Phillip was in a love scene! Not with Belle!

I would have loved a reference to his fake leg. When he was with Chloe before, he didn’t have it (he also has a new face, but I don’t think we’re supposed to remember that anymore). I would have loved a moment of vulnerability where he felt awkward about his leg, and she made it clear that it didn’t matter.

It is a particularly good sign, I think, that they went to the trouble of giving a long love scene to Chloe and Phillip, because I suspect they are not the endgame. Love scenes were MIA during most of Hogan’s tenure even when they were crucial, story-wise—I’m still bitter about Chick’s first time—and I am delighted to see them return with some frequency. It’s one of the few things JER did well. (Believe me, I shudder to type that.)


8 thoughts on “Whoo-hoo!

  1. mp, I was initially thinking that I too wanted at least some reference to Philip’s missing leg, but then I remembered that already happened when the plane crashed in Greenland (how often did you get to type that?). She’s already seen his leg and they established she wasn’t freaked out by it.

    I too am thrilled to have some love scenes and attractive men shirtless again. I mean, this is a soap, isn’t it? You know I’m with you on how happy I am to have Philip getting some action, even if we ultimately part ways on Philip and Morgan. Still, even if Philip and Morgan do come to pass, I’ll just pretend she isn’t there, which if I managed to do with Belle, and I did, Morgan should be a piece of cake.

  2. I think there was one move Philip did that seemed impossible for a guy with one leg to do, but I won’t quibble. I don’t care for Chloe/ND at all but since the last person he had sex with was Belle, I’m fine with him sleeping with her.

    But I love Nicole’s line that she is all hair and boobs (she forgot eyes).

    *Also bitter about Chick’s first and frankly 2nd/3rd time*

  3. Lately when I watch I almost feel like I did as a kid…I’m watching something meant for grown-ups. Philip/Chloe no-strings sex, EJ clearly turned on by Nicole even though he’s in love with someone else, Nicole and Ava’s conversation about “needs.” I really love that.

  4. Thanks for the reminder about Greenland, Paxton. I remembered some hanky-panky there but I forgot about that part. And Tripp, are you thinking of when he knelt in front of Chloe? That doesn’t seem like it would be possible. I also was a little preoccupied with wondering whether someone with a fake leg would take it off during sex.

    Excellent point about the grown-up angle, lascuba. There are not as many of those condescending twu wub tropes that JER (and Hogan, to a lesser extent) obviously thought appealed to soap audiences.

    There was a shadow of it when Sami seemed to imply that she only slept with EJ because he was good with the twins, but that could easily be read as Sami spinning the truth for Lucas. I liked that she told him that she had feelings for EJ and she wasn’t just slobbering over how much she loved Lucas.

  5. Yes, the kneeling. I knew there was something. And I didn’t think about him taking the leg off during THE SEX but I wondered if one leaves it on all night long. My friend’s grandfather hated to go to bed with it and would leave his sitting next to the bed (which was way TMI for even me to know, I assure you).

  6. How much of his leg is Philip actually missing? I was thinking just like below the knee. Am I misremembering what his prosthetic looked like? If he still had at least his knee could he still kneel? I mean, sure it would be awkward, but. . . . Sorry, I must really be bored today!

    Yes, Sami was 1000x better than she has been recently when she was truthful about having at least some feelings for EJ, even though she thinks they’ll go away. At this point, I certainly hope they do, and that EJ’s feelings for her evaporate as well, because I honestly see no attraction between them anymore, and if last week’s sex scenes didn’t do it for me nothing probably will.

    • Ok euh…i don’t like so don’t watch soaps usually but i have seen the sex scene between Ej and Sami recently on youtube and i have to say…it’s the m hottest love scene i have ever seen on daytime tv and i compared with other pairing (like EJ and Nicole) and the others can’t compare one second seriously. The chemistry is off off off the charts. They can be compare with some prime time or movie couple though.
      I can understand you don’t like the couple but you can’t say it is not hot or the chemistry is not here. You will not be serious..

  7. Hee, that’s funny, Paxton, because I am getting on the EJami train for the first time. I wasn’t feeling them at all during the green card storyline, but just recently they sucked me in. Just in time to get really, really annoyed with Lucas’s reappearance.

    I am just happy that Higley seems to realize that JS and JKJ are the hottest young guys on the show (in my opinion) and should be getting the most action, instead of living like monks and longing from afar for unavailable women.

    I always thought Phillip’s missing leg was supposed to be above the knee, because of the way he limped. But maybe someone who was watching then can say for sure.

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