The writer’s strike looks to be over. The WGA (Writers Guild of America) board voted to approve the new contract, and will send it to the membership for ratification. It looks like all writers will be back to work starting Wednesday.

All week I’ve been trying to reconcile myself to Hogan being gone, all his scriptwriters being gone, and Higley being the new headwriter.

Now that all might be for naught. Variety reports that industry sources say the WGA contract reached with the majors “includes a provision that will allow scribes who were force majeuered from ongoing series to return to their old jobs.” “Force majeure” refers to a clause in their contract that writers could be fired after 90 days of striking—without having to pay off their contracts.

Our poor Days writers even got a specific mention: Melissa Salmon, a writer involved with the negotiations between the WGA and the majors, “told a daytime writer that the staff of Days of Our Lives, who had all been fired last week, were getting their jobs back. And that a striking writer, if fired, had to be replaced by a striking writer. Not a scab, and not a fi-core [non-union] member.”

Source: www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com

If true, this means that Higley–because she was a scab—cannot remain headwriter at Days after the strike is over. Does it mean Hogan is coming back? Maybe, maybe not. Speculation is running rampant over whether Corday will fire Hogan after all (legally this time—that is, buying out his contract), or whether Hogan would even want to stay after being so unceremoniously fired. And naturally the message boards are in a frenzy over who would possibly replace him.

Why would Ken Corday force such a major shake-up one month before NBC makes its decision about renewing Days? Oh, right, because he’s an idiot.

To invoke Sami’s painfully written but appropriate words from Friday: “It is just a confusing mess. And I am really confused and messed up because of it.”


5 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. Hee, don’t you just love that gem from Sami? We should put it on a Tshirt.

    Ideally, it might be best to keep Hogan and Higley on staff, they have strengths the other doesn’t possess but I’m sure Ken doesn’t have the sense (or money) to do that.

    I also don’t know if Ken can afford to fire Hogan outright this time, if the show’s budget is as bad as they said. Likewise, after being off for several months Hogan probably can’t afford to walk away from DOOL, as then he would be in breach of contract. They may be very stuck with each other.

  2. Corday continues to micro-manage. I just wish he’d let everyone do their jobs…I have a feeling there’s a lot of head butting going on behind the scenes. Hopefully, they’ll get someone hired that can stand their ground with Corday…could it get any worse? Maybe…the cancelling of Days. I’m thinking that the show is at it’s lowest point and there’s only one way to go and that’s up…positive thinking fans!!!

  3. They very well might be stuck with each other, Tripp. Not a work environment conducive to doing your best work.

    Sherry, I too think Corday must micro-manage. I swear over the past two years I’ve seen almost every storyline change direction halfway through or wrap up too suddenly. I get the feeling of a man in panic mode, saying, “Do this! No, the fans hate it! Do this instead! No, don’t!” etc.

  4. maryp, that’s what bugs me the most. Just let a story play out. Can you imagine if Ken had been in charge during the S and K storyline you unfolded for us? We would never have gotten all that phenomenal work those two did.

  5. I always think about that, Emily. The Steve/Kayla/Jack triangle is my favorite storyline from their first run. The breakup is so painful, and I’m sure the fans were screaming. Imagine if that one had been cut short before the Kayla/Jack wedding and everything that came after. The best part of the story, and of course the awesome payoff, would have been lost.

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