The Plot Thickens

Tom Casiello, a breakdown writer for Days (now fired), kept a blog about his experiences writing for the show. His take on being fired (which absolutely broke my heart—sorry to see you go, Tom) included this little tidbit:

I could potentially try and analyze the entire situation, try and find out how a writing team that started off the year doing strong, then ended up in LAST PLACE (due to dictates from the higher-ups), then somehow managed to come back and end the year in 4th place in Households and 1st place in the 18-34 demographic were all summarily kicked out at once.

Read the whole thing here.

I just knew the great stall of 2007 was due to meddling from Ken Corday! And Tom is right, the show was battling back. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but the stories, the production values, the cast balance—and the ratings, dammit!—were all getting better.

I can’t understand why Corday would fire so many writers at once. I know that a new headwriter often wants to have their own team, but this is extreme. Nine writers out the door!

Also, one thing that was always a constant, that Hogan’s team always delivered, was quality dialogue. Hogan’s plots might have sucked (and sigh, they did), but because of the dialogue, the experience of watching the show every day was usually a pleasant one. And dialogue is something that has been noticeably worse since the scab writing started.

Sigh. I want to stay positive, I really do.


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