Lil’ Psycho

Lucas’s fantasies about his children’s future were completely, utterly hilarious. They started out in dull and obvious Shawn/Phillip wealth envy territory, but when little teenage “Johnny DiMera” wandered into the Brady pub with his two friends, looking like Leopold and Loeb, I just about died.

And then that scene with his alcoholic, “overweight” daughter on his grave, saying he “died of a broken heart!”, begging for spare change from her psychotic (but snappily dressed) brother! That was genius! Was this a nod to Sami’s teenage eating disorder, and Lucas’s alcoholism? Or perhaps this just a general reflection of what Lucas thinks of his own parenting skills.


4 thoughts on “Lil’ Psycho

  1. I expected them to be goofy, but darned if they weren’t also a bit poignant. I don’t think it’s only about his parenting skills, although he clearly has issues, but also about what separating the twins that way would do to both of them. And notice, Johnny was just as pathetic in his own way.

    The other thing that really impressed me was the actors involved. Both of them, Johnny and the nameless girl, are better actors than some of our more recent hires. (Morgan excluded)

  2. I really liked the actress who played as the adult daughter (do we have a name yet?) and hate we probably won’t see her again.

    I couldn’t help but notice little Johnny Dimera closely favored the newer version of Damien.

  3. They were pretty hilarious. But I agree that the actors did a great job.

    My question is where was Will in all this? Shouldn’t he have met the twins by now, and shouldn’t he be trying to exert some influence on the grown-up fantasy children?

  4. Good question, Zara. Will is getting scant screen time in this whole scenario, since all he’s done is show up, give his blessing to Sami and EJ, and walk off, unconcerned.

    It was the unexpectedness of the fantasies, along with the acting, that really put them across, I thought. And yes, they were rather poignant.

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