Shelle Hell

You all know I’m not a negative person, right? I have a sunny and unsuspicious nature, and I try to like everyone. Even when characters are at their worst, I always hope they can turn themselves around. But I am ready to poke out my eyes out with Shawn and Belle lately.

Yesterday (11/5) was an absolute low point for my opinion of Shawn. I’ve talked about his obsessive jealousy of Phillip before, and his starry-eyed idealization of Belle. But yesterday his refusal to take responsibility for his own behavior, along with his self-righteous sense of injury, added new layers to my absolute loathing of this character.

And speaking of refusing to take responsibility, we also had Belle talking to Phillip:

And when I didn’t throw my arms around you, you left without saying goodbye. You had Lucas deliver divorce papers — like the divorce and I were just something you wanted to cross off your to-do list. I never felt more worthless or unwanted in my life!
My life was in a free fall, and I needed someone there to catch me, and you know who was there? You know who stepped up for me? Shawn.
I wanted him to prove that he was the man that Claire and I needed him to be, and he did it. He was great with Claire. He was there for whatever we needed. He didn’t abandon me. You did that.

Oh, my eyes, my eyes! Has Belle really forgotten what her marriage to Phillip was like? That she spent the whole time mooning after Shawn? That the only reason she stayed with Phillip was because of Claire, and a misguided sense that a tiny crumb of affection from the almighty GHH is better than a whole woman who loves only him?

Hmm, this sounds familiar.

Add to all this that Phillip, Kayla, Hope, and Bo were all reduced to obsessing about Shawn and Belle and their twu wuv and I was ready to cry.

I only have two tiny sources of consolation in this storyline: Belle, unlike her GHH forerunner Carrie, is actually getting called out on her behavior. Other characters, and the show, are not endorsing her behavior. Similarly, Bo did point out how stupid Shawn is being. I can see how the show is really trying to give Shawn and Belle actual, real-life issues. But the characters are so flat, and so unsympathetic, and they have shown absolutely no growth beyond a self-accusing speech or two. And then they turn around and make the same mistake again, so it’s hard to care.

Though I did not see it coming at all that Belle was the one who wrote the letter. That was a nice surprise.

You know I can’t help looking for a bright side. It’s a sickness.


10 thoughts on “Shelle Hell

  1. Well, I suspose you could have a worse sickness. However, I can’t find any bright spot where these two are concerned. The whole Phillip/Belle/Shawn s/l should have been done with over a year ago.The voices in my head just keep saying over and over “Make it stop! make it stop!”

    Can you tell I’m tired of these three? If only EJ had run Belle down when he had the chance – he would have been my hero.

  2. Only it doesn’t stop. We know it won’t stop until whenever someone finally tells Shawn the truth, and even then you’ll have the endless aftermath, no doubt involving disowning of parents and a custody battle over Claire, who by now is probably begging to go home with Steve and Kayla and is willing to negotiate a new nickname like Inseam or Cuff to make it happen.

    :::bangs head on keyboard:::

  3. Ugh, I’m right there with you MP. I’m the most eternally optimistic person that I know, and I couldn’t find anything remotely good about yesterday’s episode, and it had Kayla and Hope in scenes together. But, we had Kayla reduced to trying to defend Belle and advocating keeping the PhelleSex a secret. Just kill me now.

    Nothing about this storyline has any potential because, as Paula points out, once the truth is revealed, it’s going to be the predictable fallout. Shawn will disown Bo and Hope. Belle will be devastated and turn to Philip, thereby keeping him entrapped in hell. We’ll get yet another custody battle, and then the whole thing will start up all over again.

    I guess all I can ask is that if they are going to continue with this over and over again can they please (1) never involve Kayla and/or Steve in this travesty again; and (2) never, ever, under any circumstances of an entire episode devoted solely to Shellip.

  4. Yesterday’s episode killed me too. Watching Kayla having to help prop Shelle to Hope was the most painful thing ever. And we’ve said over and over Phillip deserved more.

    Isn’t it funny that no longer the “younger set”, the Shellip generation is actually more immature than the “college set.”

  5. One of the few redeeming points about this Shellip agony is that at least Belle’s now had two people call her out on how stupid she is for telling Hope. First Sami couldn’t believe Belle didn’t deny it, and then Philip obviously had no idea why she couldn’t simply have lied to Hope. I assume Belle thought her glitter would protect her from Hope’s wrath; I mean, nobody’s ever mad at Belle for more than a second.

    You also hit on what was so annoying for me–it wasn’t just Belle acting like she was the loyal, patient wife who Philip left for no reason (and let’s not ever forget how incredibly stupid it is that of course Belle and Shawn could have had no idea they even had sex once). The other infuriating part was that Belle apparently needs to have a man prop her up all the time or she can’t even get out of bed in the morning. And they cater to her, and I have no idea why.

  6. My fond wish is that now that Phillip and Belle have slept together they will wrap up Phillip’s part of the storyline and he can move on.


    It is somewhat amusing how Hope said she would keep Belle’s secret and has now told Kayla and Bo.

  7. I’m glad to see you confirm my sense that Belle was rewriting a hell of a lot of history with her speech. I was deliberately not paying attention to that whole story when it happened, but I suspected watching on Monday that she was spinning it in a manner not at all correct. of course it still bugged me that no matter how much she’s spinning something Phillip is still all “no, you feel like this” and not listening to her. Or anyone.

  8. I officially stopped like Shawn, when he turned creepily obsessive, closet-gay stalker of Rex (yes, years ago). Rex was a fruit-cake and needed good psychiatric help; Shawn needed goog kick to his butt (where, oh where was the genetically manipulated strength of Rex?) and some cooling down in cell. Hm… Rex was the best-looking man in town eva, but I think Mimi was his soulmate, thank you. Ah, only DiMera brainwashing could separate those two, so I am sure Rex understood it and searched Mimi, and now they are enjoying cood clean Remi loving in off-Salem…

  9. Oh, yes, Shawn suddenly got an idea that Rex is the serial killer and attacked him more than once, tearing even shirt from Rex at their first fight! He had Rex obsession, and although Belle wanted sex, Shawn used those virginity rings as an excuse to say no… Shawn is Catholic, so coming from closet is so hard to him, albeit Belle is already searching some more passionate bed company from Phil!

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