As Bo’s time in the hospital, getting weaker and weaker, has extended, the conversations have decidedly veered into a repetitive rut. “I won’t let you give up!”/”We have to face facts!” etc. etc. I love Peter Reckell and Kristian Alphonso and they are doing a fabulous job with what they have, but I admit my mind has started to wander during these hospital scenes.

One thing I got to thinking about is that indispensable weapon in any soap actor’s arsenal: the Gaze of Intense Worry. With recent events, we’ve been seeing a lot of this look lately. No one does it with quite as much intensity as Kristian Alphonso:


Even Brandon Beemer managed a slightly more intense version of his usual stone-faced look:


Then there’s the “a man’s life is in my hands” medical version, often accompanied the indispensable phrase, “All I know is that if we don’t [do x], our patient will die.”


Daniel looks like he’s been spending too much time surfing the waves, or perhaps dipping into the bronzing creme. But there’s no doubt he’s got the intense gaze down pat:


Then of course there’s the intensely hot version of the Gaze of Intense Worry. We have my guy Steve, in black leather, worrying about his daughter’s safety:


And Chelsea and Kiriakis pere et fils, all masters of the gaze, with Phillip seriously rocking that suit and haircut:


On Friday (3/14), Chelsea, the only potential compatible donor for Bo, got drunk and had to be tracked down and carried to the hospital for the surgery. Looks like we’ll have plenty more to worry about next week!

screencaps courtesy nbc.com and days2


3 thoughts on “Worrying

  1. They all definitely have the worried look down pat. Of course, they’ve had the last 6 weeks to work on it, so I’d be pretty disappointed if they didn’t have it conquered by now.

  2. Hee! You’re so right, esp. There’s always a lot to worry about in Salem, but more so than usual lately.

    Part of it is just having all the reaction scenes, which are so important. That’s giving the actors more opportunities to use the Gaze.

  3. Oh, you know I love the fact that we are getting all the reaction shots. They were sorely missed for a long time. I just had to snark on the fact that they’ve all had so much time to be worried about Bo’s illness. 😉

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