Lucas and Chloe … hmmm

(I’ve missed some episodes because of the US Open, so forgive me if I get anything wrong here.)

So it looks like it is Lucas and Chloe who are being chem tested, contrary to my fear/paranoia that it was Nicole who would get stuck with him.

You would think that since I don’t care for either character I wouldn’t like this pairing. Garbage in, garbage out, right? And it’s true that when they first met at the DiMansion, I rolled my eyes the way Lucas acted like a self-righteous tool, while Chloe was forced to pretend she found it charming.

But then a strange thing happened. It was nice to see Lucas sympathizing with someone for once. I liked how the show had them bonding over their shared relationship troubles, and the way they called it “the Lucas-Chloe alliance.” So color me pleasantly surprised. It’s like putting garbage in on one side, and getting flowers and rainbows and cute little puppies on the other.

And the fact that this very neatly frees up Sami for EJ doesn’t color my perceptions at all. Heh.


16 thoughts on “Lucas and Chloe … hmmm

  1. Hee, I’m with you, I’m all for Luloe or whatever we’d call them. He’s actually remotely likeable when she’s around. And yes, as an EJami I like the potential green light there!

  2. LOL–I love the idea of Lucas and Sami being over. I’d love to see Sami with EJ as well, so, if that means Lucas and Chloe being together, then there would be a chance for a Phillip-Morgan pairing. Kristen Renton and Jay Kenneth Johnson are just cute together…

    The main thing is get Sami and Lucas apart and with new people. Please. 🙂

  3. STRTRKN, I agree about Phillip and Morgan. They are so cute.

    I used to like Lumi, but somehow the writers decided that Judgmental Lucas/Crying Sami was the way to go for them. From JER to Hogan to Higley, no one has been able to write them any better. In any case, I think they are played out, and have been for quite awhile. So, yes, let’s split them up already!

  4. Yeah I used to like Lumi up until they were actually married. Then she became a housefrau and he became a judgemental yeller and it drove me insane. Plus the hot Brit was turning my head at that time. I feel like I’m one of the few EJami supporters left, but I still have hope for them. And yes, Luloe being together frees up EJami and Phorgan, two couples I could really like! We need that on this show!

  5. I can’t say that I was all that impressed with Chloe and Lucas, but I did like that Lucas was not Shouty McYellerson or Mr. Snotty for a change. And, since I don’t much care for Lucas and care even less for Chloe, it works well for me for the two of them to be in scenes together because then I don’t have to pay that much attention. I know, that’s not very nice, but I will agree that if a LuLoe pairing frees up EJami or even EJole and Phorgan, I’m happy to ship them. 🙂

  6. Don’t want EJami, don’t want Phorgan, but I don’t want Lumi either and although I like Chloe I’m not exactly a Phloe fan. I too think Chloe and Lucas actually make a nice friendly pairing. I think BD is just so thrilled to be acting with someone who he doesn’t have to shout or frown or be judgmental to that he’s really enjoying it, and it doesn’t hurt that Nadia’s so pretty. Plus, he probably likes that she makes his acting look better. He finally gets a storyline that takes him away from Sami (maybe).

    I’m just so blasted sick of Sami and AS’s portrayal that I really want Sami to take at least a year’s vacation and let both Lucas and EJ move on. She’s not worth fighting over, and I say that as a former Sami and even EJami fan. And yes, there was a time I thought Lumi were cute too. But they are so played out for me, all versions of the triangle, and I feel like JS and BD clearly love working with other people. When either EJ or Lucas is with Sami I just get irritated and want to FF.

  7. esp, it’s win-win for me too—Luloe could free things up for both Phorgan and EJami in one fell swoop. The fact that I actually was a bit intrigued by their scenes is the icing on the cake.

    Poor Paxton! Are there any couples that are working for you? EJ-Nicole?

  8. I’m sorry to be so cranky. Believe me, I would love to love Phorgan. . . I just don’t. I love the way they’re being set up, but not the actual couple. If KR would lose the fake accent it would go a long way with me, I think, because she is talented and very pretty, but she’s just not what I want for Philip. I actually would enjoy him and Nicole, but no point speculating, I guess, because the writers haven’t followed up on the idea that Nicole would pursue him (shocking, because they’re so marvelous at not dropping things or omitting key plot points).

    I do love EJ and Nicole. They’re the only current possible couple who I really enjoy watching and would root for to get together. While I like Chloe and Lucas, I’m not exactly creating Chloe/Lucas fan sites–not that I would know how, but you know what I mean.

  9. Well, I don’t know if this makes you feel any better Paxton, but I think KR’s accent is real. It might be exaggerated a bit for the role, but she’s a true Southern girl, I know that much.

    I really wish you could enjoy Phorgan, Paxton. I’ve always liked Philip, but now that he’s moving into a potential story I could really enjoy, I love him even more and it saddens me that his biggest fan (at least that I know of) doesn’t get to enjoy it. 😦

  10. esp13–LOL on the Mr. Snotty!!!

    I must say y’all are the nicest folks on any Days board I’ve attempted to talk on…yeah, the southern accent pops up in type too 🙂

    This kinda relates to the Sami/EJ/Lucas triangle, but does anyone remember Marlena sitting at her office computer and saying something like, “Oh, baby girl, you tried and just didn’t know what you were doing (in switching blood types)… you just aren’t a doctor and don’t know…”

    I’m trying to decide if that happened or if I imagined it; if it did happen, why hasn’t someone followed up on it, and again, if so, which way did she switch??? Oh, and if was before or after NuJohn showed up…

    PS: If this needs to go to another board, please throw me a link! I don’t want to get off track too badly…

    Thanks for any input!

  11. STRTRKN, thanks, we try to be civil here! 🙂

    You are right about Marlena. She was changing Stefano’s test results after she injected him with the drug that paralyzed him, so the hospital wouldn’t know what was wrong with him. We haven’t heard about Stefano’s coma for awhile—I wonder if they’ll ever bring him back.

  12. Ohhh… I was having a moment, I guess. I guess since she was talking about Sami getting caught I thought she was messing with the twins’ DNA… do I get credit for being half-right? LOL!

    Thanks, marypickford… other boards I tried to “join”, well, they never acknowledged any new poster. Anyway, it’s just nice to have a Days “support group”!

    Thanks also for lining me out. Gonna go plot the ways to break up Phloe and play around on the site… 😛

  13. LOL—welcome, welcome.

    I believe Marlena did offer to Sami that she change the (first) DNA test results, but Sami wisely declined. Then of course Kate blackmailed Nick into doing it anyway!

  14. I think the Lucas and Chloe pairing is a great idea and they look good together.
    I see them lasting for a long time to come.
    Maybe as Bo and Hope are?
    It’s a New Era for Lucas and Chloe the Supercouple for years to come maybe a kid on the way to for them?

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