Eye Candy

Soaps have no special effects, pretty basic camera work, and lots of scenes of people sitting around talking. Still, in the end it is a visual medium, and some of the pleasure of watching a soap is for what fills the eye. So here, in no particular order, are some of the things I have been enjoying recently, in purely visual terms.

1. There’s been a lot of talk about Ed Scott’s changes in lighting and camerawork. But here’s a very good example, because during a scene between two characters I don’t care for, that infuriated me (you would never try to kill Sami, Kate? Really?) and offended my sense of professional police ethics even more than usual, I was struck by this very beautiful shot:


2. Here’s another beautiful shot, which highlights another pleasure of watching soaps, the smoldering gaze (if we can ignore who Phillip is smoldering for here):

3. I love watching actors play off of each other, showing through their body language the relationship between the characters.

We’ve got young love partners in crime:

And two people who have been through it all together and are more blissfully in love than ever:

4. I’ve gone back and forth on Steve’s long hair, but must now come down in full support:


5. Chelsea’s bitchface. May she never be over-redeemed:


6. I’ll give a shout-out to the costume department for these shiny necklaces and the wonders they do for Julie Pinson’s cleavage (sorry I couldn’t find a shot of her alone):


7. Here’s my pretty, pretty Phillip, who no matter what they have him do is a pleasure to behold. Here he is looking very pleased to be gazing at another possible love interest, Chloe:


And I’ll throw out a request for some of the other visual pleasures of soaps: characters we care about in well-done love scenes (Chick, hint, hint), and the across-the-room eyesnog.

Screencaps courtesy nbc.com and steveandkayla.com


3 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. Poor JP. She’s hardly on so it’s easy not to have a shot of her alone.

    I also love Chelsea’s bitchface too.

    And Phillip’s smoldering gaze.

    Love eye snogging too (though Chick has been even intenser eye snogging which is as close to a love scene with them as we are going to get I’m afraid, sigh.)

    I love Steve’s hair. Reminds me of Sawyer on Lost.

  2. That last picture of Philip is too gorgeous. Love the smoldering one too, but my enjoyment is marred by Belle being in the picture.

    That’s also a terrific picture of Steve and Kayla; they do look blissful there.

  3. Tripp, Chick are great at eyesnogging, aren’t they? I only wish the show would highlight it when they do it by giving us the appropriate reaction shots.

    Paxton, I thought of you when I specifically pointed out on that last picture that Phillip is not looking at Belle. 🙂

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