The World According to GHH

I have rather been enjoying Loony Marlena lately. I admit I like Bat Shit Crazy Marlena best, the one who promised to kill EJ and then plead insanity, but Loony Marlena has her moments. Her hope and doubt about John being alive has settled quickly into a little smug half-smile that she knows something no one else knows.

Crystal, the psychic who may or may not be conning Marlena, is played by Ashlee Holland, the winner of I Wanna Be a Soap Star, and she has a thirteen week contract on the show. Her character is a wee bit familiar to Days audiences, hmm, woman of color full of dire, mysterious pronouncements, with a great rack. So far, though, I am liking Ashlee. I always enjoy it when a new character is introduced with some intrigue and mystery.

But back to Marlena. Unfortunately, today (1/4) we saw very little of Marlena being either loony or bat shit crazy. In fact she was back in my least favorite mode, enabling Belle. We got some interesting insights into the workings of the GHH* mind, though, when Marlena counseled Belle on the fallout from her infidelity.

1. “There is nothing that can’t be forgiven.”

2. “Look, I know how you feel. I know how it feels to be in love with two men. I understand it, so I understand how it makes everybody you love hurt.”

3. “[Shawn] loves you. He just can’t talk about it. It’ll hurt him. It’ll upset him. He’ll fall apart. He can’t do that.”

4. “Soul mates are so special. Some people believe that they’re bound together forever.”

5. “You wish… you wish your daddy were here with arms stretched out for you, don’t you? Oh, my baby, baby. I know. I know.”

Sami even joined in with her nauseating comment, “Most of the time, you do a pretty good impression of being perfect.” Ick.

I am cheering for Shawn for saying he’s going to divorce Belle and stop letting her ruin his life (while also cynically expecting that it will not last). But Brandon’s Beemer’s one expression and single tone of voice give me nothing to hang on to for this character. Does he love Belle and feel tortured by this decision? Is he angry? Is he relieved? Who knows?

But this did provide some unintentional humor, when Hope shrieked at him to “Let it out!” There’s nothing there!

*Glittery hoo-ha: a woman who always has at least two men in love with her while doing nothing to deserve it, and whose many, many transgressions are smiled upon indulgently by the rest of Salem. The four words I would use to describe the classic GHH are: passive, smug, entititled, and faithless.


11 thoughts on “The World According to GHH

  1. I agree, Emily, the whole “Daddy’s princess” concept together with the inappropriate chemistry made it nauseating on multiple levels.

    I think my personal favorite was the “soulmate” comment. It was pompous, trite, and redundant all at the same time. Some people believe soulmates are bound together forever? What an amazing insight.

  2. Sigh, I know. I’ve been hoping against hope that TPTB would get a clue and finally give up on Shelle. But sadly, I think we’re stuck with them as the next generation’s “soulmate” love story. Yuck.

  3. I see no reason to believe Belle is in love with anyone other than herself, and her curious ability to have two men fighting over her. It’s insulting for the show to cast her as a woman in love with two men, instead of as what she really is: a self-absorbed, spoiled, charmless twit who loses interest in the man she currently has. She wants both men chasing her and she would allow that to go indefinitely, if only Hope hadn’t inconveniently caught her. I doubt she would feel guilty at all if nobody knew, but her desperate need to have everybody think she’s perfect (et tu, Sami?) drove her to confess–look how quickly she expected Shawn to simply adjust. I was flabbergasted by her telling him, “I thought you’d fight for us”–whaa? That didn’t even make sense.

  4. It’s insulting for the show to cast her as a woman in love with two men, instead of as what she really is: a self-absorbed, spoiled, charmless twit who loses interest in the man she currently has.

    I know, Paxton! I thought for awhile the show was really committing to showing Belle and Shawn both for what they really are: a entitled princess and a thickheaded lunk who both blame other people for their problems.

    Of course I would rather they actually wrote them more likeably (acting factors in too, of couse), but at least the show was acknowledging their bad traits. But this scene was almost a direct parallel to all those tiresome scenes during the Quad of Doom when everyone told Belle about how Shawn was her Tru Wuv and that excuses everything!!!

  5. You know, the first time I’ve liked Shawn, even a little, in a long time was on Friday’s episode, when he calmly took responsibility for the wreck his life has become. If they can keep up the new, mature Shawn—even if he’s also bitter—then he might at least be interesting to watch.

    At least until they throw him back together with his anti-chemistry partner Belle.

  6. You’re right, Paula, and I give the show credit for making Shawn say that. I only hope it lasts.

    I’ve gotten so sick of BB’s Shawn, but I remember a time I didn’t think he was so bad. If they get him away from Belle and have him take control of his own life (and a few more IQ points wouldn’t hurt), maybe I’d give him another chance. Maybe.

  7. What I really hate about all of this is that it appears to be backtracking on all the de-glittrification of Belle that had been going on. I was actually not hating Belle when she was getting called on her crap on a daily basis. But, now we’re supposed to have sympathy for her for loving two men and hoping she can find her way back to her soulmate why she leans on guy #2 for support (and he willingly grants it). Blech.

  8. I’m loathe to admit it, but I’ve been getting more interested in Shellip since John died. The writing is less consistent than it could be, and Marlena’s enabling of Belle’s narcissism in particular isn’t being used to its potential. We could be seeing another layer there, showing how Marlena’s “support” is doing Belle more harm than good.

    But I am still interested in Belle’s downfall, and have hope that this isn’t as far as it goes. Having just gotten caught up on last week, I saw moments of self-awareness (“Sleeping with my ex-husband, who does that?”) and self-deprecation. There was even an appropriate deployment of the ugly cry. AS should take notes.

    And maybe I’ve missed some sort of sign that Ken Corday is tinkering in the creative side again, but I’m hoping that Belle’s use of the word “soul-mate” in that context was supposed to highlight what a ridiculous thing it was to say. I’m also hoping that the symbolism of Shelle being so far for the New Year is another step towards a permanent split. It’s a new year, I’m being optimistic. 😉

    BTW, thanks for a great year of blogging this last year, marypickford! This place is a real highlight in the online soap world for me, one of several that makes me much less embarrassed to be an obsessive soap fan, and I enjoy it so much. Cheers!

  9. Aw, thanks, lska. It’s hard to believe I’ve been keeping this blog for over a year already.

    I like your optimism about Shellip, and I dearly want to believe it’s true. Ever since Belle slept with Phillip, the triangle has been overall far more watchable than it ever was before.

    My worry is the same as esp’s, that the Marlena/Belle conversation last week was a sign that the de-glittrification is turning into a re-glittrification. I would love it if your theory is correct.

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