Boom Chicka Boom

I am a happy Chick fan today.


I might quibble with this entire storyline being wrapped up in one episode after we haven’t seen it all month, and I’m still a little bit confused about who those kids were and why they are safe now, but these are trifles compared to the sheer joy of seeing Nick be a hero, seeing Chelsea see Nick be a hero, and seeing their relationship renewed.

I wish they had devoted a few more episodes in the last month (since the scenes at Nick’s apartment when Umar showed up) to showing Chelsea’s change of heart about Nick AND Jett, had a few eyesnogging scenes to remind us that though they may be estranged, though Chelsea might be confused, they’re thinking about each other and drawn to each other.

However, since rushing, and a lack of buildup, is a problem in every storyline (except those that are stuck in a rut), I won’t complain about it more here. On to the good:

Blake Berris and Rachel Melvin really make the most of their material, and I think they were glad of the chance to show the connection between these two characters once again. Even when Nick was turning down Chelsea’s offer to stay, he was still leaning toward her, his eyes locked to hers, his smile showing how glad he was to be asked.

Nick’s heroism was very gratifying, because all summer he was reduced to playing Wimpy Boy to Jett’s Stalwart Hero. (At least in Chelsea’s mind.) I maintain, too, that the turning point for Nick’s character was when he decided to take in the kids in spite of Chelsea’s objection, and when he didn’t cave when she made it clear their relationship depended on it.

Chelsea’s brush-off of Jett was also great fun to watch. I think my favorite moment was when he asked her how she was, and she deliberately stepped away from him to stand by Nick instead.

Back at the sorority house, the show allowed Nick and Chelsea to have a quiet moment together without some huge plot point hanging over their heads. I think it’s too soon to have Chelsea tell Nick she loves him (why must you rush so, Days?), but I was glad to see her being the aggressor again (notice the way she grabbed him as he was leaning in for a kiss). I think Chelsea must have a hero complex, because that’s apparently what drew her to Jett and what made Nick so attractive tonight. That would be an interesting character facet to explore, though I’m not holding my breath. And of course that leads me to another complaint, that I wanted to see Chelsea drawn to Nick in spite of thinking he was a wuss and a pushover. I think we saw it a little bit—I’m remembering how protective Chelsea acted when China Lee dumped the kids off on him—but it’s been too long.

(I must ask—isn’t Nick a professor? Isn’t it a little bit inappropriate to make out with a student on a couch in a sorority common room?)

And bravo Nick, for declining to stay with Chelsea when she asked him to. It’s too soon, and I’d like to see him be cautious and hang back after the way she treated him this summer. Let’s let some good UST build up, please? And then make way for Great Sex!


12 thoughts on “Boom Chicka Boom

  1. I noticed the step off from Jett too, it was like she couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

    This episode was really difficult to try to lock down say…A FAVORITE moment. So much of it was good and long time coming. I think with what you say…Nick is now a hero (deservedly so) and Chelsea being the agressor again are worth being especially happy.

    The hero complex of Chelsea’s is there and something I’m sure won’t be confronted, however if so, it’s kind of funny because Nick has a “rescue women” complex. So their complexes go hand in hand with one other. LOL.

  2. While it was a bit abrupt, I was so happy to see Chelsea could not get away from Jett fast enough. I guess it’s fair because her involvement with Jett was extremely abrupt so ending the same way is fine. Ending it any way is fine with me actually.

    Is Nick a professor? I thought he was just teaching a class. Either way, every college I have been associated with in the last few years outlaws relationships between students and faculty. It’s usually a firing offense.

  3. The step away from Jett was just my favorite part of the Jett diss—as far as my favorite part of the episode goes, it would be hard for me to choose as well. Maybe the first kiss on the couch?

    densie, I’ll be interested if they make any kind of issue about Nick’s teaching job (whether it’s a class or a full-time job).

  4. I loved the step-away too.

    Maybe they’ll make an issue of Nick being a teacher, but I suspect it’s all more about having them all on campus. Campus is the new charter airplane to Vegas. Besides, surely there’s a teacher-student exemption for the “but she was my girlfriend before I was a teacher and she was a student”. Or maybe not.

  5. Perhaps if Chelsea and Nick’s relationship does become an issue, they can go to the Dean of Students and explain that Chelsea’s only other viable romantic interest in Salem is her adoptive uncle.

  6. “The hero complex of Chelsea’s is there and something I’m sure won’t be confronted, however if so, it’s kind of funny because Nick has a “rescue women” complex. So their complexes go hand in hand with one other.”

    HA! I hadn’t noticed, but it’s so true. Their issues perfectly compliment each other.

  7. I’m sure romantic relationships between a teacher/professor/whatever and a student (not in his class) would be totally ignored considering the blind eye most people in town have about inappropriate relationships.

  8. Hee! I just want it brought up so that Chelsea can ask, “You mean I can date my uncle in this town but I can’t date my boyfriend once he becomes a professor?”

  9. Nick is a Teaching Assistant, not a professor. TA’s teach lower level classes, but Nick does not have the credentials to be a “professor” (though he may suddenly have them a la Chris Kositchek comleting Law School overnight)

  10. They were calling him professor at the Halloween party. Maybe he does have the credentials. I’m not sure we’ve ever established exactly what his level of college work was.

  11. Ha, I remember Chris Kositchek’s sudden law degree.

    I have fond memories of how many times Kayla called her ex-boyfriend to help Steve whenever he got in trouble with the law. And Steve, being jealous, always resented the help a little bit.

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