Monday Monday

I thought today (1/7) was a stellar episode. First of all, the crisscrossing cast interaction was fabulous. Let me use our Queen Bee, Marlena, as an example. She started out on her way to meet Crystal at the Brady Pub. She was delayed by a black-clad figure with a knife, Stefano’s houseguest, who seemed very threatening before he somewhat randomly brushed the snow off her car and de-iced her windshield wiper instead—hee! Belle and Roman came running up and they talked about the houseguest and about Crystal. In the meantime we saw Crystal decide to wait no longer and told Hope to tell Marlena her life is in danger. Marlena arrived and got the message from Hope, then when she heard about Lucas being attacked, she headed over to the police station to check on him. There, she threatened EJ and tried to browbeat him into testifying against Stefano, and told Sami that Lucas needs her support.

We’re a long way from two people standing in a hallway discussing a hairbrush for an entire episode.

We had two reveals for the price of one, in very well edited series of scenes of Chelsea and Stephanie telling Nick and Max their different confessions regarding Ford. I’m really curious what Nick’s reaction is going to be in the long run. I was glad that Nick did not immediately begin enabling Chelsea’s coverup of the crime (considering how often he has folded for her in the past), though I don’t want him to wash his hands of her either. I’d like to see him support her but encourage her to come forward. This storyline has been great with the twists and turns so far, and I’d love to see that continue. Could Crawford Decker be a wild card?

We got Shawn away from Belle, talking about building his own life. I’m not saying I like him, but I loathe him less.

And I save the best for last: I love Bev. Check out this dialogue:

Bo: This man is a DiMera.

Bev: Still not a crime. You see, even if Mr. DiMera doesn’t press charges against Mr. Horton, I have a statute that says it’s illegal to run around and shoot people.

Roman: Lucas is a good man.

Bev: Good men don’t resort to murder, Roman.


Bo: There are extenuating circumstances.

Bev: Circumstances or excuses?

Abe: Lucas has a good reputation.

Bev: Which any judge will take into consideration.


Bev: I’m getting a lot of heat. People are saying the Brady’s are using this department to protect their family.

Roman: Well, if we are, it’s for good reason.

Bev: Lucas Horton, with deliberate and intentional malice, tried to kill E.J. DiMera, and that’s how he’ll be prosecuted. I’m sorry. No deal.

Go Bev! Finally, someone points out that the Salem PD runs a Brady protection agency, that being a DiMera is not a crime, and being a “good person” does not justify homicide. And all three men just stood there looking like idiots. I loved it.

But, sigh, you know there are always things to dislike. Now I’m going to admit something. I’ve tried to hold out. I’ve rooted for Lumi in the past. But—I hate Lucas. I hate his constant judgmentalism. I hate the way he never puts Sami first, ever. I hate how he’s being propped by everyone these days.

I was enjoying the hell out of the EJ/Lucas fight with Carmine, until Lucas calmly said that EJ didn’t save his life, that it was rather the other way around. Yes, I’m sure you would have done fabulously well in a one-on-one fight with Carmine. Can you kill someone with an ankle bite?


17 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. I have come to hate Lucas too. The propping is getting horrible. But you know what I loved for like 3.5 seconds? He and EJ working together to take on Carmine. I think I really hate Lucas when you take Sami away. And taking Sami away from EJ lets me like him too. Does this mean I could support an EJ/Lucas pairing? LOL.

    I am so proud of Nick. And at this moment, I’m just too happy Chelsea got a taste of her own medicine in her past behavior of treating Nick when he walked away. Though I do think his walking away was more out of being in shock over this and he couldn’t think straight. I can’t wait to see how this ends.

  2. See, I wasn’t feeling the love on Monday. There were things I liked — the “confessions,” the DA, EJ on my screen. But, overall, I just wasn’t feeling it. I think it has to do with my natural impatience. We have two good mysteries going on (the houseguest and Brady) that may or may not be intertwined and I want them to get on with it. Since I don’t much care about Marlena except to the extent that she’s involved in these two mysteries, having her roam around town (while a nice change of pace from the stagnant conversations) just isn’t enough to keep me glued to the screen.

    Plus, we had way too much Shawn propping and Lucas propping. I’m so tired of hearing people praise Lucas for forgiving Sami at the wedding. He “forgave” her for having sex with somebody to save his life. Gee, what a guy. Don’t get me wrong, I actually loved that moment at the wedding and was glad to see Lucas stand by Sami because I wasn’t sure it would happen that way. But, it doesn’t mean he deserves endless props for doing the right thing.

