Phillip and Morgan kiss

I’m a little behind in my Days watching, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Phorgan kiss last week. First of all, I thought it was hot. I love an unexpected first kiss like this, as Morgan’s fear and distress about her father broke through her distrust of Phillip.

Speaking of that distrust, though, I have really enjoyed the combination of wariness and attraction that have thus far characterized Morgan’s attitude toward Phillip. While blaming John for her father’s troubles, she was also uncertain as to Phillip’s role in the whole affair. I have also loved Phillip’s low-key flirtation with her while still pursuing his “friends with benefits” relationship with Chloe. This is the slow-burn type of love story I long for, where the attraction is established slowly and the obstacles are natural and unforced.

So Morgan’s insta-trust and “you have a good heart” after the kiss was, admittedly, annoying. I think a big step forward like a kiss should be followed by a step back. If Morgan had broken the kiss and quickly reasserted her defenses, I think that would have been perfect.

But, overall, I am still intrigued. Morgan’s decision to trust Phillip when he is largely to blame for her father’s predicament is that staple of soap couples: the unexploded bomb. Soap gods willing, the bomb will explode at a key moment and trigger a big, messy emotional showdown. On Days today, I have learned to roll with the punches, and not let my desire for the perfect make me an enemy of the good.


12 thoughts on “Phillip and Morgan kiss

  1. Oh Mary, it’s like you read my mind. Now I did find the kiss to be more…short over hot since we barely got to see it (could make Chan sucking face crack here but I won’t. Oh too late!) but I’ve enjoyed the pacing of the story so far. At least it proves TPTB know how to do a story right versus not right as they have been doing for too long.

    I also am not thrilled with how trusting she has become but I suppose it’s meant to help make the inevitable betrayal that will come when at least Phil’s KNOWN part of Paul’s demise is revealed.

  2. Yay! Another Phorgan person! I love the two of them and while I agree they went OTT after the kiss, I’ve really liked their story up to now. It’s been better handled than all the rest of the romances, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to see these two play out.

  3. Yup, I’m a Phorgan fan! Like Tripp I think the sudden trust is to set up the betrayal later. I just hope they aren’t too heavyhanded with it, because I love that they have been keeping it light and gradual so far.

  4. Though I’m not a fan of either of these characters, the kiss was a nice moment. But Tripp, I disagree that “at least it proves TPTB know how to do a story right”. Dena can do small moments – no doubt about it. But I haven’t seen evidence (with any characters) that she can tie these moments together into a cohesive story. I can’t see why Phorgan would be an exception.

  5. I think Higley might be marginally better at structuring a story than Hogan, or at least she has different problems. Hogan would rush and had millions of dropped story threads, and Higley doesn’t do that as much. I would say her biggest problem is repetition and stagnation. Hmm, I sense an upcoming blog post.

    Ellie, I’m curious, I know you are a J&M fan—do you watch mainly for them, or do you have other favorite characters?

  6. Hi – I do watch for Marlena/J&M, but there are other characters I like. Bo, Hope, Nick and Chelsea come immediately to mind. And I also have a real soft spot for Doug and Julie, though they’re hardly ever on. I try to approach the whole show with an open mind, though, and there are often scenes I enjoy for characters who are not my favorites.

  7. Oh and regarding Higley/Hogan – I’d go with “different problems”. Can’t wait to read your post. 🙂

  8. I try to approach the whole show with an open mind, though, and there are often scenes I enjoy for characters who are not my favorites.

    I like your attitude—that’s my approach as well. I love Doug and Julie. I still have a fantasy of a reopened Doug’s Place with Doug singing once in awhile.

  9. Thanks! And I like your Doug’s Place idea. 🙂 I wish the show would have them on permanently, as sort of an updated version of Tom and Alice. They’re very different than Tom and Alice, but I think the show is in need of a matriarch/patriarch couple (for lack of a better term) to keep things grounded and centered.

  10. Oh, and I meant to add that I can tell that you’re open-minded. It’s one of the reasons that I like your blog so much. 🙂

  11. Thank you, Ellie, I appreciate that. 🙂

    I agree about Doug and Julie. I think they are the perfect pair to be matriarch and patriarch of the show. That was one good thing about all that letter reading, we got to see Doug and Julie very frequently!

  12. Agree! lol I remember Susan Seaforth Hayes making some comment about maybe Hogan Sheffer thinks Doug and Julie are Brady’s. ie, she couldn’t understand why he was using them for the letter reading. But either way, seeing them was a bright spot!

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