Midweek Update

The Ava storyline has been the highlight for me this week. There is actually a smidgen of complexity being presented, unintentional and fleeting though it may be. Ava is caught in an interesting dilemma, one that I can ponder during the commercial breaks. She is caught between not trusting Steve and yet knowing that if her plan to get him back is to have any measure of success, she will have to find a way to trust him somehow. How would I handle it if I had Steve Johnson locked up in a room … and that’s where I lose my train of thought.

Hope pretending to be Kayla has been all kinds of fun. I also like the mystery of Ava not being able to remember something that happened right before Steve left her at the altar. Here’s hoping that there’s something else to explain her descent into madness besides the hot guy leaving her. And of course I am enjoying Kayla being determined to go after Steve the Lone Wolf and help him. Stupid problem pregnancy! Now I can’t get the picture out of my head of Kayla and Bo smooshed together in a wheelchair, blundering around the Vitale mansion together.

Ava, Steve, and Stephanie now all have the exact same hair color. It’s eerie.

I can no longer make any assessment of Chloe’s storyline, her character, her lines, or Nadia Bjorlin’s acting, because I have been hypnotized by her cleavage.

Good dialogue alert!

Nicole (to Sami): You look like … you just had twins.

Today was excruciating from a Chick fan perspective. I think I might have PTSD from the Jett triangle and today I was having bad trip flashbacks. Chelsea gushing and seeking approval about a coffeeshop. And why would Dr. McPederasty ask Chelsea to show him the sights of Salem anyway? (“And here’s where Marlena’s exorcism took place …”) He just heard that a) she has a big crush on him and b) he went out of his way to emphasize that they are only friends. And then his condescending remark to Nick that girls love it when you get territorial. Nice.

Nick, I love you, come to me.


10 thoughts on “Midweek Update

  1. i feel exactly the same way about NB’s cleavage. i’m in awe.
    i have yet to watch all of yesterday’s show but i’m already ready to throttle chelsea. it’s been less than a year since torch the sky, do we really need to see this awful story play out again? nick looked especially gorgeous yesterday but i could barely enjoy it because of the wretched circumstances.

  2. Nick looked great today but again, I had a hard time enjoying, specifically since he was POURING HIS HEART OUT TO Chelsea. I can fanwank her behavior around him isn’t just about Daniel but she feels lousy.

    I could handle this crush so much better if Nick were on more.

  3. Outstanding entry! Now that you’ve put it in my head, I too have a hilarious visual of Bo and Kayla blundering around the Vitale (sp?) mansion in a wheelchair.

    And Dr. McPederasty–hee! You’re so right, him showing Chelsea the sights of Salem, such as they are, makes zero sense in light of his recent conversation with Bo. Of course, he could be arrogant enough that he just loves the flattering attention from Chelsea and thinks he can “handle” her. But doesn’t he know anyone closer to his own age? I guess with his arrested development issues someone his own age would seem super old to him.

  4. Since we never see or hear about Ava’s mother could somehow Ava be responsible for her death? She’s obviously not shy around guns so when Stephano’s goons showed up did Ava pick up a gun and hit the wrong target? Would explain a lot, or not.

  5. I surfed into your site today, and love your blog! 🙂

    The pictures of Ava, Steve, and Stephanie (and their matching hair) have me thinking… perhaps what drove Ava over the edge is that Stephanie is actually HER daughter… yeah, see, the real Stephanie died way back when and Kayla, in her grief, tracked down Steve and his new woman and stole their baby, sending Ava over the edge… (Kayla has, of course, blocked this all out, too…)

    Either that, or there’s only one shade of hair dye available after the budget cuts.

    Yeah. 😉

  6. I’ve been super busy and have only seen the Chick scenes (rare that they are) and have to say that although I am disgusted at the thought of another triangle and yet another lame reason for Chelsea to make Nick feel like he’s not good enough for her (UGH!) I L-O-V-E-D that Nick grew a pair and called Daniel out the second Chelsea walked away. Of course, he then jumped into the “I love you more than the earth and sun” speech again, which always makes her a little uncomfortable (and reeks of desperation). Please let this be a small step toward character growth and not a fluke. If we can’t save Chick, at least save Nick!

  7. i agree, maxxie. the writers seemed to be writing nick with a little more self-respect than usual last wednesday. it was refreshing.
    dr. dan is starting to creep me out.

  8. I loved how Nick called Dr. Dan out, too, but then it seemed they were trying to make him seem ridiculous when Dr. Dan mocked him for it.

    Kathleen, I like the idea of Ava’s mother maybe being part of the mystery. I too am thinking/hoping for a Stefano connection.

  9. See, I didn’t get mockery from Daniel. I got sincerity from him. However, I noticed Nick didn’t seem all that happy with his comments.

    God, I hate this storyline so very much.

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