I am officially in love with Tony and Anna after yesterday’s show (2/28). In a town whose residents are either filthy rich (Victor, John, Stefano), unemployed but totally unconcerned about their lack of income (Sami), trust fund babies (Belle), or employed but never shown at work, a work-related storyline is a big plus right off the bat. Even better is a work-related storyline involving semi-estranged lovers as business rivals trying to outsmart each other.

I remember liking Tony and Anna back in the 80’s, but I can recall only generalities. I remember scheming, gold-digging Anna married Tony for ulterior motives, but then fell in love with him for real. When he discovered her perfidy, he divorced her. Angst ensued. Eventually they reunited, and Anna was redeemed (over-redeemed, actually, in typical Days overzealousness), until the day Tony wandered off into the mist.

I also remember how incredibly gorgeous I thought Leann Hunley was. That has not changed:


Anna was the highlight of the scenes at the DiMera mansion last week, when she volunteered the information that a nice diamond necklace would go a long way to earning her forgiveness (in contrast to Sami’s contention that Marlena would be virtuously above such insignificant baubles). Her reaction to John’s foot rub was priceless. Anna is an unapologetic flirt, and I love that.

Tony also looks pretty great, but the best thing about him is his “I’m a bit of a rogue but don’t you love me anyway?” charm:


The scenes were admittedly fluffy, but it was fun and sexy fluff. I enjoyed the way they both clearly relished the competition. They have a delightful, laid-back, “we make up our own rules,” battle-of-equals banter that reminds of old screwball comedies from the 30’s. And I thought that kiss at the end was swoonworthy.

screencaps courtesy of KatLucas


5 thoughts on “Rivals

  1. I missed out on Tanna in the 80s, and when they returned, I loved Anna but wasn’t sold so much on Tony. It was weird, though I usually prefer most men in Salem to remain evil (EJ for instance) or keep a bad side (Phillip), I actually love they got rid of Andre and made Tony this charming womanizer. I didn’t get Tanna until recently but with everything honestly so angst filled and depressing (not that it isn’t good), I’m enjoying the fun that is Tanna. The show needs it right now.

    And can I just say, I wouldn’t be against Anna and Nick having a fling if Chelsea leaves him again (what? I’m just saying).

  2. Two consecutive days with Anna are always good DAYS. The whole “advertising” industry seems a tad-1980s though. And Anna needs to play the field and not ease back into life as half of a supercouple.

    Leann Hunley and Drake had great chemistry way back when he was Pawn #1. They were given lots of scenes together since DOOL was leading us down the path that “John Black is Roman Brady”.

    I guess Basic Black went out of business since Tony has leased their office space. At least they made more of an effort to change Nicole/Lucas/Phillip’s Titan office into Anna’s digs. Now we just need Calliope Jones to bring her wedding planning biz in-house.

  3. I would be open to John-the-Pawn and Anna having a flirtation, because it would piss Marlena off so very, very much. And I could see Anna doing it to make Tony jealous, which would also be fun to see. (But I definitely do not want to see Anna turned into supercouple roadkill.)

    Anna and Nick? Now you’ve intrigued me, Tripp. 🙂

  4. I like the idea of Anna and Nick suddenly because I can see her go for her as a boy toy to keep her busy while she’s busy freezing out Tony.

    It would be a harmless affair type thing (presuming Chick do break up) which could add lots of jealousy from Chelsea who could be furious at Anna and then wind up trying to “protect” Nick from her.

    Sigh…if only I could do more than just come up with my Nick stories.

  5. “Anna and Nick? Now you’ve intrigued me, Tripp.”

    You’ve intrigued me as well! I’m suddenly not so sad about the prospect of yet another Chick-breakup. I have to say – as much as I was disgusted at the sight of Nick/Billie at the time, I DO like him with an older woman. It just makes sense (says the 37-year old 😉 )

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