Dr. Hottington

There’s a new guy in town.


screencap courtesy nbc.com

He’s handsome, charming, and seems to be played by a decent actor. He’s being introduced through his profession, always a plus, and through an existing story. He has ties to the canvas, since he’s Victor’s godson, but they are not blood ties. (That’s very important in a town as incestuous as Salem.) All in all, one of the more promising introductions we’ve seen.

So why, Days, are you putting him in romantic banter scenes with Chelsea? Why why why why why why? He’s at least twenty years older than she is. She’s a college girl, he’s a doctor. It takes all the fun out of the scenes because it seems so inappropriate.

Not to mention, she has a boyfriend! I admit, being a Chick shipper, that I might be a tad biased on this issue. But one way this makes sense is if Daniel is being introduced as a spoiler for Chick. The heavyhandedness of her immediate crush supports this theory (in soap world, if they were destined to be together, she should take an immediate dislike to him). Maybe the older guy is just being friendly, and the younger, naive girl is reading too much into it.

Chelsea has hero worship issues, and the doctor who saves her father’s life would be hero bait for her. But Chelsea was clearly attracted before she ever heard this guy was a doctor. Plus, we’ve seen so little of Nick I’m not convinced that he is even a blip on Higley’s radar. If Daniel is going to be a spoiler, we should be seeing some internal angst for Chick, either because of Daniel’s presence or just prior to his arrival, so that Chelsea has a reason to be drawn to him. If this is an obstacle for Chick, it’s a poorly executed one.

And didn’t we already do a version of this triangle, where Chelsea was drawn to the hot new guy? And didn’t that, well, suck?

There’s some speculation that Daniel was originally intended for Billie, but when Julie Pinson was let go, they replaced her with Chelsea. I was dying for a romance for Billie, and in my fantasy world Michail T. Weiss’s Mike Horton would have been brought back for her. He was warm, funny, compassionate, and a little bit goofy, and it think that would have played beautifully against Billie’s intensity, her insecurity, and her dysfunctional past. Daniel actually has a little of the same vibe. Excuse me while I bash my head against a brick wall.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Hottington

  1. It’s been a while since the monkey’s paw has bitch slapped us, and this time he’s pulled back to give us one hell of one. This is just the kind of guy I wanted for Billie too and it’s ridiculous that he’s being (wasted) on Chelsea.

    As you say, it’s being way too rushed for Daniel and Chelsea to be the real deal but with Nick’s absence, it’s tough to feel Chick are in Higley’s mind at all. I’m sure Higley has been busy catching up with all the stories since coming back and Chick’s last important romantic full episode really was in October (would she go back that far?)

    One of Chelsea’s problems is her hero worship and given it’s in full swing with Daniel before he’s even TREATED Bo makes me think there is a method to the madness. Friday’s episode came out more as a crush but inevitably more scenes will happen between them with everything revolving around Bo’s illness. It’s ruining my enjoyment of Bo/Hope’s story.

    But even if Chick are over forever, having Nick missing, especially in the coming weeks is unforgivable.

  2. I think Higley has decided to skip some stuff that happened when Hogan was HW … December 29, anyone? So we’ll see if she has Chick on her mind at all.

    I’m very worried about Blake and his future on the show.

  3. I’m actually thinking this grant stuff (with a side order of confounding Max) may be Nick’s next storyline, so maybe it’s not a matter of writing Nick off but of moving him into a somewhat different story area. I will say this—if the Chelsea and Daniel stuff continues, I want Nick to dump Chelsea and find him a new girl who treats him well.

    The thing that confuses me the most about both stories, however, is that there was absolutely no transition into them. Chelsea has an insta-crush and Max is suddenly going all Good Will Hunting on us, and there was no build up to either at all. Like, say, Nick and Chelsea having relationship troubles or Max having…well…any academic leanings whatsoever.

  4. Absolutely paula. I don’t get why they think it’s ok to not simply sway a story into a new direction but make a turn so fast it will give you whiplash.

    And here here on Nick dumping Chelsea. I’m not sure I’m sold on Morgan and him, but it’s better than watching him have his heart handed to him while Chelsea bangs the new doctor with Kate egging her on.

