Oh Baby

Judging from some romance novels, a baby is considered a suitable happy ending to a love story. Often, courtesy of epilogues, the couple is blessed with two, three, four, or even five children under the apparent assumption that if one baby cements your love, then five must turn it to tungsten steel.

Given that I have two young kids of my own, and given that the advertisers, at least, seem to believe there are a lot of us young mothers in the viewing audience, this gets down to the murky waters of Why We Watch: escapism? or validation of our life choices? When it comes to romance, I’m firmly on the side of escapism. When I read a book where the couple is given five kids in the epilogue, it just makes me imagine how exhausted they must be.

I can’t think of a single baby story, pregnancy story, WTD story, adoption story, or abandoned kid story that I’ve loved in all of Days history. I would never “sign in, please!” to a baby fan thread on the Other Board. I am neither patiently nor impatiently awaiting Baby Boy Johnson. But, so far, I am not hating the Steve and Kayla baby story.

I really enjoyed the scenes today (1/9). Instead of talking about babies, and nothing but babies, for the entire episode, there was a nice mix of baby talk, best friend talk with Hope, DiMera talk, and talk about Stephanie. Both Steve and Kayla interacted with other members of the cast. l love the dynamic between Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope, and it was definitely on fine display today.

I adore Mary Beth Evans. What other actress would look so comfortable discussing her age and being “over the hill”? Can you imagine Dierdre Hall, or even Kristian Alphonso, saying what Kayla did today? (Marlena need have no worries about issues of fertility or infertility, since her entire body has been replaced with a Silly Putty-like substance.)

And then there’s this little piece of dialogue, which speaks for itself:

Kayla: That was fast.
Steve: I just thought about you.

I’ve said before that I’d like Steve and Stephanie’s relationship to be explored, and today was a good example of examining the distance between them without creating artificial conflict. Steve and Kayla both respecting Stephanie’s confidences serves as a nice contrast to Hope, who can’t discuss her daughter-in-law’s problems enough.

That brings me, in fact, to another point. Other people not in favor of the baby story have cited Bo and Hope’s current role on the show as the one they’d like for Steve and Kayla. I love the idea of going on mini-adventures related to various mysteries on the show, but I do not envy them the episode-long conversations about nothing but Belle, Belle, Belle. I would not like to see Steve or Kayla have quite that level of interest in anyone else’s love life.

And what’s our other option? John and Marlena’s story? (By the way—hey there, John! Only Salem dead, after all, huh?) When John first made his appearance yesterday as a re-brainwashed DiMera pawn, I admit it, I felt some envy. Are John and Marlena going to get a better executed version of the story Steve and Kayla should have had last spring? The one where the pawn was involved in lots of twisty nefarious doings, the woman was wily and strong, and true love triumphed at the crucial moment? But perhaps there’s no reason to expect that this story will be any different from Days’ standard MO: intriguing setup, followed by a series of confusing, zigzaggy plot points, wrapped up with a flaccid resolution. I hardly know what to hope for.

So … I’ll hold out hope that Steve really will help out Roman and Bo by breaking into the storefront, or another similar adventure (if Kayla insists on coming along, so much the better). I’ll hope that we get more baby making scenes, where the emphasis is on the making, not the baby. I’ll hope that both Steve and Kayla will still be well-integrated with the rest of the canvas. And I’ll hope that the baby, if or when it arrives, will be shuttled off to the Brady attic as easily as Ciara has been.


14 thoughts on “Oh Baby

  1. I wish I could be so zen about the baby talk, but it’s really killing my enjoyment of S/K. The topic is turning me into my own brand of LF–I can’t appreciate the acting or the writing no matter how good if it’s in reference to a baby. That coupled with Steve’s hair makes it a chore to watch their scenes.

    I agree that I don’t want to see them be like Bo and Hope with their constant conversations about their idiot son and his slutofawife, even though I really love B/H now (and never in my 14-15 years of watching did I think I’d ever say that).

    I hate that J/M are apparently getting a pretty good story, especially because so far I’m really intrigued with what’s going on. We finally get what looks like a good story, and it involves the worst actors/characters on the show (DHe, DHer, MM/Belle).

  2. Oh, I’m sorry, Mary, I have to disagree here. I was so upset when Steve had to pass on having a fun outing with Bo and Roman to head to the hospital for tests. Yes, I know it was partly to get him to run into Stephanie too but I at least thought Kayla would accompany him there so we could have some S/K moments that fill the whole episode.

    I just….I can’t stand this whole baby thing. The only I do like, is Kayla talking about her real age and being older than normal (as opposed to Marlena still having babies when she is close to sixty).

  3. I’m totally with you, MP. I don’t want S&K to actually have a baby, but I’m kind of enjoying the babymaking process. As long as they are still in the babymaking stage and not the babyhaving stage, I’m okay with the whole thing.

