Guns, bombs, gassings … yawn.

I’ve been trying to understand why most of these “dramatic” situations fall so incredibly flat. I’ve called the Salemites Wile E. Coyotes before, and that was what today’s show (10/3) reminded me of. (Actually I’m pretty sure Andre shops at Acme.) An endless loop of pointless violence rushing, rushing to its preordained conclusion … which is right back where we started.

The best part about today’s show was when Stefano said he was doing all this for Elvis, and the fabulous Thaao Pengliss sneered, “And just who have I been doing all this for?” Finally we had a small moment establishing motivation for both men, and, even better, it was a callback to the sibling rivalry between Andre(Tony) and EJ back in June.

Now I’ve gone on record saying the show should just cut their losses with EJami and pair EJ with someone else, but I must admit that the other moment that piqued my interest today was when Sami told EJ she cared about him and Lucas saw her holding him and crying. Why? Because no matter what I might think about Ejami as a pairing, these are the emotional moments that ground the action. The EJ/Sami wedding might be as contrived as contrived can be (and Sami certainly hasn’t thought this through. “Stefano could die any day,” she says. On the other hand maybe he’ll live for thirty years. Who is going to raise those twins? Where is Will going to live?), but it could raise the stakes for this feud like nothing else. I’m also very curious about what Lucas is going to do, now that he finally looks to be breaking his ties with Kate. I like the idea that he’s going to change his last name to Horton, which come to think of it separates him not only from Kate Roberts but from Sami Roberts. I like it.

Did I just say that I’m interested in the EJ/Sami/Lucas triangle? I think I did. Eek.


8 thoughts on “Bombed

  1. Hee, bite your tongue.

    I would have been more interested in EJ/Sami/Lucas scenes yesterday if they had shown that scene earlier like a month ago. I think. It’s tough to understand Sami beginning to care for EJ.

    My favorite part of the violence was Stefano saying “Andre, the vendetta is over!” and yet he had a gun on him by Steve, Andre had a gun held to Roman’s head (who also had a bomb attached to him) Bo had a gun pulled too and I think I saw an extra with a gun pulled. Not to mention EJ and Sami trapped in a gas leak. LOL, yup, the vendetta is really over.

  2. I’m a bit tired of the endless cycle of peril as well, but taking the scenes for what they are, yesterday was very good. The showdown at the TV station was fairly riveting even though I knew how it played out. Maybe I’m just happy seeing all those vets on the screen at the same time. Oh, and Steve with a gun is hawt.

    I can understand Sami’s feelings changing over the last few months. From her perspective, he’s saved her life and Lucas’s life numerous times and he’s the only one who can help her end that “v” thing that’s been going on. I’m very much interesting in the DiMarriage and to see where Lucas goes from here.

    P.S. Miss you at TWoP, MP.

  3. Hee, Tripp, that’s hilarious. I didn’t think of that!

    esp, Steve with a gun is decidedly hawt.

    I miss you all from TWoP too! It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Days without the daily TWoP discussion going hand in hand with it. I feel like I’m watching with only half an eye. I’m surprised by how different it feels.

    My new deadline for myself before I can get back on TWoP (besides my “catch up on life” issues) is to finish the next S&K chapter. I have no idea why I’m having so much trouble with this latest installment!

  4. Well, now I have two things to look forward to — the next S&K installment and your return to TWoP (I’m sure julianscat is holding your seat at the Couch of Moral Ambiguity).

  5. i must have learned to lower my standards or something cause i think the show’s been fantastic lately. it’s campy and the scenarios are absurd but everyone is really selling it. i am having a ball! the only thing i could do without is the sorority nonsense. replace chelsea and stephanie’s scenes with more of odd couple jeremy and nick and the show would be perfect.

  6. That’s wonderful, artemis! Never think, when I criticize the show, that I’m not enjoying it. It’s actually quite rare that I don’t enjoy each episode.

    But you know I’m always full of suggestions for how to improve. I do think they would do better to stop racing through multiple crises, and concentrate on a building up just one or two. Then there would be more time to explore motivations and ramifications for each one. I was glad to see Steve’s plan work and backfire at the same time, and actually be led off to jail afterwards. We’ll see how long that lasts.

    I forgot my favorite part about Wednesday’s show: when the TV station manager said to Bo (paraphrasing), “Do you always bring the whole family with you on police business?” HA!

    I’m actually enjoying the sorority stuff, go figure. I think Stephanie is so cute and enthusiastic. But I agree I want to see more Jeremy and Nick.

    esp, thanks for the kind words!

  7. your constructive cristicism and suggestions are wonderful and i wish they’d follow your advice, marypickford. i think i’ve hardwired myself at this point to keep my expectations kind of low or only expect certain types of things from the show, since the writing tends to cut corners and wrap up story threads too quickly. does that make sense?
    i really resent that chelsea gets her own storylines free of nick but he’s not afforded the same courtesy and is almost always used as little more than her accessory. i think the artemis and demarquette thing is compelling and i feel like it’s being backburnerd for the sorority thing, so that’s my main beef with it. as always, i think SH and RM are doing a great job. who knows, TTS grew on me so maybe this will, too (and i do kind of like that morgan character).

  8. I agree that the writing cuts corners and wraps things up too quickly. And it baffles me, because on a soap you have all that time to fill. Why not use it to explore your own stories?

    Nick definitely deserves his own story! I am very curious about Artemis (yay!) and DeMarquette.

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