  5. *sigh* Michael T. Weiss’s Mike Horton. That would have been great.

    I am definitely completely against wasting Daniel on Chelsea. I don’t like the age difference, for one thing, and there ought to be a maturity gap as well (if there isn’t, that doesn’t speak well of the doc. I would rather see Daniel try to romance Sami while EJ and Ava do insane and hot things together, not that I have any reason to think either, much less both, could happen. (In fairness to Higley, I’m not sure yet she’s decided to ignore 12/29, since the INS agent did reference “forced sexual relations.” I’m not saying the show will deal with it in a logically or emotionally satisfying way, just that she did at least mention the elephant in the room.)

    I don’t think Chelsea and Daniel are meant to be in a triangle with Nick, but that’s speculation based on the fact we’re not seeing Nick and as far as we know he doesn’t even know about this miracle doctor (right?). If there were going to be a triangle shouldn’t Nick at least know about Daniel and have perhaps jealously remarked Chelsea seemed a little too interested? I mean, Kate already knows about him. I also can’t forget Chelsea’s comment about hoping she’ll experience love like Bo and Hope’s someday in Daniel’s presence. . . who says something like that in the presence of someone she barely knows? Even if he is the most perfect doctor God ever created, supposedly? And why crap all over Nick, who seems to love her a whole heck of a lot and who has already been there for her over and over.

  6. I don’t think we’re looking at a triangle either (if we are, it is very poorly executed so far). I’m just a bit mystified as to where this is going.

    I like the idea of Sami and the new doc. She’s much more the proper age, and I would love to get her away from EJ and Lucas for awhile. Let’s get her a job!

    Paula, I hope you’re right that all this grant stuff is a new big storyline for Nick (and not a reason to send him off the show, after passing the “genius” torch to Max). Plus I’m curious how Morgan is going factor into all of this.

  7. Let’s take Dr. Hottie out of the equation..

    If Nick and Chelsea are to remain a viable couple they need a shot of adrenaline. Steve and Kayla get more action. Victor and Caroline have more eye sex.

    I am not a Chick shipper at all. They bore me. In the beginning the story was cute, but Nick and Chelsea have no chemistry or passion, so they are no fun to watch. If you are a fan of either of the actors in the Chick pairing, I would think you would want them apart. That way they can move on to storylines that will better showcase their talents. But JMHO, I would rather have good stories than couples together forever on my soaps.

  8. I am not a Chick shipper at all. They bore me. In the beginning the story was cute, but Nick and Chelsea have no chemistry or passion, so they are no fun to watch. If you are a fan of either of the actors in the Chick pairing, I would think you would want them apart. That way they can move on to storylines that will better showcase their talents. But JMHO, I would rather have good stories than couples together forever on my soaps.

    I disagree, greatly. I find them with lots of passion. I think their hand holding was hot last summer. I thought what little we saw of them getting it on before Christmas was pretty done well (Chelsea pushing Nick back into the bed).

    They also have a super high cute factor that just can charm almost anyone. When they are happy and working side by side, it’s FUN to watch them. Both RM and Blake can make almost anything work and one of my favorite moments was watching them break into Ford’s dorm room. Perfect example of showcasing their comedy and chemistry together.

    I do admit they haven’t been writing for Chick lately. But that scene right before her surgery was perfect IMO for the moment. Chelsea looked so happy to see Nick (in fact Chelsea looked like she wanted lick Nick up and down like a…well never mind). And Nick really showed his concern and worry for her. Bringing his childhood teddy bear was just like him.

    And Dr. Hottie is growing thin on me. His conversation with Kayla today annoyed me almost as much as it looked like it annoyed her. And was it my imagination or did SC look BORED with his scenes? I think he’s sorry he took the Days job.

  9. I would counter that Nick & Chelsea don’t need a shot in the arm, they need to actually be shown together. I don’t understand how people can find them boring when they’re not even onscreen together.

    I would have no problem with them breaking up for some valid reason, not for some doc with a surfing penchant that makes him sound like a moron. They’ve had plenty of valid reasons to break up, Billie, Jett, Ford situation and I would have preferred them to end over any of that rather than for an old man with a youth complex.

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