Menace II Society

Does this man look like a rapist to you?

screencap courtesy Days 2

I think this actor is miscast in the part as written. He’s not the rich, arrogant, entitled frat boy type. When he was supposedly looming in the door yesterday (11/15), “a threatening presence,” as Billie termed it, I didn’t buy it at all.

In fact, I get the sense, based on how he seemed in his early scenes, that he was originally intended to be a good guy, though I can’t say I warmed to him as a good guy either. However, I think he could play an overly nice, repressed mama’s boy who’s a little bit “off,” a la Norman Bates.

You know who I think would be fabulous as the menacing fratboy rapist? Trevor Donovan. That scene where he dunked Stephanie in the hot tub was truly chilling.

By the way, I’ve noticed that we have not seen a face in the flashbacks we’ve seen of Stephanie’s rape. Could it be it wasn’t really Ford after all? Oh, please, Days, give me a twist!


8 thoughts on “Menace II Society

  1. I totally agree. I didn’t buy him as a good guy (or “hunk” as Cordy went on and on about him).

    When I heard last fall they were casting a “geeky” guy to play opposite RM, I pictured this type to blake Nick. Now, you know I’m THRILLED they lucked out with hiring Blake but he seems like the kind of actor who portrays an “average” guy. I know, he’s got a ripped body underneath but almost all soap actors do, Blake being the notable (and awesome) exception.

    Tobey McGuire. Totally.

  2. Hee, Tripp. I could edit that for you but it’s too perfect.

    Ford totally looks like Tobey Maguire! I agree he looks like the “ordinary” guy who is the girl’s best friend or whatever, until she turns and sees him in a new light, etc. …

  3. I think one of the classiest thing in the soaps like Days is that every sleazy piece of crap – Ford, EJ, Jan, Nicole – look decidedly non-fat, non-nerdy, etc. fitting perfectly among other “beautiful” ex-models…

  4. Paula, I would agree—but in that case I wish the show had played up the “niceness” instead of giving him lines that paint him as a capital-R Rapist. With the dialogue he’s had, they almost have to go with someone who’s overtly menacing.

    With this actor, I could see a “boy next door” type who seems like a dream date, until he slips the drug in your drink … and you wake up and he’s still there, all concerned that you drank too much and passed out, and he drives you home like a gentleman. That would also fit with it being very hard to make the charges stick.

  5. I actually think this actor is pretty well-cast to play the smarmy rich guy who’s always gotten away with everything based on his daddy’s (1) insistence that their family is superior to everyone else and (2) ability to buy/bully his way out of trouble. He’s no hunk, IMO, but he looks well-heeled enough.

    What I don’t get is why he was introduced as the nice friendly guy and then suddenly and for no apparent reason he was the sleaziest jerk he ever oiled his way into a sorority house. Your scenario, mp, is as usual much better and makes more sense than what we’ve seen (if, you know, we just absolutely had to have a rape storyline).

  6. I couldn’t believe it when I realized we were going to get another rape story, Paxton. Then I thought maybe TPTB wanted to prove they still know that rape is bad after all the flack about EJami.

    I DO buy that Ford could be a spoiled rich boy, but I don’t buy that he’s someone who can appear in a doorway, glance at someone, and reduce her to a gibbering wreck—as he did to Cordy on Thursday.

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