Acting Challenge

Well, it has been reported by … someone (must get blog fact checker!) that Dena Higley is now writing the show. Higley has quite a history with Days. She started under Sheri Anderson and worked as an associate writer for twenty years. She was headwriter very briefly before being fired and replaced by James Reilly for his second run.

She was just fired from One Life to Live, where she seems to be viewed much how Days viewers see JER, that is, as the scourge of soapdom.

Anyway, my brain is exploding trying to keep track of all the different things to worry about from a writing perspective, so rather than getting depressed or trying to come up with reasons why this isn’t bad, bad news, I’m just going to turn the subject entirely. I wanted to mention the actors who have been impressing me lately.

Rachel Melvin has done extremely well with the fallout from Ford’s death. Chelsea is in an extremely complicated position, and Rachel is making me feel every bit of it. She was the driving force behind punishing Ford, but she was the one with the least to do with the decision not to call the police that fateful night. She has Stephanie on one hand saying her vote should trump Chelsea’s because she was the one raped by him. On the other side, she has Nick and her father making a strong case for coming forward. Even if Ford’s parents don’t deserve any consideration, isn’t it only a matter of time before they are caught anyway? And to top it all off, this is the second death that Chelsea has inadvertently caused and chosen to cover up.


Mary Beth Evans is often overlooked next to her showier co-star, Stephen Nichols. But theirs is a true partnership. Mary Beth is not a scene stealer, rather, she gives her co-stars more to play off of, so that whoever is the focus of a scene shines even more. She helped Stephen in showing Steve’s reaction to the rape (which he absolutely rocked, as I talked about last entry) and helped Shelley Hennig in the ensemble scenes on Monday (1/28), by going over to her and holding her.

But a week earlier, we got to see her play a little comedy, in the scenes about her “window,” especially the great interruption by Caroline. I especially liked “Was that rude?” and the looks she was shooting Steve over Caroline’s shoulder, motioning that he needed to fix his hair:


And I just want to give a little shout-out to the actress who plays Morgan, Kristen Renton. We haven’t seen her much lately, but I’ve enjoyed her in just about everything she’s done. She had some nice chemistry and did very well with the romantic banter with Max (which is a must for a daytime star). I liked her in the scenes at the dean’s office when she testified against Ford, and I like her being bitchy:


And because I feel I must include someone outside the sorority storyline, which is the one I’m enjoying the most right now, I’ll compliment Ali Sweeney and James Scott for their nicely underplayed scenes about going into hiding together. I loved the moment when Sami told EJ “It’s your turn” (to get the babies) and how affected he was by it. It was a very nice nonverbal moment for both actors.

Here’s James Scott trying to make out that a rattle is a menacing threat:



I also liked the scene where Lucas called on the phone and heard EJ in the background. “Is that your husband?” he said. Bryan Datillo has been getting on my nerves, but he gave that just the right sarcastic edge.

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2 thoughts on “Acting Challenge

  1. I absolutely agree, MP. Rachel has done a fantastic job with the Dead!Ford stuff. Her scenes with PR were quite good and the actual confession scenes played beautifully.

    I loved the scenes at the sorority house. I kind of like Bitchy!Morgan as it’s a layer that had been kind of ignore since her introduction.

    I’m in total agreement with your props to MBE. She gets overlooked way too often and it’s sad because she brings so much to every scene. In yesterday’s scenes at the hospital, you could really see how much SN got just from looking into MBE’s eyes. She gave him so much emotion to play off of.

  2. MBE was really awesome in that scene with SN at the hospital. I loved how they talked about how being filled with anger and hate wouldn’t help Stephanie, and how Steve said he couldn’t help it but he knew better than to show his anger to Stephanie. She was also funny bantering with Bo. I love their brother/sister dynamic.

    I loved seeing her in a white coat! That really brought back fond memories.

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