    But, a large reason for that is because it is being played with a lot of humor and cute banter between Steve and Kayla. If it bogs down and becomes some clinical PSA on older couples conceiving a child, I won’t be nearly so generous.

  4. I thought Steve and Kayla were adorable yesterday. But. . . uh, oh, I just had a horrible thought, which I’m sure I’m not the first, but I don’t remember seeing mentioned anywhere as spec–please reassure me there’s no chance, with Steve mentioning adoption again yesterday and then running into Stephanie–that Stephanie got pregnant from her rape and that this will be the baby Steve and Kayla raise.

    I loved Steve and Stephanie yesterday. Of course, Stephen Nichols has chemistry will all things, animate and inanimate, but I really like how he and SH act with each other. I don’t even think she’s been calling him “Papa” lately, has she? Which I happen to hate.

  5. Paxton, Stephanie took a pregnancy test and it was negative…not that that means anything on this show. And I don’t know why I’m willing to give Hogan any credit, but I have to believe that he’s not stupid enough to saddle an early-20’s character with a baby. If S/K raise Stephanie’s kid for her, it would have to be because Stephanie’s not around, and I doubt that character will be written off any time soon. So if S/K do get stuck with a baby, it won’t be Stephanie’s.

    I’m praying very, very hard that Stefano has had Rolf performed vasectomies on all his soldiers.

  6. Paxton, lascuba is right that Stephanie took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Since neither Kate nor Sami was in the vicinity maybe we can depend on the results of this one? Though I noticed that with the latest paternity change (when EJ was discovered to be Johnny’s father), they didn’t even bother to explain why the test Nick had done was incorrect. DiMera plot, clearly.

    Stephanie hasn’t called Steve “Papa” lately, at least not that I’ve noticed—but Steve did refer to himself as “your papa” yesterday. Which I actually found rather cute. I think they have a very nice father/daughter chemistry too.

    Tripp, lascuba, I didn’t think I would have either of you on my side in this! Though I like the idea of being “zen.”

  7. Whew. . . bless y’all for remembering the pregnancy test. I’m still a little nervous, though, since I’m not sure Stephanie would have to be written off for S & K to raise her baby, but I’m going to hang all my hopes on the negative test.

    You’re right, come to think of it, there wasn’t any explanation as to why Nick’s test was supposedly wrong. I think maybe we’re supposed to fanwank that because he didn’t personally run the test, as I recall, there was plenty of time and/or opportunity for DiMera monkey business. Although why they wanted to the test to show that. . . no, never mind, I’m not going to think about it anymore.

  8. Well, I do feel I need to come back and state I am not against the procedure to make a baby. But yesterday is probably as close as we will get in seeing them make a baby and so therefore I’m ready to get past this and move on to the next adventure.

    I’m going to name my firstborn Zen in honor of you though.

  9. “I would never β€œsign in, please!” to a baby fan thread on the Other Board. I am neither patiently nor impatiently awaiting Baby Boy Johnson.”

    Of course, not all fans are going to agree and there are as many good arguments against giving S & K a baby, than there are for giving them one. But I found this comment to be borderline mocking and rather rude towards those (particularly those from the “Other Board”) who are pro-baby. Just my two cents.

  10. Well, as for being mocking … I was mocking. Gently.

    I can’t help it, I find the concept of baby fan threads amusing. Especially for babies that haven’t been born yet.

    But I’m sorry if you were offended.

  11. I find them rather amusing myself. Plus, we are all fans of fictional characters in a soap opera. We ought to be immune to a little mocking by now. πŸ™‚

  12. Eeeeek! I’m the crazy chick who started that BBJ thread over at Sony (BUT, yesterday, the title of the thread was changed! LOL) and campaigned relentlessly for this to happen *ducks flying rotten produce and sharp objects*

    I know I tend to go overboard….I can’t help it sometimes! LOL

    HOWEVER, I’ll tell ya – I was *not* a fan of the repetitive babybabybabybaaabyyyyyy dialogue that constantly befell S&K over the summer and into the fall, including the story with Tyler (which was horribly handled, IMHO). I never wanted it to happen that way. What I really wanted to see was an unexpected pregnancy – the last thing they would think of happening, that just……..happened! And then they’d have to deal with it – and ultimately, look forward to it, too πŸ˜€

    Now that that’s all history and the little guy is on his way……I just want him to be born healthy πŸ˜€

    Great blog, Mary Pickford!!!

  13. Thanks AK!

    I recognize you from the S&K board and Sony, so I know you’re a big baby proponent! But I won’t throw rotten fruit at you, I promise. πŸ™‚

    I am starting to feel a little protective of Kayla’s pregnancy. I would hate for Kayla to lose her baby because of something Ava does.

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