I’m an optimist, why, exactly?

(During the Billie triangle) They can’t just throw Steve and Kayla back together, you know. They have to let the longing build, give new viewers a chance to get to know them.

(During BSC Steve) They are totally going to flesh out Steve’s motivations for acting the way he is towards Kayla.

(When the Pocket story started) This is a great way to placate the Baby Boy Johnson groupies without saddling Steve and Kayla with a baby permanently.

(When Phillip left Belle after the truth about Claire’s paternity came out) The Phillip/Belle/Shawn triangle is finally over!


4 thoughts on “I’m an optimist, why, exactly?

  1. Oh, this is fun! I’m not an optimist but sometimes I give it a try:

    (Nick receives concussion and acts strangely in Vegas) Here is the chance where Chelsea will wind up losing Nick and have to chase after him when he realizes how badly she treated him when he needed her most.

    (Nickfund) Chelsea is going to wind up needing to use the money to help Nick in some way and we’ll have a gift of the Magi type story.

    (John’s death) Finally Days has turned a corner and made a statement that means they’ve made a decision and sticking to it!

  2. Hee! Welcome to the dark side, mp!

    I’m obviously not an optimist but I always hope that I’m wrong. John’s death was the one time I felt truly good about the show’s direction, and…here we are.

  3. Thanks, lascuba! Though I suspect I will not be able to give up on my optimistic delusions. It’s a sickness.

    I like your additions, Tripp! I’ve got another one:

    (When Chelsea and Nick met at Dune) Ah, here’s where the new writer starts from scratch and gives us a wonderful, slow burn good boy/bad girl falling-in-love story arc. I can’t wait.

  4. Hee, Mary. Well how about this one:

    Billie!sex: Well, at least it will take awhile before this secret comes out!

    Roman throws the hairbrush away: Oh THANK GOD, the last of the hairbrush!

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