Never Satisfied

I’m not a fan of bad sex myself.

When it comes to fiction and couples I’m rooting for, give me the fantasy every time. A million things can happen to prevent them having sex, or conversely they can have sex at the wrong time for all the wrong reasons, but if they hit the sheets I want fireworks and magic.

I’m still in shock, three months later, that Chelsea and Nick had bad sex. And on a show where plot points are routinely dropped and any consequences forgotten, the show has doggedly followed through with what must be the worst case scenario after bad sex. Apparently you only get one shot to satisfy your girlfriend in bed. If the earth doesn’t move the first time, her desire for you is completely dead. Poor Nick! Any young male virgins in the Days viewing audience must be traumatized. (Though perhaps it will encourage them not to sleep with their crush’s mother?)

Come to think of it, I’m a little traumatized myself. Watching Chelsea be attracted to Stupid Agent Man Jett Carver has been an excruciating viewing experience. But lately, there have been glimmers. Yes, we had to watch Chelsea cooing over the wounded Jett and blaming herself for his injury and the loss of his job. Never mind that Jett was shot, and lost his job, through his own ineptitude and incompetence, while Nick lost his job because he went against his conscience and disposed of evidence because Chelsea asked him to. (I know, I know, Nick should have turned her down. Still, her remorse over this incident has been an infinitessimal fraction of what it should be.) Yes, we had to watch Stephanie question Chelsea about having feelings for Jett, and watch Chelsea coyly deny it.

But, things are decidedly looking up. Two weeks ago (week of 9/17) Chelsea jumped to Nick’s defense with China Lee, and threaded her arm through his when China Lee said insinuatingly that Nick was a sweet man. She’s also been drawn into the mystery of who these two children really are, which I hope will continue. Last week, Chelsea told Nick that keeping those children was the brave thing to do, which was a major step forward given how often she’s accused him of being spineless. The show seems to be playing with the idea of whether Nick is a hero or a sucker—or both. And what that means for how Chelsea feels about him.

Wonderful stuff. But what about Bad Sex? Well, we also got to hear Chelsea say that she wanted Nick to love her the way she loved him.

“Like a brother?” Nick asks, ruefully.

And Chelsea says that boyfriends may come and go, but a brother stays in your life forever.

Why am I encouraged by this? Well, there have been moments, and Rachel Melvin is making the most of them, suggesting that perhaps Chelsea isn’t as neutral as she thinks. Her persistent questioning about whether Nick had a girl in his bedroom is one example. Later, when Nick leaned in for a kiss, Chelsea seemed tempted for a moment before she kissed him on the cheek instead.

And perhaps the show has beaten me down so much that I’m just grateful for what isn’t happening. I’m grateful that Chelsea isn’t dating Nick and drawn to Jett. I’m grateful that Nick isn’t caving to Chelsea’s every wish. I’m grateful that Nick and Chelsea aren’t getting together and breaking up every other episode anymore.

But to me this feels like a platonic platform to build from. Chelsea can date Jett for awhile until her eyes are opened to his utter vapidity. Nick and Chelsea can be thrown together on this mystery of the kids. Let Chelsea realize how much she still cares just as Nick decides to move on, let her suffer for a bit, let the longing build … and then bring on the Great Sex.


7 thoughts on “Never Satisfied

  1. Very well written Mary. I have to say I’m also rather optimistic. This is what I liked, especially with recent Chick scenes last week:

    1. Chelsea can’t stay away from Nick. She can’t stand the thought he might hate her and the reason for her “mixed signals” towards him is because she’s mixed up herself. Her brain is saying one thing but her heart is doing another.

    2. I still love that last scene they had together. The look Chelsea was giving Nick after the Umar fight was pretty intense and even if she did step back from his kiss, it was obvious she wanted to go there with him.

    3. No real Jett talk lately. Granted there hasn’t been much Nick talk either but I can’t stand Jett talk.

    So this is what I want to see coming up:

    1. The most important is longing looks from Chelsea to Nick. I want to see regret in her eyes for keeping Nick at arm’s length, especially if she is dating Jett.

    2. Dating Jett is minimum screen time but it needs to be made clear she (or they) are miserable/bored/apathetic towards each other. This can make the above be more intense.

    3. Then show real concern from Chelsea to Nick whether that is over his safety with Umar wanting the kids to concern for his HEART because inevitably they are going to go to their real family and Nick will need some emotional support given how attached he is to them. (And I love the latter idea…it would prove to Chelsea that she is good for Nick if she can be there for him in this way.)

    4. Finally, when the sex does happen, it better be GREAT and AMAZING.

    5. Afterwards…I’d like a scene where Chelsea wakes up first while Nick is sleeping and we get GAZING at him…sort of a nice mea culpa to the fans who were forced to watch them in agonizing situations that no other couple has had to endure.

  2. I thought Nick lost his job because he lied about running the DNA tests on Sami’s twins, not because of the hairbrush incident. Am I wrong about that? I know we didn’t see his firing onscreen, but I thought that as far as we knew the lab didn’t even know about him stealing the hairbrush.

    My preference would be for Nick to find someone new and hot, even if temporarily, and Chelsea can eat her heart out for a while. Notice how this variation doesn’t require the use of Jett? 🙂

  3. Okay, okay, you’re right, Paxton. But the reason that he was vulnerable to being blackmailed by Kate was because of the hairbrush.

    I just wish Chelsea showed a little remorse.

    I too would like to see Nick date someone else, someone who was super hot and valued Nick for all the qualities that Chelsea scorns.

    A big thumbs-up to your scenario, Tripp!

  4. I too would like to see Nick date someone else, someone who was super hot and valued Nick for all the qualities that Chelsea scorns.

    I’ve been thinking about this of, of course, giving Chelsea a taste of her own medicine but now I’m leaning towards Nick dating someone who is a lot like him, super smart. She needs to be pretty (and I’m not against her being super hot) but what if the girl wound up having a LOT in common with Nick…they both have these geeky tendencies and get excited talking about your basic science/techy/math stuff?

    As a “hot woman on the show” (I know, it’s up for argument) Chelsea could compete with any other “hot girl” Nick could date…but if he dated a super smart one who has the exact same interests he does??? Chelsea would be lost on how to compete with that.

  5. it would be nice if he could find a woman who shares his fondness for old movies, too (i’m still bitter about chelsea shushing him up when he tried to talk to block-o-wood about his namesake in ‘giant’).

  6. Oh, I am too! I had almost forgotten (about his love for movies, not her bad treatment of him). I do that myself actually, another thing Nick and I have in common.

    Really, this recent lack of Nick on the show better be because they are working on fixing his story with Chelsea. *denial*

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