What is going on with EJami?

I have complained about the formulaic nature of some of the plots (or if I haven’t, I meant to). Psycho ex-girlfriend back to cause trouble. Life threatening diseases. Brainwashed/back from the dead/amnesia. Haven’t seen that before!

And yet, I really don’t know where any of these plots are going right now. Yes, John will get his memory back. Ava will be overcome (and probably redeemed). Chelsea will recover. But, I don’t know how any of these things will happen, and that is a good thing. Is Phillip going to be paired with Morgan or Chloe? I don’t know! (But despite the hypnotic effect of the Teh Cleavage

I’m rooting for Morgan.)

But then I look at EJami. What a mess. I’m sure their fans are still dedicated (shippers don’t give up that easily, as I know only too well). But as a “willing to go along for the ride” fan, I can’t understand why EJami has been so lackluster. I think Higley might have succeeded in doing what Hogan never could. The rape couldn’t kill them, but banality can.

I see it as a death by a thousand cuts. This couple has been mishandled from the beginning. The rape is the least of it. You take a couple with powerhouse chemistry and you throw the kitchen sink at them. There was the insta-redemption of Sami, which stripped away many of the things that made Sami so popular for so long. There was EJ’s whiplash transformation from a mystery man to Psychotic Uber-villain, then even more inexplicably to a doting daddy. EJ’s feelings for Sami have gone from attraction to obsession to love, and Sami’s for EJ … well, I can’t even say. In the current incarnation EJami has been reinvented yet again as bickering co-parents.

Honestly, I have no idea how they are supposed to feel for each other now. From what I hear from Sami, she is still pining for Lucas and can’t believe she is stuck married to EJ. Ali Sweeney is giving me nothing in terms of UST or longing (for Lucas OR EJ), and even the smoldering James Scott hasn’t been smoldering as much as usual. I was watching Days on Wednesday after Sami and EJ quarreled again about Nicole, and I was actually in the middle of the thought, “I guess they aren’t going for EJami after all … ” when Marlena made her comment about Sami possibly having feelings for EJ she wasn’t acknowledging. Well, it was news to me, and I’ve been looking.

Beware the power of the monkey’s paw. For days, all I could think about was how much I looked forward to Ava finally getting out of this Flashdance-inspired outfit:

But then she did. She took it off … to get naked in bed with Steve. Be careful what you wish for!


8 thoughts on “What is going on with EJami?

  1. The rape couldn’t kill them, but banality can.

    BWAH! That is true. I was one of the ones against EJami. But I always admitted they had chemistry. Even if EJami did get together, I knew their scenes would probably be interesting to watch simply because AS and JS worked so well off each other.

    Now they aren’t working. They are honestly boring me. Throwing Nicole in helps but I’m not buying Sami being jealous to EJ simply because I don’t think AS is selling it. I’m sorry to admit it but it’s true.

  2. I agree Tripp. I am just not buying Sami’s jealousy. I have to admit that I have been an EJAMI shipper and thought that sparks could really fly with the two of them. But how can you get sparks without any propane in the tank? Oh well.

  3. Well written as always. I’ve been complaining about the utter destruction of this potential couple myself for quite a while now, as anyone who doesn’t just scroll past my TWoP posts can attest. I tend to blame the actors, Ali Sweeney in particular, although James Scott isn’t giving me much either. To me they truly seem like a couple who loathes each other but just can’t break up for whatever reason.

    I’ve also given some thought to the chemistry issue, and how many people (me included) raved over how special the EJami chemistry was. But if that were true, that the actors had irreplaceable chemistry, then I think we’d still see it, no matter how bad the writing. Given that we’ve seen Ali Sweeney in other romantic couplings (all unsuccessful, IMO), I tend to think she simply is not a very good romantic or sexy leading lady. Look at how much more fun and alive she is in scenes with Nicole, for heaven’s sake. I really want to see James Scott get another chance with someone because he is perfect leading man material.

    And sorry, mp, I wish we were on the same train re: Phorgan, but I’m just not feeling it. Between Morgan and Chloe I’m rooting for Chloe. I like the actress and have no objections to Morgan in another coupling but I just don’t see anything special in her scenes with Philip.

  4. i also prefer philip with chloe, if she and morgan are the only options. i think KR is the superior actor (and a terrific addition to the cast) but NB and JKJ have better chemistry.

  5. What I wonder about Ejami is if James and Ali were told that the show might not be pursuing EJami, and they both decided to dial it down? But on the other hand they had pretty wicked chemistry during the whole endless EJamucas triangle, and the show certainly wasn’t going after EJami then. Who knows?

    I like the chemistry between Chloe and Phillip, but I find NB’s acting pretty painful. I think Kristen Renton is a better actress and I like what I’ve seen so far in terms of chemistry. But I’m keeping an open mind about it all. I con’t know if I can stand to get my heart broken again!

  6. Oh MP, go ahead, a broken heart is part of soapiness. I am definitely rooting for Kristen Renton. I would love to see Morgan and Phillip fall for each other with Morgan’s dad working for John to sabotage the Kiriakis empire.

  7. I love the conflict between them about her father. I always love when a couple is tested together this way, with a little conflict.

    But my heart has been broken too recently (with Chick) to make me leap into shipping another couple, especially one they may not pursue!

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