It isn’t easy being …

Maggie: My restaurant is green!
Bo and Hope: Our house is greener!
Daniel: I’m, like, all green and technical and stuff.
Nick: Not a chance, buddy. I’m the greenest geek in town.
Caroline: Green beer for everyone!
Steve and Kayla: We just gave birth to a green baby!

Okay, I made up that last one. Maybe next week, eh?

Days has taken on topical social issues before, but there is usually more of an effort to integrate said social issue into the plot. I remember when Jo left her abusive husband and we spent an entire episode in a women’s shelter, learning about how they help women. The storyline about Steve and Kayla opening a community center included lots of public service announcements about kids and gangs and “hey, stay in school, kid.” But Jo and her abusive husband were part of a dynamic, powerful plot, and even the community center stuff involved shootouts, tense hostage situations, and the rivalry between Steve, Kayla, and Jack.

All this green talk has exactly none of that. The closest we’ve come to plot integration is Nick’s grant project involving alternative sources of energy. All the other stuff about Maggie’s green restaurant, etc., is just plunked down in the scene without any attempt to connect it with the stories going on. Compared to this, the green Lumi wedding (complete with corporate sponsors) was meaty drama.

Also, if they are setting out to do a straight-up public service announcement, it would help if they actually, you know, informed us of stuff. We heard that Bo and Hope’s house, Maggie’s restaurant, the Brady Pub, and the hospital are all “green” now, but we don’t know what that entails. I think Bo and Hope may have mentioned something about energy efficient light bulbs, but then I also may have succumbed to the temptation to fast-forward. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but the only thing I see in these scenes is a lot of smug self-congratulation. It’s begging to be deflated by someone like Nicole holding a martini and saying, “Um, I think this olive is organic. Does that count?”

I’m so green and awesome!

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6 thoughts on “It isn’t easy being …

  1. See, my opinion is, a TV show lecturing us about taking care of the environment when I can only guess the amount of energy consumed, the resources wasted all in the name of entertainment kind of irks me.

    It’s like when Waterworld was just a giant lecture on wasting our planet away and yet it was the most expensive movie ever shot up to that time.

  2. Well, and the jury’s also still out on what sort of lifestyle revisions will really benefit the planet and what will just create different problems.

    Oh and yes, yes, YES, on the smug self-congratulations. The show is doing something wrong when their environmentalist PSA makes me want to go buy an SUV, leave on all my incandescent lightbulbs 24/7 and drop my A/C down to 68.

  3. Ahh the green…was that really just a week or so ago? It felt like it lasted lifetimes. And good point, they never told us what they did to become green, just that they were. Maggie sold energy back to the county somehow, don’t know how that works (don’t really care, but still, if they want us to do it…) and Bope got a hybrid. Yay. I hope that the abysmal ratings for that time period show them to keep their PSA’s to a minimum.

  4. Ha, good point re: Waterworld, Tripp.

    You’re right, Paula, that what constitutes “green” lifestyle choices is a pretty murky area. I was reading an article recently about the amorphous concept of a “carbon footprint” and how difficult it can be to really measure what that is.

    I haven’t been following the ratings lately, nolebucgrl, are they that bad? Weren’t we supposed to hear in April about NBC’s decision about whether to renew Days or not? Or did we hear and I missed the news?

  5. >I’m so green and awesome!

    LOL. My favorite part was Josh Taylor’s, “There are a whole lotta websites you can visit…” Thanks, JT! I can tell you care. A little Nicole snark would be just the thing. Or maybe with Ava’s mob antics resurfacing, she could get into racketeering in the carbon credits market.

    There have been a few items in the soap mags from “insiders”, saying Days will be picked up for another year. No official word though, AFAIK.

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