Chick sighting

Days, why do you toy with me?

The signs were all there that Chick was over. First, there was Chelsea’s insta-crush on Dr. Jonas. Of course, that could just have been the beginning of a standard “third party obstacle” storyline for Chick. What clinched it for me was the near-total absence of Nick, especially compared to Chelsea’s ubiquitousness, and that started even before Dr. Jonas arrived.

Even including the grant proposal scenes with Max, Nick has not been a significant part of the show since Higley took over. Through the resolution of the Ford Decker debacle, he showed up briefly a few times to play the generic supportive boyfriend. (This coincided with the downturn in the quality of the dialogue, which made me think cynically that the new writers weren’t smart enough to write for a brainy scientist.) When the drama surrounding Bo’s illness started, and everybody and his brother were at the hospital except Nick, his absence became even more glaring.

So Chick, clearly, was dead. Okay, I thought, I can deal with that. I’m not the type to throw fits and sulks on message boards about how important my couple is and how the show should cater to no one but me, me, me. If the new headwriter couldn’t see the great potential she has with Chick, who was I to kick up a fuss?

We’d always have Toronto, right?

This mood of philosophic detachment lasted until today (3/19), when Nick showed up at the hospital and was greeted with enthusiasm by Chelsea. He was his sweet, dorky self, giving her a teddy bear from his childhood to help her through this ordeal, and joking with her about having joint custody of the bear. He was the only one to point out that Chelsea does not have to be Bo’s donor, also the only one who seemed the least bit concerned about the fact that she is risking her life. (I can only guess whether his comment that he doesn’t want to lose her is an anvil that he’s about to do exactly that.)


screencap courtesy chit-chat-haven

After that, it was also a treat to see him play poker in the hospital waiting room with Steve, Max, and Stephanie. The camera focused on his reaction several times, highlighting his concern for Chelsea. Could Chick be in the cards after all? Could the (I assume) upcoming separation be part of a long-term plan to define them separately as individuals before putting them back together? Do I dare hope? Well, do I??

Too late. The trouble is, with renewed hope comes renewed distress. Shipping a couple is like being a junkie. I thought I had been cut off by my dealer. No problem, I can kick the habit. But then you get that one hit of smack, that one little scene that makes you remember why you loved this couple. And then, suddenly, you want to do things like gouge a certain doctor’s attractive eyes out and hiss, you’re way too old. Or maybe shake a certain girl with hero worship issues who can’t see the great guy right in front of her. Or start a flame war with “Chan” supporters.

Sigh. My name is marypickford, and I am a Chick shipper. Help me.


8 thoughts on “Chick sighting

  1. Shipping a couple is like being a junkie. I thought I had been cut off by my dealer.

    Perfect! Perfect comparison! I mean, I have been resigned to how this was going to go and felt content in the fact that many of us knew that Nick/Blake deserved better treatment of the writers (he still does actually).

    I think what has been the monkey on my back through all of this (the monkey’s paw apparently) is how close we are to getting a really good story with Chick. I may be a shipper but I make no allusions they are a perfect couple. Their reuniting last October was a great episode in many ways, but I did have to fanwank over how it seems Nick always must rescue her. again If I was a new writer I would want to confront this problem of Chelsea’s she’s done it before, Patrick and Jett, so now let’s do it but do it where she loses the person who has loved her the most and let it hit her how much he truly means. RM could rock some real regret scenes.

    Then we can have the Chelsea chasing Nick story that he deserves and maybe…just maybe get a real Chick love scene.

    Orrrr, this could have just been a fluke episode. *covering my bases*

  2. Such dire talk! I will always hold out hope for Chick. Although, I too am very disappointed with the way Nick has been treated lately. The lack of screen time is quite upsetting. But I will continue, in true soapy fashion, to ship Chick. Viva la Chick!!

  3. Viva la Chick is right!
    “Eye contact!”, I thought, “Smiles? What is this?!”.
    I was giddy. It was too good to come from the current writers. They must’ve found it on the floor, swept under the desk while Hogan was packing his things. I can just see them now: “What? Chelsea has a boyfriend? OK, give him a scene. Oh, here’s an old one that was never used. Change a few words and we’re golden. Let’s order lunch.”

  4. Hee! Hogan really did have some great scenes for Chick. His story construction was erratic at best, but he really could give us a great flirty or angsty scene when he wanted to.

    Kathleen, I’m not usually inclined toward dire talk, but shipping a couple can make me lose all perspective.

    And Tripp, don’t get my hopes up. It’s dangerous, I’m telling you.

  5. Sorry…but I just don’t see the appeal of Chick. Their chemistry is lacking in my eyes. How can one park bench scene have more pop than months of Chick? Something is wrong in Salem?

    Yep Dr. Daniel is too old for Chelsea…but that is the best part. That is the conflict. Will he see her as more than a child? Will Chelsea risk losing Nick to take a chance on a new man? Will Dr. Dan want Kate instead (yuck?). And what if they do decide they like each other? What will Bo say? How about Victor? I for one want a ring side seat to that mayhem.

    I say bring on Dansea. Yep shipping is like a drug.

  6. Oh, no, a Chan/Dansea fan! Don’t I have to scratch your eyes out or something?

    Just kidding, just kidding. I don’t see the appeal myself, but I know I am so biased as not to be a reliable judge. We’ll just have to see where the show is going with all this.

  7. Well I agree with you, I think Chan is a horrible idea. He’s too old for her and he sounds like a fool when they make him attempt to sound young and hip. I have yet to see any interest on his part in Chelsea thankfully, he seems more interested in grandmother than granddaughter. Which is ok by me. I’m not sure how Chelsea snotting on him in the park was chemistry laden, but we all have our own taste I guess!

  8. Hey, Nolebucgrl, thanks for commenting! I agree, I wish they would back off on the surfer talk. He can still be a (relatively) young and unconventional doctor without sounding like he’s trying so hard.

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