Whenever I get too depressed about Days, I like to cast my mind back to when I tuned back into the show this time around. This was in November of 2005. I hadn’t watched Days, or any soap, since 1989. But I was on maternity leave and I thought it would be fun to watch Days while I was at home with the baby.

Little moments stick in my memory. Alex North hypnotizing Marlena at the penthouse, while an insanely jealous John spied on her with a telescope from Kate’s apartment. All the irritating anvils about Shawn’s special bond with his “goddaughter” Claire. Judgmental!Lucas. Shawn and Belle’s “true love”—how I grew to hate that phrase! Sami working for Austin and landing an important account because the inventor’s wife was a bimbo and felt that Sami understood her, or something.

So much dreck. Bad stories, bad dialogue, glacial pacing.

There was, however, one bright spot. And that was Sami’s romantic and professional rivalry with her co-worker, Nicole. Both of them were idiots, true, but that was true of everyone on the show then. Neither one of them did a lick of actual work, and God knows Austin was no prize. But they were the only part of the show that I watched with actual enjoyment. Nicole had a way with a one-liner, and her comparative cool was the perfect foil for Sami’s frantically misdirected energy. I liked her so much that when I wrote my first letter to Ken Corday the next summer, I said that I would love to see Arianne Zukor return to the show.

So, welcome back, Nicole. Let’s hope you are actually good, not just good in comparison to anything written by JER.


8 thoughts on “Slutofawife!

  1. LOL! I came back to comment, and you changed the title.

    It’s good to hear some nice things about Nicole, since I only caught the beginning of her run when I was starting to tune out the last time. I thought she was pretty green and didn’t fit into the canvas very well back then. And I’m still a little wary of the Victor/Nicole relationship as a concept.

    But we could use a little more camp — another thing Hogan didn’t do very well — and having Nicole around might wake Sami up a little bit. So I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with her this time.

  2. Hee! Yes, I changed the title.

    For those of you who don’t know, this is something Victor once called Nicole. I didn’t actually see it, but it made such an impression that people use slutofawife! as an exclamation on TWoP.

    Anyway, I too have no idea what Nicole will be like this time around. She was definitely the better of the two in her scenes with Chloe today.

  3. I like Nicole so far, though I do find her a bit trashy for my tastes. But she’s so different than all the other women on the show I’m interested to see who she winds up hooking up with.

  4. I’m enjoying having Nicole back. Some think she won’t be a convincing romantic partner for anyone and that she just doesn’t have that spark. I have my doubts. Surely nobody expected a “real” romance with either Lucas or Victor, both of whom she married for money and one of whom was significantly older. I know she was with Brady for a while; I only saw bits and of that, and I agree they weren’t a good couple but that’s because I think Kyle Lowder sucks. As for Jensen Ackles, as gorgeous as he is, I don’t really remember him throwing off a lot of sparks either.

    Maybe AZ just needs the right partner. I think she’s pretty and sexy and fun; this is not Martha Madison we’re talking about. If JKJ managed to coax a little hotness (very little) out of MM, imagine what he (or James Scott) could do with someone who seems to have at least heard of sex. The main problem I see is that Nicole is being written as virtually irredeemable right now. . . actually, could this maybe work with EJ? Like he misses the good old bad times, and at least with Nicole he wouldn’t be limited to pushing around a stroller and listening to Sami tell him she doesn’t love him all day? I can only hope.

  5. i wouldn’t mind seeing nicole paired with doctor dan, if only to give chelsea a reality check, but i really don’t care who they try her out with, i’m just happy she’s back. she is a hoot.

  6. IIRC, it was actually “mylyingslutofawife.” God, that whole period was hilarious!

    I think Nicole’s been a little off so far, but I’m glad she’s back regardless. I’d like to see her in a believable pairing. I’m not sure it would be great romance considering what they’re doing with the character, but it would be interesting to see her in a slightly villainous relationship.

  7. I stand corrected, lascuba. Hee!

    I was happy to see Nicole interacting with Phillip and EJ today. I can’t see her with Phillip but I like the idea of her being EJ’s first case. Dr. Dan sounds good too.

  8. I love Nicole, so good to have her back. If only Brady would return (a super hot recast!) and I could get Bricole part 2. 🙂 I love Philip and Chloe but an illicit affair between Nicole and Philip could work for me too…as long as Brady is gone.

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