There goes the Lauren hookup

Thoughts on today’s show (10/5):

Kayla is so cute in that brown sweater, I can’t stand it:

screencap courtesy of S&

And yet, I totally believed her when she was promising fatal medical mistakes to Stefano.

Shawn continues his reign as Stupidest Man in Salem:
a) When you find the woman who has a crucial piece of information, the best thing to do is get in her face and yell at her about what a terrible person she is. That will ensure her cooperation.
b) Above all, don’t let her get a word in edgewise. It’s very important that you get all your points made.
c) Make sure you tell her immediately that the man she’s been running from is on his way. That will make her want to stick around more than anything.

Now, I know that as a child of Salem, Will would not have the same standards of acceptable parental behavior as a teenager from somewhere else. But wasn’t he a little too accepting, a little too cheerful, at the prospect of his mom marrying the biggest villain in town? Will’s summer with Lars must have been idyllic indeed.

Since they’ve pegged Phillip as an abuser of women, who wants to see him knock Belle around?


One thought on “There goes the Lauren hookup

  1. MBE looked fantastic yesterday! Wardrobe finally got it right and put her in something that didn’t make her look twice as heavy as she really is.

    I still think Jett is dumber than Shawn. Seriously, he would have let Lauren go…”Oh, you have to leave? Well, come right back here when you are finished doing with what you are doing?”

    I said that Will was way too accepting on TWoP yesterday. I mean, WTH? When I was a teenager having to go to the store was enough to make me whine and moan…I’m sure uprooting the family so my mother could marry her rapist who is evil and his evil family would totally override my logical side of the situation.

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