It was unreasonable jealousy day on Days on Friday (5/23). Abe was jealous of Daniel. Chloe was jealous of Morgan, so she tried to use EJ to make Phillip jealous (unsuccessfully, it looked like). John was jealous of Roman. And Lucas was jealous of EJ.

Okay, not so unreasonable. Maggie and Mickey were criminally irresponsible not to tell Lucas the salient fact that Sami and EJ are still married and living together at the DiMera mansion. It must have been a terrible shock to come home anticipating a loving reunion with your (ex)wife, and to find her instead in bed with your worst enemy.

But you know what? I don’t care. My sympathy for Lucas is at zero. Gah! The shouting, the judging, the name calling, the empty threats, the self-righteousness, the casual insults. I seriously found his treatment of Sami bordering on verbal abuse. Why bring back THIS Lucas? Why bring back everything that I grew to detest about him?

I didn’t realize I was shipping EJami until Lucas showed up and ruined everything. How did I let myself get sucked in? I’ve seen how frustrated, angry, and depressed EJami fans have been. I just got my heart broken by Chick. Steve and Kayla’s story hasn’t done much for my distress level, either. I don’t need to ship another couple.

But … maybe Lucas is being brought back purely as an obstacle for Ejami. Maybe the show will make a point of the fact that Sami-with-Lucas is weak and self-hating, and Sami-with-EJ is relaxed, confident, and doesn’t take any BS. Maybe. Or maybe they are going to keep fans of both couples hanging on until the end of time.

I think the show just got me engaged again. Damn. Damn. Damn.


2 thoughts on “Lucasarrrggghhhh

  1. Aside from the ridiculousness of Mickey and Maggie failing to tell Lucas that EJ was living at the DiMansion with Sami and the twins (another sacrifice of character for plot that Higley seems so fond of), I didn’t have much sympathy for Lucas, either.

    I might have mustered some if he had immediately gone into shouting bulldog mode. He had a right to be angry and hurt, he didn’t have the right to call Sami a lying, cheating, whore or threaten to take Ally away from her.

    On the other hand, I wasn’t thrilled with Sami’s decision to use the “Belle rationale” to explain why she slept with EJ: He’s changed and he’s good with the twins. That’s sounds like she slept with him to repay his kindness or something.

    As for the future, I’m betting on your last option. TPTB are going to keep this going as long as they possibly can. Yipee.

  2. Sigh, you’re probably right, esp.

    I, too, hated seeing Sami’s “explanation” of why she slept with EJ, though it was far less believable in her case, than it was in Belle’s. It really did seem as though Belle only stayed with Shawn because he was good with Claire and she wanted to “be a family.”
    I hope we were meant to flat-out not believe her when she said to Marlena that she already regretted sleeping with EJ as she was doing it. That’s not the vibe I got from those scenes!

    I also hated seeing Sami crying about how much she screwed up and how Lucas would never forgive her. It gave me horrible flashbacks to a year and a half ago.

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