Smiley Guy

Someone once said on TWoP that EJ reminded her of Guy Smiley, and it’s never been more appropriate:

Guy Smiley

Screencap courtesy Days 2

It is a bizarre experience watching EJ be so incredibly overjoyed now that he thinks Sami has feelings for him. Even when I was making fun of the idea of Sami giving EJ the Will to Live, I didn’t expect quite such a quick turnaround. I keep expecting EJ to jump out of bed and not only walk, but perhaps dance a little jig. It pains me a little to think of EJ being so easily hoodwinked, but then Sami was very persuasive last week. And it has worked wonders on the unequal power dynamic they have had since, well, you know when. Deluded, clueless EJ is not a flavor I want to stick around very long (EJ should not equal Shawn), but if EJ is driven to permanently sever ties with Stefano just in time to find out that Sami was fooling him all along, well, that would be some mighty good soap.

Turning to the EJami front, it’s already a study in contrasts to see Effervescent EJ go head to head with Dour Judgmental Lucas. Now, I truly have sympathy for Lucas and I think he’s getting a raw deal. But if Sami continues to confide in, and get sympathy from, EJ through this whole ordeal, that would be a thoroughly believable way to bring Sami and EJ closer together. Sami has always acted, and Lucas has nearly always let her act, like she is walking on eggshells in their relationship. If the show exploits this dynamic to drive them apart, it would be a wonderful example of using internal relationship pressure to break up a couple, instead of depending solely on soap staples like the scheming third party.

At any rate, I’m so happy that this triangle has finally moved forward, I’m ready to dance a little jig myself.


4 thoughts on “Smiley Guy

  1. BWAH!! I love the screencaps. It’s like they were separated at birth. 🙂

    I don’t want delusionally happy EJ around for too long either, but I don’t mind him for a little while because it’s such a nice change from just plain delusional EJ. And, as long as Sami continues to snark at him, it’s certainly not boring.

    And I’m loving the anvils that tell me a showdown is coming between EJ and Stefano over Sami and the baby. I don’t know exactly how it will take shape, but it’s going to be the clash of the titans when it happens.

  2. If it makes you feel better, I think EJ is especially vulnerable not because of the need for Sami to love him, but the fact he is probably under some heavy medication. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stefano asked the hospital to throw in a “happy pill” for his son.

  3. Hee! Of course now I’m going to see Guy Smiley every time I see James Scott.

    I haven’t seen Mon/Tues yet, but I’m not 100% convinced that EJ won’t turn out to be playing Sami as much as she is playing him, which would be great.

  4. Zara, it would be interesting for EJ to be running some kind of doublecross, letting Sami pretend to be in love with him so he can be close to her and manipulate her, but I have to admit I’m ready for Sami to have the upper hand. If that means EJ has to be clueless for awhile, I’m okay with it. Maybe later he could realize the truth but let her keep at it while he does some scheming of his own. Then she realizes what he’s up to and and turns the tables yet again. That would be fun.

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