As is obvious from the title at the top of the page here, I don’t read spoilers. For quite some time, however, this has made little difference in my suspense level. I might wonder in an idle way what was going to happen next, but I wasn’t on the edge of my seat.

These past few weeks there’s been a slow ratcheting up of the mystery and tension in all the storylines, and this week—just in time for the scabs!—it all exploded. So many questions!

1. Who is Stefano’s houseguest? Who is this nemesis he’s talking about?

2. Where will Max hide the body? Will the crime scene investigator figure out there was a body buried down there?

3. Did Lucas shoot EJ, or is he covering up for someone?

4. Is EJ sincere about turning over a new leaf?

5. Is Crystal running a scam on poor, gullible Marlena?

6. Is Brady dead? Did Chloe kill him?

I love not knowing anything! The best part is that these seem to be questions the show actually wants me to be asking, unlike, say, “How did that woman happen to randomly pick up Claire in the middle of the ocean, and then why did she dress her up as a boy and enter her in a beauty pageant?”

Other random things to be happy about this week:

Nick and Chelsea were so darn cute when Chelsea was hinting that Nick should warm her up by having sex with her. Then she had to come right out and say it. Hee!

I’m always happy to see some good eyesnogging, and we got some with Max and Stephanie, and Chelsea and Nick at the Christmas party.

I love how they’re incorporating Chelsea’s killing of Zack into this Ford storyline. I take back everything I said about the actor who plays Ford. He is absolutely rocking the creepy menace.


“They say it gets easier after the second one.” Ooooooh. It sent chills up my spine, seriously.

Now I know what they did with all the leftover Doctor Who sets from the 70’s:


I loved Tony’s comment to EJ that he doesn’t love Sami, he’s obsessed with her. When Tony asked him if he’d ever put Sami first, EJ couldn’t say a word. Sami and EJ’s conversation when EJ asked her not to turn his son against him was also very well done. That whole conversation rocked, actually. I loved Sami’s reaction to seeing him out of his wheelchair. I’m finally starting to enjoy these two again.

I enjoy the mother/daughter dynamic between Kayla and Stephanie, and I’m glad Stephanie opened up to her about the rape. I like the fact that Stephanie doesn’t feel comfortable telling Steve, because their relationship isn’t as close. The love is there, but not the bond you get from a lifetime connection. I hope this story will use that relationship and transform it in some way. It was a nice attention-to-detail moment to have Stephanie apologize to her mother for asking her to keep the secret from Steve: “I know you guys don’t have secrets.” And then Kayla telling her she had bigger things to worry about. It was a nice example of each of them thinking about the other.

I loved all the crisscrossing cast interaction for the Christmas episodes, though poor Stephen Nichols got stuck with the egregiously overacting Dee Hall.



And I loved seeing Alice. I love watching the hanging of the ornaments every year. Yes, I’m a big old sap that way.


Merry Christmas.

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5 thoughts on “Intrigue

  1. You know what is really cool, MP? Except for one of your listed questions, I don’t know any of the answers or even hints to the answers myself and I read every spoiler I can find. And even the one question I think I know the answer to is based more on rumor and innuendo than anything else at this point.

    The show has done a really good job of not letting too much out of the bag with the spoilers lately. That’s made it fun for all of us because nobody knows exactly what’s going on.

    Oh, and I really felt sorry for Stephen in those scenes, too.

  2. That’s very interesting, esp. I’m not familiar with the dynamics of spoilers but I think it’s a great idea to tease viewers a little even with those, so we have to watch the show to find out what happens.

  3. I don’t know that the spoilers have changed as much as the storylines have just gotten better so there is more intrigue in them even with some of the plot details spelled out.

    For example, from last week’s spoilers, I knew that Crawford Decker went to the sorority house and I knew that Max and Chelsea had to move the body. But, I definitely didn’t know how it would be accomplished. And, I still don’t know where they moved it to or what happens with the CSI guy.

    So, even though I knew some plot details, I don’t know any more about where the storyline is going than those that don’t read spoilers.

  4. I loved Tony’s comment to EJ that he doesn’t love Sami, he’s obsessed with her. When Tony asked him if he’d ever put Sami first, EJ couldn’t say a word.

    I loved this too. If the show really is going for EJami, this was something I wanted them specifically to address.

    As ESP says, knowing spoilers nowadays doesn’t really tell you much. I’m not sure if that’s a symptom of the writer’s strike having plots not necessarily finished before dailies can be submitted to the guides or Ed Scott realizing it was giving away far to much information.

    I’ll always have to know spoilers, it’s just a part of me. I sometimes hate myself for peeking (usually in the case of Lost) but I can’t stop. But now I’m sort of getting the best of both worlds because I can see what is on the agenda but it’s not outlined so much as it spells out the entire episode.

  5. I don’t know why I don’t like spoilers, I never have. Back in the 80’s I used to get mad at the promos they would play during the show itself, which often gave away things that would happen later in the week. I particularly remember being spoiled about S&K finally doing the deed up on the roof, and feeling a little miffed that the surprise was ruined for me.

    I was still really happy, though.

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