  3. Esp, I agree there wasn’t a lot of forward momentum in the episode. I’m certainly not Marlena’s biggest fan, but it’s amazing how much more engaged I am when even the characters I don’t care about are moving around, interacting with lots of different cast members.

    But the Lucas propping was horrible. I especially cringed, like you, at Roman bringing up “forgiving” Sami for all the stuff that came out at their wedding.

    But part of what made that so great when it happened was that Lucas didn’t “forgive” her (if I’m remembering this right), he never used that word. He understood what happened without jumping to conclusions, and it was a real reversal from his previous behavior. Little did I know then that that was going to be an exception rather than him turning over a new leaf.

    Tripp, I also like Lucas a bit better away from Sami (and Sami better away from Lucas). But right now I’m so sick of him that I’m not interested in seeing him with anyone.

  4. If he forgave anything at the wedding, it was her deceit, not the rape.

    UO–completely–but I think everybody gives Lucas a harder rap than he deserves, at least lately, while EJ is allowed to drown puppies at will. And honestly, if I had to choose between the two of them to be a friend, a neighbor or a lover, I’d to with the one who hadn’t tortured, raped and probably murdered. (And in cold blood, not to save his mother, lest anyone try to throw Franco at me).

    I’m one who thinks that all three of them need to move on to new people, so I’m definitely not a Lumi supporter. But EJ is a sociopathic creep, and he’s done nothing until just the last couple of days to even show that he recognizes his bad behavior, while Lucas put the bulk of his bad behavior behind him years ago.

  5. i hate how every time nick broke the law for chelsea the show painted him as a pathetic sap who’d do anything to win over his dream girl, yet max is presented as a hero when he does the same thing.
    i’m so glad nick is sticking to his guns. it’s obvious he loves chelsea but he’s not going to go along with her shenanigans anymore. good for him.

  6. I agree, Paula. In the real world, or even a semi-real world that isn’t Salem, Lucas is — for all his faults — a much, much better guy than EJ is. But, my problem with Lucas is that in Salem, as written and portrayed at the moment, he’s a far less entertaining man than EJ. EJ, for all his non-redemption and sociopathic tendencies, keeps me highly entertained (and not just because of the pretty).

    If I had any real emotional investment in any of these characters, I probably would base my support on such shallow things, but I don’t. I have an emotional investment in the show and in S&K (and a few others), but not in Lucas, EJ, or even Sami. All I really want out of them is to be entertained. EJ entertains me, as does Sami when she is not with Lucas. These days, even outside of Sami, Lucas doesn’t much entertain me. So, he gets snarked at and has a lot more crap piled on him because of it. It’s not fair, but it is what it is.

  7. ITA, Paula. And as much as I’d like to be schmoozing with the moral bankruptcy people, I’m not getting nearly enough out of EJ’s charms right now to make the mental gymnastics worth it. I’m so ready for Sami to say, “Screw it, I’m done with both of you. And maybe men in general.” (And then maybe EJ’s look-alike could come to town and try to win her jaded heart. But I digress…)

    Bev is awesome. Can we keep her?

  8. In real life, Sami, EJ, and Lucas are all morally reprehensible, and I honestly don’t think any one of them holds the moral high ground on either of the others. In Salem life, I’m picking hot and charming, which to me, is not Lucas, at all.

    I haven’t even watched Monday’s episode (I already know your summary will be more entertaining, mp), but I can see I’m going to have to–even with Lucas and Shawn propping–just to see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears somebody pointing out that you can’t just go around shooting other people in cold blood, even if they are DiMeras. NOT engaging in vigilante justice is part of what makes someone a good person, IMO.

  9. Paxton, Bev’s scene is definitely worth the price of admission. I doubt if it will make any difference in how the Salem PD operates. but it was so satisfying to have someone point out their ineptitude and hypocrisy.

    Aw, Paula, I finally made peace with hating Lucas and you had to go and remind me of why I fought against it for so long.

    I have to point out though that, for me, hating Lucas has nothing to do with how I feel for EJ. I am not comparing the two men. I am responding to Lucas for how he treats Sami. He and everyone keep saying he loves Sami, but I just don’t believe it.

    Artemis, you make a great point that Nick was presented as weak for covering up for Chelsea all those times, whereas Max is not.

  10. I’m not arguing that Lucas necessarily loves Sami the way he should (or vice versa), but there’s a strong argument to be made that he loves her exponentially more than EJ does.

    Which comparison is inevitable, no matter how many people swear that’s not what’s happening when they blast Lucas and give EJ a pass. That’s what usually forces me out of my general indifference toward all three characters to comment.

