Kill Belle

TWoP, how I miss you. The “Kill Belle” table must be hopping tonight!

I was tickled that EJ went to the trouble of going home and changing into his all black “assassin” ensemble:

screencap courtesy Days 2

See, this is yet another example of the DiMeras targeting the Brady spouses/love interests rather than the Bradys themselves. Why doesn’t the show explicitly make the connection that the DiMeras are ruining the Brady’s love lives in revenge for the love that Santo lost? It would be perfect, and would explain the inexplicable interest the DiMeras have shown in the Bradys love lives all these years. (I can’t claim credit for noticing this connection. That glory belongs to esp13.)

I was happy to see the show remember today (10/11) that Mrs. DiMera is an important player in the beginning of the feud, and that Stefano’s loyalty would naturally lie with her and not Colleen. Of course, her role should have been shown in the Santeen flashbacks, not just in dialogue references after the fact. An older, plain woman, desperately in love with Santo, was just how I envisioned her. And I still say she had the best motive to kill Colleen.

I am disappointed that there wasn’t more mystery in the Santeen flashbacks. I liked the love story—for one thing it proved to me that Days can do a slow burn love story if they choose to do it—but I wanted an old fashioned murder mystery in the past, where the present day Bradys would have to dig up old clues and piece together what happened. (Perhaps they wanted to limit the new characters and actors introduced, and I suppose I should be grateful that Dee Hall and Josh Taylor weren’t cast as Colleen’s concerned Ma and Da, with Bryan Datillo as the loyal goatherd who worshipped Colleen from afar.)

Of course, on Days, where no one stays dead even when there is a body, Colleen’s body never being found is the weightiest of all anvils. So perhaps I can still hold out hope for further twists and turns. Stefano’s cryptic comments to Shawn today certainly indicated that there is more to the story.

A few posts back, I admitted that I am intrigued by the the Sami/EJ wedding and the notion of what Lucas might do away from Sami. But at the moment we’re stuck in repetitive conversation mode, and it’s getting old fast.

Because I’m always full of helpful suggestions for the Days’ writing staff, I propose a different scenario for this potential wedding. What if, instead of openly talking about a “marriage of convenience” and asking Lucas to wait for her, Sami were forced to pretend to all her family that she really had fallen for EJ? It would have to be gradually, convincingly done, of course. She might have to pretend she’d gone over to the dark side once again. The babies would be EJ’s (which for storyline purposes, they really need to be anyway), and the babies themselves could raise the stakes, not only being “two tiny hostages” but true DiMera heirs. If Stefano were determined to raise the babies, Sami might feel forced to join the DiMera organization à la Rosemary in Rosemary’s Baby. Imagine Sami trying to play both sides, insisting on separate beds to EJ and then having to turn around and make kissy face with him for the benefit of all her relatives? Imagine Lucas’s reaction once he finally accepted the “truth.” Imagine Sami trying to pretend to Stefano she could be the next DiMera doyenne. EJ, being the only one who knows this is all an act, would be at once her worst enemy and her only confidante. That’s soap gold as far as I’m concerned, and you don’t have to be an EJami fan to think so.


7 thoughts on “Kill Belle

  1. We miss you at TWoP.

    I laughed at EJ’s all black wardrobe. I am shocked he didn’t have a matching black hat so we know this is BCS EJ.

    As for the things the show could admit to with this feud, I wish they’d get over themselves and stop mentioning it was 50 years ago. Sami actually referred to the 1950s the other day which makes it harder for me to fanwank they are using “50” as a general term.

  2. Where have you been, mp? I miss your posts at TWoP.

    I love your idea of Sami playing both sides. Especially, “Imagine Sami trying to pretend to Stefano she could be the next DiMera doyenne. EJ, being the only one who knows this is all an act, would be at once her worst enemy and her only confidante.” I could even deal with the babies being EJ’s if they write it that way.

  3. Oh MP, we miss you so.

    You’re description of the DiMarriage was my original hope. Last summer I speculated that Sami might have to divorce Lucas and marry EJ to end the vendetta, but my scenario (like yours) had Sami being forced to convince everybody she really did love EJ. It could have been such soapy goodness. Lucas could have gone off the deep end, while her family (except S&K) rejected her for the umpteenth millionth time. Then, at the appropriate time, it could have been revealed that she did it all for them.

    I’m still looking forward to the DiMarriage if it happens because of the snarky goodness it should entail. But, as always, it could have been done better.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. I hope to back on TWoP before long, I really do miss it. It’s mainly life stuff getting in the way, plus my desire to finish the next installment on my S&K history—which is turning into something like Mr. Casaubon’s Key to All Mythologies. But I will prevail, and I will be back!

  5. I miss you at TWoP too, marypickford, but I would be willing to sacrifice you if the reason you had no time to post was because your duties as new head writer for Days kept you too busy. I guarantee nobody on staff’s had half as brilliant an idea regarding the Marriage of Convenience as the one you just wrote.

  6. Aw, Paxton, thank you! I’ve always had a sneaking desire to be a writer on a soap, though I think I would be better as an associate writer than as the head honcho. Rather than being the one who comes up with all the stories, I’d like to be the one who makes sure it makes sense for the characters, that motivations are explained, and all the dramatic and emotional power gets milked out of each story. I think that would be a fun job.

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