Well, it’s started. The big story for Steve and Kayla that I have been anticipating, and dreading, ever since the casting spoiler for Tamara Braun came out a month ago.

screencap courtesy Days 2

First, Tamara plays a very good psycho. She was truly chilling when she talked about the plane. “Things happen,” hee! I loved the moment when she punched Steve in his broken ribs, too. And there seemed to be the suggestion of a mystery, which I hope will be followed up on, when she mentioned her father locking her up. That makes me think maybe she is the daughter of a man who Steve was doing dastardly deeds for during his pawn days (but not another Stefano spawn, please!).

I hope she wants Steve back for more than just the soapy “psycho ex-lover” reason. God knows obsessive exes are par for the course in soapland, but I hope at least there is something special she got from Steve-the-pawn that no one else can give her. Maybe he helped her once, and she needs to same kind of help now. I liked hearing her call him “Patch” not “Nick.” I love the idea of Steve having been Patch-the-criminal again.

It’s not clear yet how much Steve remembers of Ava. A while back he mentioned that his memory was like a jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces were there they just didn’t all fit together sometimes. So, I’m thinking that he didn’t really remember that time period until he saw Ava and she triggered a reaction.

I love that they gave Steve the believable motivation to keep this quiet, with Kayla’s pregnancy. Perfect carryover of old writer’s plot (baby story) into new writer’s plot (Ava story). The moment with Stephanie was perfect too, when she told him she loved him with that look of utter happiness (and faith in her father). He feels personally responsible to keep Kayla and Stephanie safe, because it’s HIS past, his problem, his responsibility. And if Ava was indeed the reason the plane went down, then Shawn already died because her. Just another twist of the knife.

That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of things I’m worried about: mainly Kayla being clueless or marginalized, or the “male rape” storyline (psycho female forces male to have sex with her to save someone’s life) that Higley used on OLTL. But I have been hoping and hoping for a good, soapy, twisty mystery related to Steve’s missing years ever since Steve and Kayla returned to the show. Let’s hope this is it.


6 thoughts on “Ava

  1. This storyline has the potential to be very good (angst wise) but very bad too. With Dena in charge, I’m so worried we are going to be seeing Steve “forced” into sleeping with Ava to save Kayla or his own life.

    But it could be so good too, first it’s a way to cause estrangement without a real triangle. Second, I think TB can do BSC well and the only way to get me on the baby train with them is now that Kayla is pregnant, I don’t want her to lose it!!

  2. All I can say is AMEN!! I have concerns about this storyline as well, but right now all I want to do is strap in and enjoy the ride.

  3. There are so many ways that TPTB could screw this up, but isn’t that always the case? I’m going to enjoy it until they give me a reason not to.

    I am getting to the point of not wanting Kayla to lose her baby either!

  4. I’m liking it so far. It’s just good to see something different! I think this could be a great opportunity to let SN/MBE really shine.

  5. I’m surprised at how intrigued this storyline has me so far. I loved the weird little reference to daddy not letting her out very often, or however she phrased it. I’m a little concerned that she may end up too BSC, but then, we’re talking about a woman who shrugged off Shawn’s death as an “oops.” I think the actress is doing a very credible job–again, so far–as being crazy but probably able to convince other people she’s normal. I hope her backstory gets developed, maybe bringing her daddy to town.

    Oh, and you’re right, that was a lovely little moment with Stephanie telling her father she loved him. I loathed the redhead Stephanie so much and I can’t picture her in this storyline, and I think Shelley Hennig does a fine job most of the time. No, she’s not perfect, but she is credible with her onscreen parents.

  6. I really enjoy Shelley Hennig with SN and MBE as well, Paxton. The scenes yesterday were really good. I thought she brought a little extra to the scenes with her nonverbal reactions and body language.

    And I was glad to see more “daddy” references for Ava, which makes me think her father’s identity is going to be very important.

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