Awww …

… a musical montage.

I really miss the end-of-the-episode musical montages from 80’s Days. I didn’t appreciate how much they added to the show back then. In fact, I used to think the show depended on them too much to fill time at the end of the show. I’d get annoyed sometimes at “fluff” pre-empting the “real” scenes, real characters with real dialogue (LOL, remember what that felt like?). Sometimes I’d fast forward through them.

But now that Days can’t afford music anymore, when we get these little snippets, I see how starved the show is without them. These montages can do so much. I remember when a Shelle musical montage made me feel a little verklempt, so I know for a fact that they are capable of bypassing the critical centers of the brain and going straight for the heartstrings. (The montage on Wednesday did not soften my resistance to Chan, however, so there are limits.)

Then there were the couple songs, of course. I’m no fan of cheesy romantic ballads, so these didn’t do much for me. But I really enjoyed the secondary songs they used for couples, like when they used “Still Watching Over You” as Steve and Kayla’s song during the whole breakup over Jack. The scene at Kayla and Jack’s wedding, when they played the song over the wedding vows, combined with the close-ups of Steve’s face, and Kayla’s face, interspersed with the wedding guests, still makes me break down whenever I watch it. The song absolutely makes it.

If you believe, as I do, that the most critical element to hooking viewers and keeping them is to make us care about the characters, you have to use these tropes where you can. So thanks, Days, for giving us this little taste.


4 thoughts on “Awww …

  1. Is this the montage for Wednesday or Thursday? I did realize now we got two in a row and didn’t’ comment myself.

    I hope you took a picture of Chick cuddling on the couch yesterday.

  2. I was talking about Wednesday but I liked the end of Thursday’s episode too. And it’s been awhile, but I am so glad they scrapped that cheesy freeze-frame ending they used to have!

    I can hardly enjoy Chick scenes anymore because they seem to exist just to make Nick say something like “I love you more than anything, you know that?” and Chelsea to get a guilty look on her face.

  3. LOL about affording music. But I agree, I love the end-of-show montages! They’re such a nice way to tie together all of the storylines and provide closure to a specific show. My personal ‘historical’ favorite is Whitney Houston’s “All at Once” which was used in February or March 1993. I only have a clip of half of it so I won’t link to it, but most of the stories at that time were in sort of a tension/desperation/sadness phase, and the song fit perfectly.

  4. Ellie, I wasn’t watching then, but I definitely love how a montage can tie everyone together and make us see parallels (or contrasts) in the different stories going on at the time.

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