Bruised and Battered

So, how are we all feeling?

It was quite a roller coaster of quality this week, wasn’t it? We had the highs:

Anything involving Mr. Decker. Man, I love this guy. Rachel Melvin rocked as usual on Monday (1/28) with the reveal of what happened to Ford, and all the other actors in the scene played off each other beautifully. Steve’s confrontation with Mr. Decker was also great, especially when Steve pointed out that if Decker hadn’t worked so hard to get his son off from the rape charges, he might be alive today. I also loved the police station scenes, when Stephanie pointed out that Mr. Decker might not like his son’s name being dragged through the mud as a serial rapist.


People at work!


My head almost exploded with all the job talk on Tuesday’s episode (1/29). Was this really Days? Kayla and Lexie were shown at work, Tony and Anna were talking about buying businesses and getting new jobs. Though I had to laugh at the idea of Lexie “blackmail me and I’ll lie to my patients” Carver getting her license back, and made the new Chief of Staff on top of that. Oh well, why not?

Speaking of Anna, how great was it to see her?


80’s Bope flashbacks!


It was the lamest of wrap-ups to the Quad of Everlasting Doom, but Phillip free of Belle? Worth every penny, even the gag-worthy soulmate talk.


And then … there were the lows:

JER style dialogue with the arrival of Colleen, with the added bonus of making no sense, since no one would be likely to recognize Colleen anyway.

You’re supposed to be dead … You must be her! … It can’t be … It is. It is her … It’s not possible. Can you really be her? etc.

I admit I am still intrigued by what Colleen’s role could be in all this, and I’ll hope that the dialogue improves, if only for poor Shirley Jones’s sake.


Then there was Marlena going over to the dark side, gloating gleefully all the while …


And worse, she was enabled by the worst police officer in Salem—and that’s saying something. When Roman said that he wasn’t going to ask Marlena any more questions about Stefano’s stroke, and Marlena threw her arms around him and gasped “Oh, thank you! Thank you!”, how I hated him. I hope he hated himself too. I think Josh Taylor hated playing it:


I thought Roman couldn’t sink any lower, but I was wrong. When he was questioning Lexie about the reasons for Stefano’s paralysis, it was so obvious that all he wanted to know was if his precious Marlena was going to get away with it.

And the really low lows, which wasn’t this week but bears a mention:


But the burning question is: what about next week? Is it going to be Mr. Decker good, or Memories-on-a-CD bad?

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7 thoughts on “Bruised and Battered

  1. In that last picture, John looks like he is wearing a mohawk.

    You’re right. Some good this and some bad. I am intrigued to keep watching Colleen, if only because SJ is doing awesome in the role. Her accent is spot on.

    I am ready though to take a break from John and Marlena. (If I had my way, it would be a very long break).

  2. I feel about the same way I do when I get off a roller coaster. Part of me is buzzing with excitement, part of me wants to find the nearest place to vomit repeatedly. Somehow that seems to fit Days these days.

    I agree that the Decker stuff was by far the best of the week. Everybody involved did a great job. Everything else varied from pretty good to JERk levels of horribleness. Why do I feel I’m going to have a tummy ache for the foreseeable future.

  3. While the Decker-related acting may have been great, the resolution to this story is just unrealistic beyond belief. There isn’t a jurisdiction in this nation who would give a “pass” to sorority sisters drugging an alleged rapist, witnessing his accidental death, conspiring to lie about it, burying a body in the basement, and hiding the body for at least a week (in Salem time).

    Yes, we know Ford Decker was scum and guilty, but no one ever filed any formal charges against him. Heck, this could have been smartly resolved if someone had found at least some of his video diaries. Instead they berate the father for raising a bad seed. Having Victor come to the rescue was at least moderately in character, although isn’t this the first time he has ever been shown having a conversation with Chelsea? (“Gee, Grandpa, what exact business are you in?”)

    Maybe I will be surprised and there will actually be some type of penalty suffered by the sosority sisters, although I have a suspicion the resolution will be community service and closing down of the sorority house — allowing the girls to move on to a new and better storyline.

    As for half of Salem arriving in the redone-Brady-Pub-set to find Shirley Partridge sitting in a chair, well, this just doesn’t make any sense at all either. The whole “Claire Kidnapped” saga rang hollow every step of the way. I’m so glad that Bo and Hope had time to stop by University Hospital, take routine annual physicals, and banter with other Salemites. Then while driving to Chez Coleen, they joke and giggle about wrong-side-of-the-road driving and upside-down-map-reading. Such wonderful grandparents!

    And of course as everyone arrives in Colleen’s room, they all want to hear her story and saga. Hello? Only TinkerBelle seems urgently worried about her daughter. Yet, even she has time to ask whether Colleen “ever found someone to love and marry” before remembering to ask again about the stolen child.

    *casting spoiler alert* Mrs. Partridge is only supposed to appear for 6 episodes. So that only leaves 4 left. Maybe her story will unfold over time via Crystal (since she has at least 8 weeks left on her 13-week contract). I have a feeling this resolution of “Colleen and Santo” will be as empty as all that summertime letter-reading.

  4. BearlyAmusing, thanks for commenting. I agree with you that it would be extremely unlikely that the DA would be willing to drop the charges. In the Daysverse, though, I gave it a pass. I actually liked the police station scenes, where Stephanie stood up to Decker, more than the ones with Victor. It might be more believable that Victor could pull some strings and make the whole thing go away, but the scenes at the police station were far more satisfying from a women’s-empowerment standpoint.

    But I agree that some more consequences for the girls would be nice. Mr. Decker retaliating in some other way, perhaps, or the girls being kicked out of school (as you say) would both work for me.

    I didn’t realize that Colleen was only signed for six episodes. They sure wasted the first two. Sigh.

  5. Hee, it’s okay. I do make an exception for casting spoilers, so no worries. 🙂 I’ll add a “casting spoiler alert” to your message in case any spoiler free types wander in.

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