Too often—Lucas is the most recent example—a Days man will put up with anything from the women he loves. No matter how little his affections may be returned, he remains convinced their love is meant to be. He will tolerate lying, cheating, marriage annulling, being used or unfairly judged. A rival spurs him on to fight for her love all the more. She can be engaged to, sleeping with, or pregnant by the other man (or all three), and it does not signify. Our man will accept any compromise, and patiently assure her that he will wait as long as necessary.

I simply cannot enjoy this. I can’t figure out why TPTB would think we would want to watch it, over and over again. Bo, Phillip, Shawn, Nick, and Lucas have all taken their turn with this role in the past year. Even EJ, though with an evil twist. I will give Nick a pass because it fits with his character, and they are actually using it to interesting effect (though even in his case I wish they had taken a different tack). But Phillip? Bo? EJ? These men are wasted mooning after women. I don’t care for Shawn, but I would like him better if he wasn’t Belle’s devoted cocker spaniel.

So I cheered for Max today (10/10). Two weeks ago, in the middle of dealing with a relationship crisis with Jeremy, Stephanie decisively pushed Max away. Tonight she had the nerve to be jealous over his prospective date with Morgan. I expected Max, as a Days man, to cave under this pressure and cancel the date. But instead he angrily called her out on her inconsistency. When she said that Morgan would drop him as soon as the next hot prospect cruised by in a convertible, he threw it right back at her: “Jeremy came driving by in his convertible, and you hopped right in.”

Of course the bestest part about today’s show has to be my two favorite guys sharing the screen for the first time. And having them at each other’s throats is even better:StevePhil
screencap courtesy Days 2

(I am nervous about the continued absence of Nick. Where are you, Fallonator?)


7 thoughts on “Doormats

  1. so far max is the best part of the sorority story. i’m loving him lately.
    pining for the fallonator. where could he be?

  2. Hee, I’m proud of Max for standing up to Stephanie (though I have no investment in this pairing I’m curious to see if he has chemistry with Morgan and we can have him date someone he isn’t related to for a chance).

    Phillip and Steve were awesome yesterday (so nice for JKJ not to be in scenes with the hell of Shelle) but sadly it only makes me long to try out the Stephanie/Phillip pairing more.

    I miss Nick!!

  3. WTHIN?


    I never saw the point of Max AT ALL, until he went to Italy with Kayla. Once again proving that all characters on the show should share a scene with MB or Stephen at some point.

  4. Yes, I feel the beginning of a new WTHI campaign for Nick.

    I too am disgusted with the whole wimpy guy trying to get the girl who just can’t make a decision. Lucas, Sami and EJ being the main point. Days seems to have this annoying tendency to drag out some scenes over and over again but miss the big scenes by relegating them to off-screen status. Benjy’s death, Kayla finding out about it, Kayla seeing Steve on TV holding Stefano hostage, Benjy’s funeral. At least we got to see Kayla tell Steve about Pocket and the confrontation between Steve and Phillip.

    Please put Stephanie with Ford Decker and let’s get over this uncle/niece relationship thing. Yes, I know that are not “technically” related but the ewww factor is still there. Sorry can’t help it.

  5. Great read, but did you have to compare Shawn to a cocker spaniel? You hurt my cocker’s feelings.

    Steve and Philip together–more, please!

  6. Hee, sorry, Paxton. I should be careful what I say.

    Kathleen, you’re so right about Days skipping important scenes and giving us others in infinitely repeated variations.

    I acknowledge the ewww factor for Stephanie and Max, but the show has beaten me down so much that on the scale of things that bother me, it’s pretty far down the list. Max really has been appealing lately.

    Where the heck is Nick, indeed?

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