Quick Update

So in between Christmas and working on my next S&K chapter, I only have time for a quick post. So here are my random comments on the past week or so:

1. Yay! Nick is back! And looking very hot in his all black outfit, I must say.


Here he is kissing Cousin Itt. Brush your hair out of your eyes, Rachel.

I congratulate the show on giving the role of Accessory After the Fact to Max instead of Nick (Nick has done his share in covering up for Chelsea), but I also don’t want to see him in the “What’s going on?” role. I am a little nervous because of Nick overhearing Chelsea on the phone today (12/17) saying she kept thinking about “you-know-who.” I don’t want to see Nick in Insecure Guy mode again—especially if it’s just based on a misunderstanding. But perhaps this will lead instead to him finding out their secret.

What was up with Max coming over, plopping himself down, and saying “If you have to do all this to get your girlfriend’s attention, you didn’t have it to begin with”? Where the hell did that come from? Especially since he knows very well why Chelsea might be a little distracted these days.

2. Okay, they’ve got me curious about why Lucas is so ineptly trying to hide that freakin’ gun. There better be some twist to this.

3. I’m losing count of the number of reasons Roman should not be working on this case. His daughter was a possible target, check. Both of his ex-wives are being charged, check. He was there himself with a gun, check. He tried to conceal evidence twice, check. I had to laugh at Bo sending him over to question Kate about Lucas and the package. After chatting about Marlena and their past relationship for a few minutes, Roman came back and said he couldn’t get anything out of her. Might have helped if you’d actually brought up the subject.

4. Shawn continues to amaze me with his idiocy.

5. I know it’s not a news flash or anything, but James Scott is one fine looking man:

screencaps courtesy nbc.com


3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hee! Since I already joined a table of one in my defense of Max at TWoP, I might as well do it here, too.

    I, and I alone apparently, felt that Max was trying to keep Nick from becoming Mr. Insecure Guy all over again. He was telling Nick that Chelsea is clearly distracted by life and that he shouldn’t be upset by her lack of attention and sudden departure from the dinner. Max knows that Nick has a history of kind of going overboard when he feels his relationship with Chelsea is threatened and I think Max was trying to nip that in the bud both for Chelsea sake (because he does know exactly why she’s distracted) and for Nick’s.

    I didn’t care for his choice of words, but aside from the very first snotty bit, I really did get the feeling that Max was trying to help both Chelsea and Nick, especially when he told Nick that he had more invested in the dinner than Chelsea did. I really think he was trying to tell him to understand that while Nick saw the dinner as a big deal, Chelsea might not have and for reasons that have nothing to do with Nick.

    But, like I said, I know I’m a party of one at this table. More drinks for me.

  2. This is pure speculation, but I think Lucas is covering for Will. I feel what Lucas said the other day about not firing a gun with Sami up there and risk putting her life in danger means something.

    And Nick did look hot. Very hot. So hot. Hot hot. Rachel looks pretty too except for the hair in the eyes.

    I agree with you on Max though I do think ESP is right he was trying to keep Nick from pushing Chelsea. I just think he did all wrong and out of character. I think it would have been far easier for Max to simply try to shrug off Chelsea’s bolt as problem with girls in general and together they drink the rest of the champagne. OTOH, loved Nick calling Max out and bringing up both Stephanie and Morgan. Hee. That’s my boy!

  3. esp, it pains me not to sit at the same table with you!

    If I put together yesterday with what Max was saying today, I could see that maybe he was trying to stop Nick from being too insecure. I could also see that he was trying to cover for what Chelsea’s real distraction is by passing it off as “finals.”

    I just felt his actual comments were pretty obnoxious. I’m not sure it would help someone be less insecure to tell him that his girlfriend isn’t that invested in his romantic dinner.

    But I’ll send over some more drinks for you. 🙂

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