Work with Me

My, my. Was Tuesday (12/12) a red letter day for Steve and Kayla fans? After 21 years, we got to see something I didn’t think we would ever see: Steve and Kayla in the act. In the Bluesmobile, no less. I thought the scenes were sweet and hot and funny. I loved how they were laughing at themselves, while obviously being into it at the same time. That’s how you show two older, happily married people in a love scene like this. Imagine what Dee and Drake would have done with this scene. On second thought … don’t.

I loved the mention of Shenanigans by name. It shows someone on the writing staff went the extra mile in paying attention to the little details. I loved that the Bluesmobile is an old Chevy, perfectly appropriate for Steven Earl Johnson. (I still haven’t gotten used to seeing him use a cell phone.)

And this gives me a good opportunity to talk about what Mary Beth Evans does with just a look. Here is her expression when Steve first mentions what they used to do in the parking lot at Shenanigans:


The line they give her a few minutes later, “I know what you’re doing and I love you for it,” is almost unnecessary. It’s all right there on her face.

And another great look, of course, is this one, when she walks into the Brady Pub after being caught in the act by Hope:


Speaking of great looks, who could resist this invitation?



Thanks, Days.

screencaps courtesy S&


3 thoughts on “Work with Me

  1. Great stuff. I’m so happy to have at least ONE COUPLE I LOVE to be having Great Sex. LOL course Hope knew very well what was going on in that car, she just wanted to peek in like any good SKork would do.

    But you evoking in my mind the DH’s playing this moment and my mind goes back to the God awful beach scene. Geez, I hope the rumors of Drake returning are not true!

  2. I loved how Steve and Kayla were all giggles while doing it. It just goes to show how comfortable they are with each other and that they enjoy what they do. They never do anything that looks forced.

    My, how I love them!

    Drake – coming back? Please, nooo!

  3. I’ve heard those rumors too, and I simply can’t believe that they would kill someone off on screen and then bring them back a few months later.

    On second thought, I can believe it. But I still hope it’s not true. I like Drake but we’ve had too many people come back from the dead too many times.

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