The previous casting director has a lot to answer for

Will the real Marcus Patrick please stand up?

Is he … deep and spiritual?
pictures courtesy of Soap Hunks (Days)

From his NBC live blog with Trevor Donovan:

Marcus: [My website] is a charity and a give back and an opportunity for people to ask questions about my spirituality. I used to love reading self-help books about improving one self. I love books by Deepak Chopra.

I run 26 mph and that burns a lot of fat. On my website, you can see a film of me running that fast. I am also a vegan. That helps me out with my diet and staying lean. Not that many people are capable of cutting out dairy and meat, but it was worth it to me.

(and I must include Trevor’s awesome response)

Trevor: I just had a cheeseburger and a milkshake. Haha.


Or is he … sweet and accessible, approachable and, er, enthusiastic?

From an email from his MySpace page. Credit for finding this little gem goes to TWoP poster Nolebucgrl.

Marcus: Hey Everyone….. wow so alot of good news!!! First of all…. Thanks to ALl my fans Who continiue to support me!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!


Come check me out!! ill Be dancing at the Highlands!!! so get all your sexy freinds together and come check out the show!!! you will LOVE IT i promise!!!!

Hope to see you all there!!! and please feel free to bring in playgirl or whatever elses you want me to sign for you!!! i love it all!!! dont be shy!
Hugs ARE FREE to all who SHOW UP!!!

Oh.. And go out and get yourself a Playgirl….!!! im On the cover and ALL OVER inside!!!! YOu will be pleasently Surprised!!!!


THank you…

I love you all!!!


Who is the real Marcus? YOU DECIDE.


11 thoughts on “The previous casting director has a lot to answer for

  1. I’m not sure sweet is what I would call there. Or spiritual. His My Space page shows his occupation as “World Healer” so I think given what we just read, perhaps I would categorize him as delusional.

  2. Hee, Tripp, maybe it didn’t come across, but I was attempting sarcasm when I called him “spiritual” or “sweet.”

    One thing is clear: he thinks a lot of himself!

    And yes, getting him off my screen would be wonderful.

  3. Well, at least he’ll be gone soon enough, if the rumors are true (crossing my fingers).

    But in all fairness – at least HE thinks highly of himself.

  4. I knew you were MaryPickford but I can’t joke about him anymore. Even in his real persona.

    I just PRAY he is gone. There is a pro Chelsea/Jett board at and for some morbid reason I go over there and read their responses. It’s a sickness I have in me.

  5. Hee. I think reading that chat transcript was the exact moment Trevor Donovan won me over. (Although having seen some only slightly less revealing pictures of him, *ahem*, I doubt that boy is eating too many cheeseburgers either.)

    My favorite “MP on spirituality” quote is on his myspace page — “I have been studying all the works, in the Self Help section, at Barnes and Nobles … I bought about $300 worth of Audio Books and I am enriching myself with all the Guru’s, that can offer Priceless info, to heal our world affairs. This stuff is what should be taught in schools and I encourage you all to go to the self help section and invest in yourselves… It is trully Breathtaking!” I think it’s the B&N shout-out that gets me.

    Julianscat, what’s the penance for schadenfreude? 😉

  6. lska, that little snippet is a perfect fusing of the pretentious Marcus and the enthusiastic, dim bulb Marcus. “Barnes and Nobles”? “Priceless info”? “enriching myself with all the Guru’s”?

    There’s nothing to mock. It mocks itself!

  7. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that. I was just starting to feel a little guilty at the fish-in-a-barrel quality of snarking on MP. I’m sure it’ll pass. ; ) And hey, it’s probably not schadenfreude if there’s no misfortune, so there’s the upside if he keeps his job.

    mp, you really can’t improve on it, can you? Except maybe by pointing out that the cost of “Priceless info, to heal our world affairs” is apparently $300.

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