Hope is shot!

But … it’s only in the shoulder. And those of us who watch soaps know that’s right next door to a paper cut. She’ll be fine.

More Phillip and Morgan yesterday (4/18 ). I am starting to think about letting go of my dream of Stephanie and Phillip, which appears to be a nonstarter, and getting on board for these two. I enjoyed their banter about being coy vs. being dumb. It gives me great pleasure to see them testing Jay Kenneth Johnson with different actresses. Plus, I just about swooned from seeing EJ and Phillip in the same room at the same time—a bedroom, no less! Arianne Zukor is one lucky woman.

I thought Tamara Braun, Stephen Nichols, and Mary Beth Evans did beautifully with their scenes yesterday. I was disappointed there wasn’t more to the story of what drove Ava to the brink of madness, but Tamara really sold it.

And kudos to the director for this beautiful shot:


3 thoughts on “Hope is shot!

  1. TB, SN and MBE did awesomely. I have to take a moment and really speak about the women because I loved how different MBE and TB can convey feelings in scenes.

    TB did the freakout so well, and I think that is something very hard to do. Some actors sound too OTT or wind up making me giggle if the pain doesn’t come out enough. Even after what Ava has done, TB nailed that scene.

    In contrast, MBE hardly said a word but she didn’t need to. She can do it all with one look. And then you wind up with a dozen throughout the scene and each time I wished Hope wasn’t shot just so someone could go over there and give Kayla a hug.


  2. Did I miss the part where “Patch” and Ava decided to get married in Sicily? What was up with the palm trees and the stucco? I felt like I’d stumbled into a “Godfather II” flashback. (I’ve missed all the other flashbacks so maybe I’ve missed something.)

  3. Hee, I’m not sure, Emily. It did have the look of the Mediterranean, didn’t it? They want to reinforce that “gang family” connection, I suppose.

    Tripp, I agree that Tamara and Mary Beth were the standouts in those scenes on Friday!

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