I am shocked at what just happened today (12/18). Did Nick and Chelsea really have sex today?

Now, I know that Days hasn’t been going all out in the romance department lately. But there have been a few decently filmed sex scenes, like Belle and Phillip’s adulterous encounter. I am really disappointed that we didn’t get a proper love scene for Chick.

I was praying for them to be interrupted. I thought, no way are they going to have Chick’s first real love scene be partly a distraction technique by Chelsea. And even worse, that she might be thinking about the corpse in the basement at the same time.

Looking on the bright side, though, it must have been reeeeeeally good if she still enjoyed it in spite of that. She called him back, she said “I need you.” I will have to hang onto that, plus how hot Nick looked coming out of the bedroom.


screencap courtesy chit-chat-haven.com

Sigh. I am sad.


10 thoughts on “What??

  1. Hee, loved the screen cap.

    I am sad too but have chosen to at least look at the bright side. Whenever Chick aren’t on, at least for now, we can imagine them heading back to his place and doing it like bunnies.

    And if Days goes off the air tomorrow, at least we’re past the bad!sex.

    But yea, I’m disappointed too. If this was their fist love scene that would be one thing, but given six months ago they put us through the horrors of BadJettSybilDeballedBrush.

  2. I do kinda love that it was Nick the romantic who was excited about the bottle of wine and Chelsea, the “I want what I want when I want it” girl, who’s all, “Fooey on the wine, get your fine butt back in bed.”

    But yeah, their reasoning behind not giving us a real love scene is, to say the least, perplexing.

  3. I loved that too, Paula. And Blake and Rachel did great with what they had. If it wasn’t their first time (well, second, but we won’t talk about the first one), I would have been delighted with it.

  4. If you’ll permit a non-Chick fan to comment, I too am mystified at the short shrift given to a young, popular couple who the show has apparently decided to have happy again. I do not understand the point of badsex if the first time they have goodsex we don’t see it. On the other hand, it was clear they were delighted with each other. Maybe the show’s just decided to pretend the first time “didn’t take” and as such, no need to play up the first good time, since, you know, the other didn’t happen.

  5. Paxton, you might be onto something there.

    I’m starting to get concerned at how the show doesn’t seem interested in focusing a storyline on them as a couple. I’ve been hoping this Ford storyline would cause some internal angst for them. Maybe that’s starting now.

  6. in my mind nick and chelsea have been having mind-blowing sex on a regular basis for the past few months, this is just the first time we’ve caught a glimpse of it.
    seriously, though, i’m with Paxton. i actually thought the bad sex had been whitewashed ages ago; didn’t chelsea tell nick, during one of their many break-ups, that she wasn’t dumping him on account of their first time since she thought he was amazing?

  7. *returning to this thread*

    i actually thought the bad sex had been whitewashed ages ago; didn’t chelsea tell nick, during one of their many break-ups, that she wasn’t dumping him on account of their first time since she thought he was amazing?

    She was clearly lying then as that was during the time she kept putting off having sex with him again (God, we really went through so much crap with this couple didn’t we?)

    It’s like now the bad!sex never happened and they finally are having sex for the first time. Not sure how I feel about that, I can see good and bad things. I guess relief is the #1 feeling but I can’t deny my disappointment.

  8. artemis, I haven’t seen you around for a while! Nice to “see” you. I think Tripp is right, that when Chelsea told Nick he was amazing it was when she was lying to him about the reasons she was pulling back from him.

    It certainly wasn’t made clear whether or not Chick were having mind-blowing sex for weeks before this. But I did think that when Chelsea said, “How about right here, right now?” it implied that this was the first time. But at any rate it’s nice to know they’re having great sex now!

  9. i didn’t interpret it as lying so much as lazy writing. i figured the writers didn’t want to make the effort to correct the bad sex so they decided to whitewash it instead. that’s just me, though.
    and you’re right, there was no indication whatsoever that they were having sex before this; but when nick goes MIA for weeks at a time i have to pretend he’s doing something, so it may as well be something he enjoys!

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