  11. I’m not sure it’s so much hypocritically blasting Lucas while giving EJ a pass (though many do), so much as it’s a response to the show telling us that Lucas is such a good guy that Sami doesn’t deserve. When the bad guy is treated like the bad guy, I’m able to sit back and enjoy the evil. When the “good” guy is a real jackass and everyone acts like that’s fine, I’m going to judge him much more harshly. I’d hate Lucas a lot less if a non-evil person–preferably Sami–called him out on his behavior on a regular basis.

    In real life, if my only two choices were a sociopath and an emotionally abusive jerk, I’d become a lesbian.

  12. Hee, lascuba, even as a lesbian, I’m not sure your chances of finding a morally upright partner in Salem would be much better.

    You make a good point, Paula, that people tend to judge Lucas and EJ using different moral yardsticks, which can get extremely irritating.

  13. Well, can I say I’ve grown tired of all three of them? When it comes to being entertained by anyone, it tends to happen when it’s only Lucas and EJ in the room. And the fact that I have come to grow tired of Sami makes me saddened by the whole triangle mess completely.

    *heads back to her Chelsea/Nick lovin corner*

  14. I’ll agree that people tend to use different moral yardsticks to judge EJ and Lucas, but to the extent that’s a shot at EJ fans (if i is), I want to clarify I think that’s a problem with both fanbases. Lucas fans justify and rationalize all his crap and EJ fans (of which I’m one) do the same thing with him. Each fanbase thinks the other character is worse. And yes, the circular arguments get very tiring about which man has treated Sami more crappily.

    That’s why, even though I love EJ and still maintain residual affection for Sami (although it’s getting harder), this triangle is very irritating. I think triangles only really work when you can understand why the one in the middle is torn. I despise Lumi so much I can’t imagine what Sami sees in Lucas, and Lumi fans feel the same way about EJ. There’s genuine loathing for the guy in the triangle you don’t want to “win”, although Sami isn’t much of a prize these days. I’m not saying all fans either hate or love one of the two guys–some actually like both, some are indifferent, some wish they would both go away permanently–but those who are interested in the triangle tend to feel very, very negatively about the guy they don’t like. That, I think, contributes to the pendulum-like writing we’ve gotten so much of–one week is a bone to Lumi fans, the next EJami fans get scraps, back to Lumi, etc. There’s been so much bad writing for the three of them that it’s a miracle any of them have any fans left.

  15. Aw, Paxton, I hope I don’t use this blog to take shots at anyone. I do get irritated with a certain type of morality debate that goes on on some message boards (the TWoP version is usually pretty tolerable). A lot of people in Salem have done a lot of crazy shit, but in general I think EJ/EJami fans are better off staying away from “who’s worse?” morality debates, and framing their preference for him in other ways.

    But yes, there is a lot of hate both ways from fans of Lumi or EJami. I agree that the TPTB seem to enjoy alternating “Lumi week” with “EJami week” to the detriment of things like character consistency. I am, amazingly enough, actually engaged with the story right now even though I a)hate endless triangles b)especially when the outcome is 90% certain and c)think Lumi is played out and d) don’t really want EJami either and e) think James Scott’s hotness is being wasted. Go figure.

  16. I don’t think we disagree, really: I just happen to think Lucas/Lumi fans are also better off staying away from trying to prove Lucas is a morally superior person. The “at least he didn’t rape her” comeback so frequently heard is IMO a pretty pathetic justification for a couple being together, or for a man being a truly good and decent human being. As I’ve said, all three in that triangle are so morally unappealing none of them have the high ground on each other.

    You are so correct about character consistency being sacrificed. Of course, I’m resentful because I feel like the writers did everthing in their power to try to destroy EJ and now Lucas fans are in the same boat–doesn’t feel very good. And yes, JS’s hotness is truly being wasted. I would love for EJ to step away from Sami for a while, have their only interactions be of the parenting kind, and let EJ sizzle with somebody else, at least temporarily. I don’t think EJ pining away for his Samanther is incompatible with him getting some action.

  17. You’ve touched on something that I feel plagues a number of “good guys,” especially the younger ones, on the show: that they haven’t done anything particularly admirable to deserve the title. I would argue that Nick and Max are more actively good than Shawn or Lucas, with Phillip being an intentionally gray character and EJ in a category by himself.

    I agree that Lucas as a “good man” should entail more than “hasn’t done anything bad lately” or “hasn’t raped anyone.” It seems to me a no-brainer that if Shawn and Lucas are supposed to be leading men it would be nice to show them do something admirable once in awhile.

    And yes, give EJ some action!

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