Crossing the Picket Line—Shellip (2)

I still want to be a scab! But first, a lament.

Why, oh, why must we watch Belle torn between Phillip and Shawn once again, only with the roles reversed? I admit that Shellip is a heck of a lot more watchable now that St. Belle has come down from her pedestal. It’s incredibly refreshing to compare Belle now to Belle during part 1 of this triangle (or maybe part 2 or part five million, it feels like this has been going on for twenty lifetimes), when Belle was married to Phillip. Then, her longing for Shawn was presented as Rootable Twu Wuv, her staying with Phillip was presented as sympathetic concern for his well-being. And everyone else on the show smiled fondly at her as she sat there and acted like a limp dishrag.

I’m assuming here that as scab headwriter, I would NOT be able to do what I desperately want to do, which is fire Brandon Beemer and ship Shawn off the canvas for a few years. Fellow TWoPers, I posted parts of this as an idea for Belle several months ago on TWoP. But I still like the idea, so I’m adapting it here.


John’s will is read. Marlena gets it all, except for Basic Black, which goes to Belle. Belle is ecstatic and runs home to tell Shawn their money worries are over. Shawn is happy for her until it becomes clear how much she hates living over the pub and having so little money, then he gets mad. Belle implies that if he were a better provider, she would be happier with him. Thinking of her deal with Phillip, Belle makes a snide remark about how without her help, he wouldn’t have it made with the police force right now. Shawn asks what the hell that means, and Belle nervously says “nothing, nothing.” Shawn points out that inheriting a business from your dad isn’t exactly earning your own way in the world either and they both walk away mad.

From this Belle gets the idea that she will run Basic Black. After all, she was a designer there once and there will be lots of people there who know what they’re doing. How hard could it be?

When Belle arrives at Basic Black, however, everything is in an uproar. John’s coma (and the fact that he never, ever went to work even when he was conscious) has allowed his second in command to abuse his power shamefully. All the designs planned for the new fall line turn out to have been stolen from another designer. Knowing the truth was coming out, this manager has just absconded—with all the available cash. So now Belle is left with no designs, and a bankrupt company.

His argument with Belle makes Shawn more eager than ever to prove himself as a police officer. After seeing how reluctant Roman is to believe Kate is guilty, Shawn decides to follow Kate around. Kate is suspicious of Phillip’s story about his car being broken into, so she tracks down the two thugs who Shawn saw with the gun, and bribes them into telling her who hired them—Phillip, of course. Shawn, overhearing all this, remembers Belle’s comment, and a neuron actually fires.

Meanwhile, Belle runs to Phillip and asks for a loan to cover the immediate cash flow problem. When he hears the state of things, he refuses. Titan is not in the charity business. He is irritated that Belle only comes to him when she needs help with something. He advises her to cut her losses: “Face it, Belle, you’re not executive material, you’re executive wife material.”

Kate arrives at Phillip’s office. She is about to go in when she hears Phillip talking. Shawn arrives too and they both press their ears to the door in time to hear:

Stung, but still desperate, Belle says that he never took her up on the one night she promised him in return for planting the gun for Shawn to find. She suggests that perhaps one night with her could still be a possibility if he would be willing to bail out Basic Black. Phillip says, “If you’re planning on being in business, Belle, let me tell you something about the free market. I could get a lot more, for a lot less.”

Belle runs out, straight into Shawn’s arms. Angry confrontations ensue. Shawn asks for his ring back, and Belle refuses. Shawn points out that he went into debt for that ring, and Belle says she doesn’t care, that was his boneheaded move.

Belle lies in wait outside Titan, and when Kate comes out she pitches the idea of her coming to help straighten things out at Basic Black. Belle will sell her engagement ring to get some immediate cash. Then she’ll take care of the designs, and Kate will take over the executive duties. Kate throws the idea back in her face, but then Belle points out that she and Kate are in similar positions. Neither of them has a lot of choices right now, Belle because everyone in town hates her for cheating on Shawn, and Kate because she’s out on bail and in trouble with the SEC.

Kate and Belle work together. Shawn decides to stick to bartending. Phillip is bitter and swears off women, until …


5 thoughts on “Crossing the Picket Line—Shellip (2)

  1. From this Belle gets the idea that she will run Basic Black. After all, she was a designer there once and there will be lots of people there who know what they’re doing. How hard could it be?

    LMAO because I can so see her reasoning on this but put in a GHH way so it doesn’t sound so spoiled as it sounds.

    You especially have Belle going into full bitch mode. That’s awesome.

    With your next step for Phillip…please tell me you have a plan of how Stephanie can fit into this? Like an internship from college?

  2. So, I guess my idea of violent deaths didn’t take, huh? 🙂

    Well, if we can’t kill them off, then your idea is the next best alternative. Kate and Belle working together would be interesting as long as Belle keeps her bitchface going. I like Philip flat out rejecting Belle and Shawn dumping her as well. But can’t we please ship Shawn off afterwards?? Pretty please?

  3. Tripp, I definitely want to see Phillip and Stephanie chem tested. I know that Chloe may have been brought back for Phillip and I’m open to ABB (Anybody But Belle), but I admit I am rooting for … Phephanie? Stillip?

    Esp, my preference would certainly be to ship off Shawn, but I figured he’ll be pretty harmless serving drinks at the pub. God, he annoyed me today calling himself “Officer Shawn.” That was pathetic.

  4. I thought I would hate any story that didn’t involve Belle dying a slow and painful death, but your idea works beautifully, mp. I love that both Philip and Shawn dump her. Belle can definitely work for me as a bitch business woman, and if it doesn’t work, then Kate can plan a hostile takeover of Basic Black, and Belle will wind up broke, all alone, and living in a cardboard box (and dying a slow and painful death).

  5. Thanks, lascuba. MM is just so much more interesting when she’s a bitch. I’m very glad the show is finally owning Belle’s duplicity and wishywashiness, but I want them to go further.

    I actually occasionally like MM as Belle (when the show plays to her strengths), but I would be perfectly willing to let her die a slow painful death if we could get another 20/30-something female character who was more active and sparked more easily with her co-stars.

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