Baby’s Second Kidnapping

One reason kid storylines are no favorite of mine is how painful it is to watch kids “act.” It kills the verisimilitude and takes me right out of the scene.

However, sometimes that’s a good thing. Last year, one bright spot during Shelle scenes was watching the White twins’ (the girls playing Claire) obvious dislike of Martha Madison. I found this especially amusing during the scene when Belle was preparing to go on the run with Shawn and Claire, and she said to Phillip, “She needs her mother!” as Claire squirmed and pushed to get away from her.

NuClaire clearly knows which side her bread is buttered. In her first scene, she put her arms around Martha, kissed her and said, “I love you, Mommy.” Hee!

Last Wednesday (1/16), Belle kept telling Crystal how scared Claire was:



Claire: Actually, Mommy, I was a little scared when you threw me off the side of that cruise ship. This isn’t too bad.

What do you want to bet Claire saw her opportunity and seized it? I like to imagine her hacking at Shawn’s arm with a shard of glass, revving up the engine and making a break for it. Good luck, Claire!

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4 thoughts on “Baby’s Second Kidnapping

  1. Hee. I have to say, the reason I liked Brandon (at first) over MM is because he did really well with Claire. He could be doing his scene and if Claire tried to force a cookie in his mouth, he could find a way to let it add to the scene. MM couldn’t.

    Now I see w/o Claire, Brandon’s acting is subpar, while MM is free to focus on the scene. This Claire helps her do that.

  2. I can totally imagine Claire seizing any opportunity to get away from her idiotic parents. She’s already been kidnapped twice (three times if you count the time that Shawn and Belle kidnapped her), thrown from a cruise ship, and lost at sea (actually they did that twice too). Why wouldn’t she figure she was better off with new people?

  3. Claire would certainly be better off with new parents–when she’s not being kidnapped, tossed off ships, or washing up on a deserted island, she’s being used by her mother as a pawn to make “Uncle” Philip feel bad. And as far as her grandparents, well, Grandma Marlena has certainly made it clear that Claire being missing is not her top priority. When you’re a hot, young, sexy ingenue like Doc, well, who would even believe she IS a grandmother?

  4. I did find it pretty amusing today when Marlena obviously couldn’t care less about Claire OR Brady.

    Poor Claire even tried to disguise herself as a boy to get away from Shawn and Belle! Too bad she couldn’t resist entering that beauty pageant.

    Tripp, I remember when Brandon seemed very at ease with the White twins too. He’s definitely not much of an actor, but if he had been paired with someone else, he might have been a bit more bearable.

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