesterday especially, I think you are going to find that we are NOT to be rooting for this couple.

    And if they aren’t, seriously the spoiler is hilarious that it causes such misery for this couple.

  2. Hee, MP, we all shared in the rage over that 4th of July picnic, believe me. Fortunately the greatest spoiler to ever be spoiled came out and made the day much brighter and I was more able to tolerate the Chan on Monday. But yes, that was a terrible party, nobody was there, people were there who didn’t make a lot of sense (Victor, Kate, Daniel), and the people there that did make sense were Chan propping. It was a terrible get together and scared me for what the Higs will do at Xmas time.

    Soon we will all be laughing though! Count on it!

  3. Hee! That’s kind of major torture for the spoiler free folks.

    Topic: The 4th of July pretty much sucked in Salem. The John/Ava stuff was okay and the Great Elevator Sex-off of 2008 was hot (Nicole) and snarkworthy (LuLoe). But it was all overshadowed entirely by the great Chan propping party. Ugh.

  4. LOL, it’s okay to taunt me—knowing something bad is coming up for Chan is a good kind of torture.

    I liked the sex-off, especially the symmetry of both of Sami’s men seeking comfort elsewhere, though it was an interesting choice for a 4th of July episode.

  5. The party was about nine kinds of awful for all the reasons you’ve noted. Aside from the horror couple being front and centre I really understood nothing about the guest list. So strange.

  6. And really, couldn’t they have taken time out from the Chanfest to have someone mention that Steve and Kayla didn’t come because they wanted to spend the fourth with their baby? Or that Nick was invited but begged off, and they’re pretty sure it’s because he didn’t want to see Chelsea with her new boyfriend? Because, dude, there were barely any Bradys OR Hortons at that bash, and a mention or two would have been lovely.

  7. While it’s true that everything that wasn’t EJ and Nicole was pretty much a suckfest, there was that one great line you pointed out about Chelsea getting hurt maybe not being the worst thing in the world (for me, it’s mandatory).

    And in all fairness I did really like the conversation between Caroline and Roman about OMB. I appreciated that the show took the effort to remember this would be the first Fourth without Shawn Sr.

  8. Great post, MP. I agree with you about the need to use history appropriately. These soaps are so unique in that they have such a long history for some of these characters. That’s something that no other type of TV show or movie is fortunate enough to have. That history should be intelligently worked in to the storylines, not trotted out as a one-liner on special occasions.

    Also agree on the July 4th show in general. Call it sappy, but can’t we have two shows a year with just a nice family holiday feeling? All I ask is two shows. But nope. Apparently July 4th is just another day in Salem now.

  9. Thanks for the reminder, Paxton. I liked the mention of OMB, too.

    I have to agree with all of you that the guest list was pathetic. They mentioned Sami had already been and gone, but I think that was it. If I recall, Hogan had a good 4th of July last year. The return of Kayla after a long absence was really nice, of course. Also, I think I was in the minority, but I even liked the Alice/Jeremy scenes, when she told him she had his number.

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