Yay! Morgan!

Higley’s repetitive, layer-free dialogue is still a major sticking point for me, but I’ll give her props (she is now officially announced as headwriter) for one thing: she is much, much better than Hogan at introducing new characters.

Morgan isn’t exactly a new character, but she’s been sitting around with nothing much to do for quite a few months now. Since the resolution of Ford Decker, we’ve seen her mostly in best friend sidekick mode, in scenes with Chelsea and Stephanie. That’s as it should be. A new character does best supporting existing characters and storylines, so we can get to know them and like them before they are given a storyline of their own. This is particularly important before throwing him or her into a romantic pairing, which is always Days’ ultimate goal.

We’ve gotten to know Morgan pretty well now, as a wealthy Southern Belle with, loyal and friendly but with a bitchy side. Her friend chemistry with Chelsea and Stephanie is very natural and believable. (I really like this trio of younger actresses. I think they are the most promising younger set we’ve had for quite some time.) We’ve seen her strike sparks with Max, which is a good sign for her romantic potential. We’ve seen her play hurt and a little bit vulnerable, after Max dumped her in favor of his niece. And it doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely gorgeous, like in this shot with her daddy on the pier:


Also skillful (so far) is the introduction of Paul Hollingsworth, Morgan’s dad, as Generic Customs Official Guy, who John decided to bribe in his quest to best to Kiriakis shipping empire. It was only viewers whose ears perked up at the name “Hollingsworth” who would guess a connection to a sorority girl in another storyline. We know Morgan is wealthy, so as we went forward I appreciated the reference to a recent divorce and how it was his ex-wife who had the money. I have no idea what role Paul with be playing on the show, but I’m intrigued to find out more about Morgan’s family and background.

It was a thrill to see Stephanie and Phillip in the same room this week—that has been my dream pairing for awhile now—even though the show was quite clearly testing Phillip and Morgan, rather than Phillip and Stephanie. Still, I am excited for that too. Because while I supported Phloe/Chloe at first on the basis of ABB (Anybody But Belle), after Belle was no longer a threat Chloe began to grate on my nerves. That wide-eyed, vacant stare! Based on yesterday’s scenes (3/27), Chloe is still very much a part of the picture, but I love that they seem to be casting the net wider and chemistry-testing Jay with other actresses.

In fact, this is the first time since I’ve been back that I haven’t known exactly who everyone was fated to be with, and that is a very, very good thing.


6 thoughts on “Yay! Morgan!

  1. Can I admit I think Paul Hollingsworth is hot? I like him more than Daniel (he’s less leatherly looking).

    I liked Morgan fairly well but I must admit her scenes with her dad gave her character layers I hadn’t realized were missing. Hopefully they will continue to build on that.

  2. Paul Hollingsworth does seem promisingly hot, Tripp. Isn’t it ironic that now that Billie is gone, two single, age-appropriate men have moved to town? Sigh.

    I’m really glad to see some new blood on the show. I hope some new romances will follow–but not Chelsea and Daniel, of course.

  3. You’re so right that it’s a good thing not to know exactly who will be paired with who, and that maybe, just maybe, a couple could get together without it being twu wuv and without knowing ahead of time that no matter the obstacle, they will overcome it because they were meant 2 b. Philip and Stephanie is still my dream pairing too and I’m not really all that excited about Philip and Morgan, even though I like her, but at least they’re chem testing JKJ around. Of course, IMO he has chemistry with anyone so it probably isn’t strictly necessary.

    I do think Morgan is very pretty, but ever since somebody mentioned the other day on TWoP that she looks like Carrie Underwood that’s all I’ve been able to see. Too bad, because while I think Carrie is pretty also, it’s sort of a vacuous, cookie-cutter, Missy Reeves-ish pretty (I’m sure other people feel differently, I just think MR was very boring looking). So far, Morgan to me is still in “B” character/couple territory. I’m content to see her with Max, but is she “good enough” for Philip? For me, maybe not, which I’m actually kind of depressed about because after all I do like her and she brings more to the table than just not being Belle.

  4. Okay, I’m totally behind on watching and commenting, but one of the last episodes I did see – I’ll catch up soon – was the one introducing Paul and I immediately noticed the Hollingsworth thing and thought it couldn’t be a coincidence. Glad to hear it’s not, and that they’re opening up the playing field for Phillip. But you’re right: ditch Billie and suddenly Billie-appropriate men come out of the woodwork.

  5. Morgan’s good looks definitely are of the generic type, Paxton. (She does look like Carrie Underwood!) But Kristen Renton/Morgan has personality, and that makes a big difference to me.

    Poor Billie!

  6. i really thought morgan and philip had potential after their initial meeting on the dock but now i’m not so sure. i think it has less to do with the actors and more to do with the heavyhandedness of the writing, though (the scene at java was decent but the scene they shared with tony and kate was appallingly over the top). honestly i think morgan sparks better with max than anybody else. but that can never be as max is clearly destined to spend the rest of his life in blue collar twu luv land with stephanie.
    and while NB’s acting isn’t really up to snuff i think she and jkj are capable of generating some genuine heat, so i’m not minding chloe and philip for now.

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